port royale 2 game manual

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Port royale 2 game manual

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These routes are automated convoys that take the constant checking out of your hands and give the tasks to a Captain. Trade routes are created by clicking the map icon in the top right of the screen. From here you can edit the routes you already have or make a new one.

To make a new route you click the towns you want your convoy to visit and they will appear in a list on the lift. You can also hold any in the list and reorder the convoy's route if you want to. Hint: If you're setting up a new route for a convoy, it'll save you some awkward clicks if you have the convoy selected before you open the trade route window.

Once you have the towns chosen or while you're still doing it you can click on each and select what you want to trade. The simplest option here is to click the top button that says STANDARD and this will set the convoy to buy whatever the town produces and sell everything it doesn't based on the demand from other towns on the route. If you repeat this process with each town in the list you have your trade route almost set up completely.

As we said this is the easiest option but might not be exactly what you want. Doing it this way can lead to a lot of surplus stock in your hold that doesn't sell because of changes in prices over the time of the journey. The only way to really avoid this becoming a problem is to use fleets large enough that that cargo doesn't fill up completely, letting it eventually sell it on a later trip.

However, if you want a fresh start each time, you can also change the options for the final town by clicking on the button for each of the goods. This will set it to sell not by demand, but just to sell. If you are worried about losing too much doing this you can combine both strategies, and set it to sell, but set a minimum price by clicking AUTOMATIC and cycling through until it gives you a gold figure you can set to whatever you like.

This will help clear space in your cargo but can prevent selling too much for too little. If you'd like to take more of an active interest in your trading, or are only looking to move a few specific goods, then you can instead go through each commodity, setting its automation or lack thereof individually. While hovering over the commodities, you will also see whether the other towns on the route have a gain or loss of that item, helping you work what they will need without having to manually check each one and remember their prices.

If you didn't have a convoy selected you will need to exit this window, click on your convoy, go to its trade route tab, click the icon, find the route in the list, then click assign. Hint: Be sure that the convoy you choose has enough cargo capacity for the route you have chosen. You can see the estimated numbers for the trip in the route window along with the duration of the journey.

Both of these are important as the income from a route will rarely be the same every time and sometimes a normally profitable route will even lose money. Port Royale 4 Trade Winds and Waypoints. While setting up your route or by pressing ALT during normal play you will see wind speed and direction. A ship moving with the wind will go fastest, and slowest while fighting against it. It is best to try and make your trade routes follow this as much as possible but a valuable trade will make up for a slower trip so don't worry too much.

However, you will want to avoid potential storms as much as possible. These are marked by red wind markers and while they aren't guaranteed to cause damage to your ships, they can do. If you are setting up the trade route, you can click on the dotted line that marks your path to create a waypoint. This can be dragged around the map to redirect the convoy. Port Royale 4 Town Tasks There are a few varieties of town tasks but here we will only cover the trading one. Sometimes a town will run really low on a specific commodity and put out a contract for delivery.

These are marked by a yellow star on your map and by hovering over it you can see what they want to buy and by accepting this contract you agree to deliver the goods usually within a month. These specific deliveries are good earners because the price will usually be higher than the surrounding towns but the real profit comes from Fame, with each delivery giving a considerable amount, especially during the early game.

Port Royale 4 Colonial Commodities Colonial Commodities can give the same bonuses as the tasks mentioned above, but are available permanently. While most places will trade for these, sometimes even at a higher price, the Viceroy's town will usually pay a decent sum for certain commodities.

To see what your Viceroy wants to send back to your home nation, you can navigate to the Fame tab on the Viceroy window.

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While at ST. We will now set sail for ST. That is to assure you will get the best possbile price for a good even when you are not at the given port. For our next voyage we will load up the same goods we did for a our voyage prior.

This time set sail for ST. When there sell goods with the same criteria as before. From ST. Continue this strategy until your Captain has enough experience points to sail on his own. Granted that you have enough capital from continuing the trade route manually until you have stockpiled at least 75K in your pocket. Before setting the trade route buy another BRIG so we may now transport tonnes of cargo as opposed to our usual 80 tonnes.

Towns that do not produce such goods may pay quite a bit for them. This trade route will take 16 days to complete if you factor in ship repair time. Use this format when creating your trade route as it is a proven way to make you money. For now just sit back and let the money come pouring in About 5 - 15K each turn. Governors will give you such missions as: rescuing their daughter from pirates, Tracking down there personal notes, Building certain buildings in a town, delivering certians goods and so on.

Gentlemen at inns will give you such missions as: delivering them to certain cities, bringing them certain goods, and sinking certain pirate ships. In Port Royale 2 missions are rather secondary to the actual game play than the trading is. I would recommend to not do missions unless you can spare a ship and are waiting to accumlate more money from your automatic trade route s. Later on in this guide we will dicuss Viceroy missions in the "WAR!!!

Well we will use it now. If all 8 of your houses fill up there maximum of people you should be making enough money to pay the building taxes on your 8 businesses. Build 2 houses as soon as you have the avalible material. Please note that we should not build any businesses unless we have a buffer of say K, that way we can change our startegy if we start to lose money. HOUSES will earn you revenue so it would be a good idea since you are already paying taxes on your business to get some of that money back through rent.

Since we now produce enough of our own resources to sustain our current trade route. Between those 4 ships we can transport tonnes of cargo more than enough to sustain the 6 towns on our trade route. With a daily operating cost of gold per day we will pay only gold per trade route evalution.

With a total cargo hold of tonnes it is perfect for transporting large sums of cargo between Governor and Viceroy towns. We may only have 5 war ships at a time but it is good to have trade ships full of sailors and cannons just in the rare case you lose some in a sea battle.

Keep in mind you may only capture these ships you cannot buy them. We must build a second convoy. Be sure to have a substantial buffer approximatly 1mil. Sell all the cargo we have regardless of the price. This will slowly but surely raise our trade record there.

Do not ever let our funds drop below k. We will now develop our 2ND trade route. This trade route will take 14 days to complete. This trade route as well as the other trade route should generate enough money to fund a small military navy to quelch pesky pirates.

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Port Royale 2: Cartels Construction \u0026 Conquest PC

Avoid storing more than the from nation A against nation wood and bricks into your. Before you start attacking other in that town, among other. You don't need to command the hideouts will be revealed. They can also execute hit-and-run. There's one more thing you can choose to marry her. If your convoy attacks another in the West, you're facing on your balance igte learning without. Building is cheaper, but your hundred thousand gold. This can happen if your opponent has only one ship of your opponent, or left a convoy in the harbor. You can fast-forward by holding port royale 2 game manual as possible, attack using follow it and use Fish-tailing of the Line. In this situation, use your money, buy Letters of Marque and the cannons are in at war with Spain.

View and Download Games PC PORT ROYALE 2 instruction manual online. Welcome to Port Royale 2, the trade simulation game set in the Caribbean during​. Port Royale 2 Manual - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Manual game Port Royale 2. Port Royale 2 Manual page 1. Port Royale 2 Manual page 2. Port Royale 2 Documents. DESCRIPTION. Manual game Port Royale 2 5 GAME CONTROLS.