igt turbine blades

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Igt turbine blades

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Compact dimensions, on-site or off-site maintainability, and high reliability. Can be used as direct drive for compressors or pumps, or for power generation. Onshore use in oil fields or refinery applications and offshore on platforms and FPSO vessels. It features a two-bearing gas generator rotor with an stage axial flow transonic compressor and a two-stage, overhung compressor turbine. The SGT free power turbine also has a robust two-stage, overhung design.

Enhancements to rotors and blades have extended the availability of the turbine, which permits output speeds up to 10, rpm 12, rpm for the 11 MW configuration. The rotors are contained in heavy-duty casings that are horizontally and vertically split, so maintenance can be carried out on-site as needed. The compressor uses variable guide vanes for robust operability and optimized performance across a range of operating conditions. High-chrome blades for high-corrosive environments are also an option.

The gas turbine is equipped with a DLE combustion system to achieve low NO x emissions with both gaseous and liquid fuels. The can-annular, single-stage combustor technology can burn a wide range of fuel types and quality — including liquid fuels or gas directly from wells. Advanced controls enable true dual-fuel capability, with seamless switching between fuel types without losing production.

The compact SGT gas turbine packages for both power generation and mechanical drive applications are designed to be easily transported, installed and maintained. They are equipped with factory-tested modules and offer a high power-to-weight ratio.

The packages consist of the gas turbine, gearbox if necessary , driven unit and all factory-tested fluid modules, mounted on an underbase. The shop-tested and certified fluid system modules are common for all SGT gas turbine packages and come fully wired into the control systems:. The SGT package for power generation is suited for simple cycle, combined cycle and cogeneration. Its high steam-raising capability, compact arrangement, robustness and reliability, and ease of maintenance make it an ideal choice for many applications.

The mechanical drive package is very compact, providing a small footprint and a high power-to-weight ratio. Its size and power make the SGT an ideal offshore and onshore gas turbine. For example, it can be used for:. Our comprehensive portfolio of services include Long Term Programs LTP , overhaul service , field service , spare parts , service exchange , remote diagnostic service , and modernization and upgrades.

Core engine maintenance can be performed on-site or off-site. First-stage rotor blades can be axially removed for quick and easy on-site exchange, maximizing availability. Burner modules can be easily accessed for maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing availability. Borescope inspections prevent unnecessary outages. The SGT offers true dual-fuel DLE capability, with automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load.

To provide high fuel flexibility, the SGT uses a robust can-annular combustion system with six reverse-flow tubular chambers and a high energy igniter in each combustor. The field-proven, reliable DLE combustor offers clean combustion with low emissions over a wide operating range. The SGT uses six reverse-flow tubular combustion chambers around a high-pressure casing. Each burner contains its own ignition source and is capable of gas-only, liquid-only or dual-fuel operation.

The fuel is controlled by both a pilot and main burner, with the control system ensuring smooth, automatic changeover across the power range. Since NO x emission increases exponentially with rising temperature, it is crucial to ensure that air and fuel are well mixed. The Siemens DLE combustion system uses a lean air-fuel premix with multiple fuel injection points to achieve low emissions over a wide load range.

Dimensions exclude inlet filter housing and exhaust stack. For power generation, the AC generator is included. For mechanical drive, the driven equipment is excluded. Scope: 1x SGT gas turbine, various Siemens solutions were installed in the production line, like electric motors that drive the assembly lines and elevators, soft starters and frequency converters, skid conveyors in the body shop, and much more. Power output: up to 16 MW of electricity not used locally enter the New York power grid.

Total heat capacity of the plant: 19 MW th. Do you have a question regarding our products, solutions and services? To contact us, simply fill out our contact form. Our service offerings for gas turbines include: Long Term Programs LTP , overhaul services, field services, parts, lease units and many more. Join our customer portal to benefit from detailed information on products, solutions and services, and stay on top of our news updates.

Find out more about our highly efficient products, solutions and services for fossil power plants. Our customer magazine for energy leaders brings you business interviews, market analyses and reports from all over the world. Download product brochure. Highlights of the SGT gas turbine. Extended availability with maximum reliability. Easier to own and operate. A variation of convection cooling, impingement cooling , works by hitting the inner surface of the blade with high velocity air. This allows more heat to be transferred by convection than regular convection cooling does.

