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Casino investment bahamas

The Government of Bahamas indicates that tourism associated activities are lead employer to most locals; thus, contribute largest tax revenue to the state. Deepwater cruise and cruises revenue accounted for A case in point is the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Hotel which seconds the government lead employer, nationally at employees. Two thirds of the national gross domestic product is generated from tourism activities. Much as the number of table games is less compared to machine slots, the greater portion of the revenue from the lottery industry comes from them.

Communication , para. The Bahamas benefits widely from the investment in the casino gambling business by international corporations as well as renowned players in the resort establishments. Edwards , p. Most of these investors have gained interest in The Bahamas since the mids when the premises were small scale but nowadays have expanded to large scale resorts.

Later, it was purchased by the Sun International Hotels in after which a major face lift and rebranding was one Edwards , p. The growth in the number of gambling amenities gives the indication that the business environment is conducive as well as the return on investment is promising. This is confirmed by the growing number of multinationals attracted to the country. According to the Communication , para. Among geographical challenges is the proximity to the United States of America.

The level of advancement in the lottery activities makes them take advantage of the population dynamics and raise more income from the lottery activities Communication , , para. On these grounds, The Bahamas face stiff competition from the lottery activities in the State of Florida.

Since the casino boom in the s, The Bahamas has been promoted under the brand- swinging casino destination. This branding was an attraction for tourists to supplement other entertainment experiences during their stay in an island beach resort Edwards, , p. A baseline study in sponsored by the Inter-American Development Bank agreed under some premises. Gambling was ranked first as a prime attraction for tourists in the Bahamas, then water sport and nightlife, respectively Edwards, , p.

Compared to other warm weather destinations, tourist entertainment packages that included beach activities, water entertainment as well as gambling were highly saleable to international tourists Edwards, , p. Top casino entertainment publications have featured amenities in The Bahamas, particularly with regard to travel and recreation.

The Paradise Island Casino has been rated excellent by The Travel Guard International publication which deals with provision of travel insurance Edwards, , p. The publication brands the Casino as leading in the Caribbean and offers visitors slot machines as well as 75 game tables, sports and race betting Edwards, , p.

The amenity runs throughout day and night and aligns a range of gambling entertainment such as let-itride poker, craps, Caribbean stud poker, blackjacks, baccarat, roulette and big six wheels Edwards, , p. Other gambling packages at the facility include parimutuel betting, sports betting as well as paigow poker Edwards, , p. The amenity offers more than three-quarters of the entertainment choices offered across three selected locations, as shown below.

It is evident that black jacks, roulette and craps are the popular entertainment, respectively. By the end of the fiscal year, the variety of tables were 11 in the Grand Bahama, Paradise Island and Cable Beach Edwards , p. This form of data can provide insights into the revenue expectations zeroed-in to the level of per table. Anecdotally, black jack tables attract more revenue and thus are popular in the selected locations.

Other factors that determine the choice of the table to invest in is the return on investment. The percentage range 0. The pattern developed between the visitor stop over numbers and tax revenue from lottery shows a positive correlation. In other words, it is possibly obvious that visitors to The Bahamas are bound to spend proportionately on lottery activities during their stay. Across the country, tourism activities provide employment to over 38 percent that is close to 50 Edwards, , p.

Directly employed opportunities feature more than within the tourism sector such as working in lottery facilities, among others Edwards, , p. As shown in the table above, lottery employment opportunities are diverse. In , the number of directly employed staff at lottery stations was 2, with expatriates accounting 12 percent. The pie-chart below illustrates this. According to Communication , para. In , the Atlantis Paradise Island Casino led in the number of direct jobs created at employees Edwards, , p.

This shows that for every job opportunity going to an expatriate, an approximate nine are created for the locals. Presence of expatriates provides the Bahamas lottery experience an international feeling. These expatriates indicate that remuneration rates for staff are appealing. Even during the cradle of the Bahamian lottery business religious groupings such as the Bahamas Christian Council opposed the casino development Edwards , p.

In opposition to the lottery development issues raised include discouraging decent tourism in The Bahamas; facilitation of social and moral decadence among the residents as well as encourage underworld immigrations and lead to complexities in security enforcement. While, this religious uprise was high at the advent of the lottery legalization, developments in the recent times show restraint among the stakeholders in the industry leading to tolerance among the religious groupings Edwards , p.

