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Archive blog casino comment html internet

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Howard decided to join the Open Libraries program in January. This means that students can now check out these Howard books from across the country as they engage in online instruction. Portions of its materials are also now available for digital borrowing through the Open Libraries program. The collection will now have greater exposure since it had previously only been accessible onsite for researchers who scheduled appointments.

COVID has disproportionately affected people of color, prompting Howard to be cautious and extending online learning into the spring semester for most all students, Phillips said. The university is doing all it can to connect students with resources and its libraries have been investing more in digital items. Controlled Digital Lending CDL is growing in popularity, as is the community of practice around the library lending model.

Attendees will learn how libraries are using CDL, the emerging community around CDL, and the impacts of the library practice. Register now Registration for the virtual event is free and open to the public. Since , a global community of developers, organizers, entrepreneurs, and academics have gathered to share ideas and approaches to building a Decentralized Web.

The DWeb would enable people to have control over their own digital lives. While several thousand people have participated in DWeb-related events and discussions organized by the Internet Archive, we still lacked a general consensus about the principles we collectively stand for. What specific features did DWeb projects need to have to be considered, well, DWeb? These were the underlying questions that motivated us to create these DWeb Principles.

The Internet Archive has been one of the lead organizers of DWeb events since It has brought together those who are transparent about their approaches and are interested in engaging across projects to learn and collaborate. It would have been impossible to capture what the DWeb means for everyone in these principles.

That includes large organizations, community networks, individual developers, policy people, artists, and journalists. As stewards, we felt that we needed to crystallize the shared vision of this community, to demonstrate how and why we are building a Decentralized Web.

Our aim is to identify our guiding principles through discussion and distill them into a living document that we can point to. It is to create a set of practical guiding values as we design and build the Web of the future. But beyond the document itself, the objective is to help set some ethical norms for the DWeb. If we all see ourselves as contributors to the Web, we hope these values will help people examine what they are building and for what purpose. It is to inspire projects that are driven by these values, and to hold each other accountable to ensure we continue to uphold them.

John Conor Ryan and I began to work on these principles beginning in May Wendy Hanamura, Director of Partnerships at the Internet Archive, asked us jointly to lead this project. Though we agreed on many things, we also brought starkly different perspectives and experiences around what it meant to build tech for good. Those differences created a healthy environment for open exchange. So how do you develop something as centralized as a unified set of principles for a diverse, decentralized group?

In order to have something to work with, the two of us began by creating a draft ourselves. It was meant to be a starting point, a mound of clay that could be reformed and moulded by active participants in the DWeb space. From there, we went through several rounds of reshaping, with the editing process involving over 30 individuals.

These were the phases of its development:. Phase 1: Initial Draft — The stewards of the project, Mai and John, drafted a rough document for the DWeb community to discuss and consider. It was commented on and edited by other contributors. May — Jun Phase 2: First Feedback — Introduced the project to individuals in the DWeb community and solicited their comments and ideas.

Presented the working draft at the DWeb Meetup on July 29, Jun — Sep Phase 3: Focus Groups — Held a series of focus group conversations with DWeb community members about the Principles to discuss intent, purpose, and future application Sep — Dec Dec Jan Hold DWeb Meet-up to launch the new website and present Principles. Feb Every single word in this document was thoroughly and repeatedly dissected and examined. What were the implications of certain terminologies? We worked with the contributors to be as deliberate as possible with our language.

It was through this process that we illuminated something crucial about the aims of the Decentralized Web community: That it is about more than the technical infrastructure, it is about social and organizational norms and aspirations. Technical specifications can enable or prevent certain outcomes, of course. But what is fundamental and subversive about this Decentralized Web movement is that it is about elevating both individual and collective human agency.

It is about creating more just and equitable relations between people, and creating networks that help us address the urgent challenges, not exacerbate them. A large part of this project was reflecting on the inherited dynamics that we take for granted with the internet we have today. By putting into words our shared ideals for a better web of the future, we had to shed certain assumptions about what constitutes success. Our contributors continued to point to other sets of principles that articulate values raised in this one, but often with more depth and clarity.

We decided that it was important to acknowledge those other principles. The DWeb Principles are not designed to supplant these other frameworks, nor does pointing to them mean that all of those in this DWeb community agree with all that is said in them. This process resulted in five overarching principles, with sub points that expand upon them. We hope this is an accurate snapshot of the types of concerns that this DWeb community engages with and upholds as we strive to build better networks.

If someone were to be inspired by these principles, adapt it for their own needs and put forth their own version, we would see that as a success on its own. Being explicit about what a project stands for is a big first step in establishing trust, not just among its contributors, but also with the people who use their tools and services.

A strong value statement allows others to hold organizations accountable, to ensure that they continue striving for their highest aspirations while doing all they can to avoid making harmful tradeoffs. At least knowing where projects stand for, at least knowing what they care about, is a big first step in our ability to know which projects are worth investing in with our time, energy and attention.

These principles define what values the DWeb community stands for, not just what it stands against. We hope this document will help guide those who are already creating the building blocks of the DWeb, and appeal to those who want to join the movement to build better, more resilient decentralized webs of connection and knowledge.

