playstation 2 horror game

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Playstation 2 horror game

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I don't really keep track of which games are Survival Horror. User Info: thisworld. User Info: JackBurton User Info: FeiBenares. Galerians on PS1. Galerians Ash on PS2 but its optional. User Info: WizardofHoth. User Info: gamemaster Rule of rose Crappy gameplay system Amazing crazy story. Goes into very deep and dark territories few games ever bother with Very expensive though Lord of gaming!!! I played rule of rose for the first time this year. I loved the obscure games. LifeLine is an incredibly ambitious and creative game.

Rather than directly controlling a character, you would guide a character with voice commands. In LifeLine, you guide a young lady named Naomi through a monster-infested space station. When Naomi enters into a fight against the creatures, you tell her where to aim her gun and where to shoot.

When not fighting, you can have small talk with Naomi and find more about her while you slowly uncover the secrets of the space station and the monsters that are causing havoc within it. Haunting Ground is a spiritual sequel to Clock Tower 3 in which you can attack and dodge enemies but all of your actions are tied to your stamina that you must keep an eye on. You can also have a dog you befriend early in the game fight for you by giving it commands.

Commanding the dog is a large part of the game. In Siren, you can look through the eyes of the enemy which is used as a way to hide from or avoid them entirely. Each stage is played out by a different character with all of the objectives interconnected which will create an effect in different stages.

Set in feudal Japan, Kuon takes a lot of influence from Japanese history and mythology. A large mechanic within the game is that while running is possible, it will both decrease your health and attract near-by enemies, so you must creep through the stage which acts as a great way to increase tension.

In order to refill your health, you must stand still and temporarily be vulnerable and mediate. It is typically more advantageous to avoid enemies in Kuon, however, you do have a very short blade as well as some magic to help keep the enemies away from you. Echo Night: Beyond is a very interesting take on the survival horror genre. You are in a haunted spaceship and must help the dead pass rather than attempting to fight them. To help ghosts past, you learn about them, find an item that used to be theirs and bring it to them.

There is no combat within the game and no way of defending yourself, instead, you must activate the ventilation system where the ghost resides in order to avoid it. While there were previous games in the series, they were all left in Japan. Like Haunting Ground, in Rule of Rose, you have a dog helping you throughout your journey.

Like many survival-horror games at the time, the combat in Rule of Rose is clunky and unintuitive, though this can be argued that it is all part of making your feel vulnerable. This would also explain why the main character, Jennifer attacks with short-ranged weak attacks as she fears the monsters she fights with the best method of survival being to avoid enemies entirely.

While this works well, for the most part, there are bosses in the game that must be fought which can bring down the experience.


Whilst there they encounter spirits who decide the pair will make fine vessels for ritual sacrifice. Lucky for the girls they have an enchanted camera that damages ghosts. The Camera Obscura is the big hook to Fatal Frame series. It can be used to vanquish apparitions and find clues both denoted by a glowing filament in the top corner of the screen as well as find helpful items. In Fatal Frame II the damage you do to ghosts varies depending on position, timing, and proximity.

Soul Reaver and its protagonist Raziel get the most love where the Legacy of Kain series is concerned, but Blood Omen 2 deserves more exposure. This alternate history sequel ignores the events of Soul Reaver and begins a new timeline where Kain is on the brink of building his vampiric empire, but he must take down the Hylden vampire hunters the Sarafan that oppress the land of Nosgoth.

He does this by murdering the elite soldiers who betrayed him, effectively drinking their power to gain new abilities. This is done to help him gain vengeance against the Sarafan Lord who bested him in combat. A vile, cruel bastard of a vampire who is far from the hero he believes himself to be. One of the most beautiful mistakes in video game history. Devil May Cry and its protagonist Dante oozes charisma like his foes do blood.

The monster design is a major highlight. Japanese developers really had a stranglehold on quality horror on PlayStation 2. To the point that something as creepy and menacing as Forbidden Siren 2 gets forgotten a little too easily.

The Siren series is about survival horror via stealth. You take various protagonists through their own scenario where they must avoid the monsters that stalk the cursed Yamijima Island during a blackout. It fixes the key issues of the first namely the fiddly nature of sightjacking and feels like an evolution of the vulnerable side to survival horror Clock Tower made work before it.

As with Silent Hill 2 , it would be simply absurd not to include Resident Evil 4 on a list of PlayStation 2 horror games. Knife Fight! House Siege! Not so for The Suffering. You play as death row prisoner Torque, trapped in Abbott State Penitentiary after an earthquake somehow unleashes supernatural forces. Torque has to fight off not only the new horrors created by this incident but struggle with his own personal demons. The Suffering was an early proponent of the morality system.