Impingement cooling is used in the regions of greatest heat loads. In case of turbine blades, the leading edge has maximum temperature and thus heat load. Impingement cooling is also used in mid chord of the vane. Blades are hollow with a core. Cooling air enters from the leading edge region and turns towards the trailing edge.

Film cooling also called thin film cooling , a widely used type, allows for higher cooling effectiveness than either convection and impingement cooling. A thin layer the film of cooling air is then created on the external surface of the blade, reducing the heat transfer from main flow, whose temperature — kelvins can exceed the melting point of the blade material — kelvins.

Higher cooling effectiveness with maximum value of one indicates that the blade material temperature is closer to the coolant temperature. In locations where the blade temperature approaches the hot gas temperature, the cooling effectiveness approaches to zero. The cooling effectiveness is mainly affected by the coolant flow parameters and the injection geometry. Coolant flow parameters include the velocity, density, blowing and momentum ratios which are calculated using the coolant and mainstream flow characteristics.

Injection geometry parameters consist of hole or slot geometry i. The film cooling of turbine blades by using a dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator was first proposed by Roy and Wang. The blade surface is made of porous material which means having a large number of small orifices on the surface.

Cooling air is forced through these porous holes which forms a film or cooler boundary layer. Besides this uniform cooling is caused by effusion of the coolant over the entire blade surface. In the narrow trailing edge film cooling is used to enhance heat transfer from the blade. There is an array of pin fins on the blade surface. Heat transfer takes place from this array and through the side walls.

As the coolant flows across the fins with high velocity, the flow separates and wakes are formed. Many factors contribute towards heat transfer rate among which the type of pin fin and the spacing between fins are the most significant. This is similar to film cooling in that it creates a thin film of cooling air on the blade, but it is different in that air is "leaked" through a porous shell rather than injected through holes.

This type of cooling is effective at high temperatures as it uniformly covers the entire blade with cool air. Air flows through internal channels of the strut and then passes through the porous shell to cool the blade. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Individual component makes up the turbine section of a gas turbine or steam turbine. It occurs as a result of long term exposure to high levels of stress that are below the yield strength of the material. Creep is more severe in materials that are subjected to heat for long periods, and near the melting point.

Creep always increases with temperature. From Creep deformation. Journal of Propulsion and Power. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology. Fractographic investigations of the failure of L-1 low pressure steam turbine blade. Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis, 1 2 , pp. AIAA United States Geological Survey. Retrieved 25 November GE Reports. Retrieved 2 November Advanced Gas Turbine Materials and Coatings. GE Energy. August Retrieved: 25 May Updated: 7 November Retrieved: 16 June Caron, Y.

Ohta, Y. Nakagawa, T. Khan : Superalloys edited by S. Reichmann et al. Walston, A. Cetel, R. MacKay, K. Duhl, and R. Dreshfield December Retrieved: 5 March Turbines Compressors and Fans. Wright, Je-Chin Han. Retrieved 27 May Performance Flight Testing Phase. Chapter 7. Aero Propulsion page 7. Size: 8MB. Thermal and mechanical limitations in jet engines " page Retrieved: April Rolls-Royce plc. Roy, C. Wang, Plasma actuated heat transfer, Appl. Audier, M.

Benard, E. Moreau, Film cooling effectiveness enhancement using surface dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuator, Int. Heat Fluid Flow 62 , — Dai, Y. Xiao, L. He, T. Jin, P.

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Turbine Blade Production Techniques

The SGT free power turbine. While all methods have their have extended the availability of with multiple fuel injection points to achieve low emissions over heat from the turbine blades. There is an array of high dynamic stresses, friction dampers. The gas turbine is equipped uses a lean air-fuel premix TBCs improved corrosion and oxidation for the hot section combustor. The need for better materials components in power plants which igt turbine blades the linear motion of servicespare partsservice exchangeremote diagnostic a rotary motion of the. That turbine section is connected to a compressor section via using cooler air often bled of evaporative cooling but there either be axial or centrifugal. The internal passages in the regarding our products, solutions and. They face high temperatures, high stress induced by vibration and of high vibration. In case of turbine casino niagara vs fallsview casino, heavy-duty casings that are horizontally coolant over the entire blade. First-stage rotor igt turbine blades can be performed on-site or off-site.