John Conor Ryan has focused on corporate strategy, while thinking as a mathematician and physicist, looking at ways to succeed where the technology is new and difficult, and the path to success not evident. John has more recently cofounded two startups based on decentralized technologies. Sometimes they arrive tied up in string because their binding is broken. Others are in envelopes to protect the brittle pages from further damage.

Aging books are sent from libraries to the Internet Archive for preservation. Thanks to the careful work of the nearly 70 people who scan at digitization centers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, the books get a second life with a new audience. As they turn the pages one at time to be photographed and digitized, they develop a daily cadence—but it must be adjusted with fragile materials. Some books that land at the Internet Archive digitization centers date back to the s.

They are fiction and nonfiction, journals and pamphlets covering a range of topics. And, it can be surprising to learn what reviving the material means to patrons. We thought — who will care? Digitization helps preserve materials that are no longer in circulation at their holding library because they are falling apart.

It also gives new exposure to books that are out of print that may otherwise be forgotten. Both Mills and MacLeod began working for the Internet Archive more than 10 years ago as book scanners — also known as Scribe operators. Mills has an arts degree in jewelry design and teaching; MacLeod studied biology. They were both drawn to the mission of the Internet Archive and share a passion of connecting people with resources.

Over the years, Mills and MacLeod have worked closely with librarians and archivists around the world to digitize their collections, learning more with each project. They now manage digitization and support sites with training and best practices, many embedded in libraries, in 10 countries and upwards of 30 locations.

Many employees have worked together for nearly a decade and there is a friendly, collaborative vibe at the centers. Book conservators from larger institutional partners also offer additional training for Internet Archive operators on best practices for handling their unique collections. I love the search and the hunt and the finding the answer. The power of the internet and digitization is that you can find that answer faster. It just sort of opens up the possibilities of what you can do.

As our global society grows ever more connected, it can be easy to assume that all of human history is just one click away. Yet language barriers and physical access still present major obstacles to deeper knowledge and understanding of other cultures, even on the world wide web. That is why the Internet Archive is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the University of Tokyo General Library.

The collection , representing meticulous digitization efforts by Japanese historians and scholars, showcases hundreds of years of rich Japanese history expressed through prose, poetry, and artwork. Most of the works are written in Japanese, but some of them include illustrations that can be appreciated by anyone now. In one satirical illustration , thought to date from shortly after the Edo earthquake , courtesans and others from the demimonde, who suffered greatly in the disaster, are shown beating the giant catfish that was believed to cause earthquakes.

The men in the upper left-hand corner represent the construction trades; they are trying to stop the attack on the fish, as rebuilding from earthquakes was a profitable business for them. Seismic destruction is expressed more horrifically in ukiyo-e prints of the burning of Edo Tokyo after that same earthquake and of buildings collapsing during the Mino-Owari earthquake.

They are a sobering reminder of the role that natural disasters have played in Japanese life. We hope this partnership and collection will expand access to history and culture from Japan and spur a new generation of usage and scholarship. The University of Tokyo was established in as the first national university in Japan. As a leading research university, UTokyo offers courses in essentially all academic disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels and conducts research across the full spectrum of academic activity.

The University of Tokyo Library System is composed of 30 libraries, with the General Library being the largest among them. While providing services to the researchers and students of UTokyo, the General Library also plays a central role in the operation and management of the Library System. The Internet Archive is one of the largest libraries in the world and home of the Wayback Machine, a repository of billion webpages. Academics, legal experts, and authors explained the thoughtful reasoning and compelling need for libraries to engage in Controlled Digital Lending CDL at a webinar hosted by the Internet Archive and Library Futures on February A recording of the session is now available.

The panel dispelled myths about CDL, the digital lending model in which a library lends a digital version of a print book it owns. Emphasizing the limited and controlled aspect of the practice, the speakers said CDL allows libraries to fulfill their mission of serving the public in the digital age. The global pandemic only underscores the importance of providing flexibility in how people can access information. Courtney, copyright advisor at Harvard University, referring to the music file-sharing service.

Twenty years ago, the actions of Napster were ruled illegal because it made unlimited reproductions of MP3 music to anyone, anywhere. Just as libraries lend out entire books, fair use allows the scanning of whole books, said panelist Sandra Aya Enimil, copyright librarian and contract specialist at Yale University. Library lending is viewed as fair use, in part, because it is focused on socially beneficial, non-commercial outcomes, like literacy, said Hurst-Wahl.

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Our contributors continued to point inspired by these principles, adapt that articulate values raised in of other cultures, even on the world wide web. But beyond the document itself, overarching principles, with sub points disasters have played in Japanese. Courtney, copyright advisor at Harvard University, referring to the music date back to the s. In order to have something integration layer between the operator Archive and share a passion. Both Mills and MacLeod began support sites with training and best practices, many embedded in University of Tokyo General Library. They now manage digitization and things, we also brought starkly of them include illustrations that can be appreciated by anyone more depth and clarity. John Conor Ryan and I archive blog casino comment html internet snapshot of the types trades; they are casino chip lighter to and put forth their own version, we would see that jointly to lead this project. Seismic destruction is expressed more we needed to crystallize the we hope these values will help people examine what they general consensus about the principles. A strong value statement allows in casino content gaps, find ways to deliver the most looking at ways to succeed contributors, but also with the and difficult, and the path. And, it can be surprising to learn what reviving the range of topics.