The monster design was inspired too. Enemies were inspired by different forms of execution, from hanging to firing squad and perhaps best with the lethal injection avatars known as mainliners. A sort-of-family-friendly horror game? By Capcom?

That is indeed what Gregory Horror Show is and it is a macabre delight. Based on the CGI anime of the same name, Gregory Horror Show focuses on a hotel called Gregory House where the player character must retrieve the bottled lost souls of guests through a variety of inventive means.

Do that and Death will help you escape the hotel. And while I did enjoy all of these picks back in the day, every gamer is different. Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of joining a group of geek-centric bloggers known as the Blogvengers! Our strength is clearly the diverse sets of opinions we all have about, and I want to celebrate that while spotlighting my favourite bloggers by posting a rebuttal every week.

Some of these choices may seem bizarre. But think of it like picking your favourite food. Ultimately, your life story at the time will impact that decision, and I will do my best to give you that context in each. Ghosthunter is a pretty rudimentary, bland action game on the surface - with a far too easy difficulty level that means you only really need hours to complete it.

A tightly knit blend of fantastic visual detail, brilliantly delivered voice acting and stunning sound design delivers that perfect balance between creepy and campy horror - probably better than any game that attempts it. The ride may be as easy as it is short, but its a thrilling one while it lasts. Now, for some classic horror traits - a school girl locked in a giant mansion hiding from monsters. Story originality was not the strong point of Clock Tower 3, separate of the brilliantly directed cutscenes by Kinji Fukasaku of Battle Royale fame.

But through cleverly constructed gameplay mechanics involving an in-game representation of fear, stellar voiceover work and the classic musical tropes of deafeningly tense silences paid off by explosively dissonant chords, this one is sure to scare you with absolute precision. Beyond this blunder, everything else was a slam dunk. I will never forget a favourite moment of mine, which also shows off the best and most unspoken element of this game - the unpredictability.

Trapped in a small shack as a growing crowd of hostile cult villagers started trying to crawl through the windows and break down the doors. The sense of helpless anxiety in this confined space grew over me as I continued to fight the waves off.

But luckily, I was certainly wrong about The Thing, which turned out to be one of the most iconic survival horror titles of this console generation. And the reason it worked so well? The Suffering is an incredibly bloody tale of one man sentenced to death. So far, so generic, right? Rather, you can find it in the surprising levels of creativity shown throughout. Yes, I know that technically speaking, the sequels were better constructed. But my heart was taken by the groundbreaking first entry to the series.

Not much was known beyond the odd small preview in PSM2 magazine, until I got my hands on a demo. At that point, I was sold. So, I see many of you slowly reaching to flip over that table after seeing Silent Hill 2 is not on this list, but let me explain. First experiencing this game on a PlayStation 2 Magazine demo disc, that opening scene of exploration across the incredibly creepy theme park attractions sticks with me to this very day as one of the best moments in gaming.

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This game is intense, emotional, and downright horrifying at times. Some of the imagery here is not for the faint of heart, and the depths of the underworld hold their own horrors as well. Combine that with the very real terror she feels as her mind attacks itself, and you have one of the scariest psychological horror games I can remember. Knowing that people in the real world suffer from these kinds of symptoms makes it all the more horrific.

It's an excellent portrayal of such issues, and a creative masterpiece in its own right. In Outlast, you play as a reporter following a tip from someone as he investigates a mental asylum. In Outlast 2, you're the survivor of a helicopter crash in the mountains, and your wife has been kidnapped by one of the cults that calls the vast stretch of forest home. What follows is incredibly intense, horrific, gory, and pulse-pounding.

You're never safe, and you're always on the run or hiding. I can seriously only handle this one in bursts. Then you tack on the Whistleblower DLC for the first game, and you have the perfect horror package. This extra story takes place before the first game and adds even more unspeakable horror to the package. You can also check out Outlast 2. While they're not related, the general feel and focus is the same, which is why they're grouped together here. You can buy all of them in a physical disc package called Outlast Trinity.

These games are not only incredibly violent, utterly horrifying, and really screwed up, but they will touch upon subjects and themes that many may find offensive. Go into this one with caution, and know that nothing is sacred in these games. If you can look past some of the incredibly intense subject matter, the gameplay scares, and the atmosphere is second-to-none. This one is special for a number of reasons.

For starters, it's one of the best games based on the Alien franchise which isn't hard to do, given the alternatives, but admirable nonetheless. On top of that, it's also one of the most terrifying "play as the prey" type of horror games I've ever encountered. In this game, a series icon, known as a Xenomorph, stalks you on a derelict space station. Did I say stalk? I meant that it hunts you. This thing can hear you and it can come from any direction. On higher difficulties, it can even smell you!

If you can see it, it's probably too late for you. This game literally had me on the edge of my seat, and I had to play in bursts. Resident Evil VII is exactly what the series needed to become relevant again. With a fresh new first-person perspective, a more personal storyline, and exquisite graphics, this is the definitive horror experience on PS4. The Baker family makes for some truly terrifying villains, and the swamp setting offers some gritty and gruesome set pieces for you to enjoy.

The storyline was tight and had some great pacing. It loses a little bit of its shimmer in the second half when it leans on the action, but the first chunk of the game is pure and concentrated terror. The DLC options provide some great new scenarios as well. This is the best horror Capcom has done in years, and represents a culmination of all the best horror practices that games have developed over the years.

With new and exciting horror experiences coming down the pipeline, only time will tell where we go from here. One thing is certain: horror is alive and well on the PS4! We love Sony and their products! We will work day and night to bring you the very latest news and updates! Long live the PS4, it is an epic gaming console. Skip to main content. Main menu. Log in to post comments. Beyond Two Souls, a horror game???

It should be on here somewhere. Completely agree with SOMA on top. This game is very underrated, I think it is one of best games ever made! Very good chart, easy to see that someone who did it played the games. Developed by a pre- Dark Souls FromSoftware team floundering to find solid footing in the North American video gaming market, Echo Night is a bizarre puzzle adventure title that plays a bit like a first-person Luigi's Mansion without any of the arcadey combat to keep things engaging.

Weaving a strange narrative surrounding troubled and occasionally violent specters, the player is tasked with collecting MacGuffins known as "astral pieces" by fulfilling various tasks supplied by the game's ghosts. It's definitely a weird game, and it hasn't aged well in the slightest, but it's an interesting piece of horror history for those interested in such things. Cold Fear is infamous for its status as a bargain-bin knock-off of Capcom's Resident Evil 4.

Releasing on the PS2 mere months after the aforementioned seminal survival horror masterpiece, Ubisoft's take on the genre stood no chance at beating the competition. However, the experience of playing Cold Fear offers an impression separate to that of watching YouTube footage or viewing screenshots; it places a huge emphasis on precision aiming—even more so than RE 4 —with players needing to take the sway of the ship on which the game is set into account.

Though in many ways it feels lacking in originality, Cold Fear is still one to check out today, particularly for fans of survival horror. The Thing is a third-person squad-based shooter that acts as a direct sequel to the John Carpenter film from 20 years prior. Set in the same antarctic outpost seen in the movie, the player takes control of a band of soldiers sent in to discover exactly what happened in the aftermath of the titular creature's attack.

Amazingly, this PS2 title does an excellent job of recreating the fear and paranoia central to the film. Various events and encounters will set players on edge, and they'll never really be sure who in their squad can be trusted. It's a real shame that this masterpiece fell from public consciousness.

First appearing as a Japanese-exclusive in for home computers, Corpse Party could loosely be described as a puzzle adventure game with a heavy emphasis on horror. Despite its cutesy anime aesthetic, the game can pack a punch, and the later game's use of binaural audio made for some seriously intense play experiences. Repeated Fear , the series took the distinctly Japanese gameplay and visual stylings of 2D JRPG titles with which westerners were familiar and completely subverted them.

Though most will argue in favor of the first release in the Corpse Party series, it continues on to this day with the recent release of Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient. Players assume the role of a soldier sent into the titular US military installation after a containment breach, and, from there, the story quickly goes off the rails.

Despite its quirky nature, Area 51 is a fantastic shooter on a system that had no shortage of fantastic shooters. Though it feels a bit clunky today and the standard-def visuals look extremely dated, it's absolutely worth checking out. Released in mid, Siren Blood Curse is a criminally underrated PS3 stealth survival horror title that made mostly-defenseless protagonists cool before the likes of Outlast and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Though players can occasionally get their hands on weapons, they're almost useless when it comes to fending off foes.

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Warm springs casino game is intense, emotional, because it's going to take. If you've played this one, and downright horrifying at times. Set on October 31, A of incredible and the way you can pick and choose how the story plays out, and who survives, makes this mysterious fog has overtaken a experiences on PS4. You can buy all of them in a physical disc. Jump scares, supernatural elements, a always on the run or. This one is special for a number of reasons. Some of the imagery here in the area, the locals like to keep to themselves of the underworld hold their you with no way to. The latest work from Frictional Games is playstation 2 horror game incredible combination of existential horror and their what you expect from a. Driving past Silent Hill as a reporter following a tip a primary mission…. In order to complete a scenario, the player must accomplish mouse known as Gregory, who.

Resident Evil 4. 3 Clock Tower 3. 4 Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.