Arguably, prohibition of Bahamians in participating as gamblers may have ameliorated any adverse impacts resulting from the activities of gaming thus general consensus to include lottery activities among tourism products. However, the current calm on the lottery debate may change considering the growing trend into web shop gambling which is a virtual version of the paper casino gambling. Bahamians are not exempted by law under the Lotteries and Gaming Act to participate as online web shop gamblers.

Financial constraints to secure bank accounts may be a deterrent factor for Bahamian locals to enter into web shop gambling. Regulations on anti-money laundering inflict exorbitant charges Communication , , para. A national legal framework for web shop gambling may be necessary, particularly to direction on Bahamians interested in investing. However, gambling money is perceived as not decent.

The Bahamian economy is anchored on tourism revenue. This is characterized by the dominance of foreign visitors flocking to the country. The economy benefits from financial services as well as state revenue collections generated from taxation regimes on the tourism products and packages. This means that the influx of visitors is an indicator of the ability of the state to suppress drawbacks while maximizing the opportunities available to better the economy.

The success in the Bahamian tourism industry can partly be measured in the ability to sustain mass tourism. Lottery activities boast a long history in The Bahamas spanning over nine decades. Flourishing of lottery activities within The Bahamas is attributed to the presence of a robust and booming tourism industry.

Web shop lottery activities account for over four thousand jobs. In the lottery industry, expatriates account for 12 percent of the employee base in The Bahamas. This gives the implication of the employment standards in the lottery industry in The Bahamas. The lottery activities survived existence during the cradle years as a supplementary package for tourism entertainment.

Now the lottery industry in The Bahamas has grown to the extent of initiating the virtual version where gambles need not to be physically present. This is known as the web shop gambling. In recognition of the contribution of lottery activities to The Bahamian economy, the Lotteries and Gaming Act was put in place in A Gaming Board institution was put in place to administer and oversee countrywide lottery activities.

In addition, the Board has to advise the responsible minister on pertinent matters, be it legislation or other administrative issues. The Bahamas government has established four means of generating revenue from the lottery activities.

Taxes, licenses as well as working and business permits directly generate revenue to the government. The amount is economically attractive considering the emolument and running deductions leave behind 85 percent net income that is reverting to the economic development of the country.

A pattern can be generated for the fiscal proceeds that the industry is economically growing. It is interesting to understand how the government has been able to maintain the industry economically robust yet the law exempts the Bahamians from participating as gamblers. Over and above, Revenue from table winnings have generated more to the economy yet are even fewer than slot machines. Nevertheless, the growing invest interest in the lottery industry by renowned multinational corporations could partly explain the economic significance.

The stop over visitor numbers engaging in lottery entertainment has undergone minimal growth compared to the overall visitor numbers. Nevertheless, tax revenue from lottery activities has had a positive association with visitor stopover numbers over the time. Population dynamics and geography present challenge to the full commercialization of lottery activities in the Bahamas. Actually, The Bahamas is losing lottery business opportunities to the state of Florida due to the friendly lottery spending environment even for the Bahamians.

Unless, the government takes an accelerated and forward thinking step while diversifying the lottery entertainment packages then the revenue that would likely destined into The Bahamas will end up to its competitors. The initially perceived negative social and moral impacts of legalizing lottery activities in The Bahamas have over the time waned off.

The legal exemption of the Bahamians from participating in lottery activities as gamblers may have made the significant difference. Significant upgrades are also underway or scheduled for airports, docks, roadways and utility services around the Family Islands. A full listing of visa requirements is available at Bahamas Consular and Tourism offices around the world. Thirty percent of all cruise visitors to the Caribbean region visit The Bahamas.

In Nassau Harbour was deepened to accommodate calls by the newest and largest Genesis Class cruise ships. A new Straw Market is under construction at the western end of Bay Street, a replacement for the historic Market destroyed by fire in The new market is scheduled for completion in April, Baha Mar proposes to develop a new multi-hotel resort destination at Cable Beach which promises to transform the Cable Beach Resort area.

The Bahamas has no personal, capital gains, estate gift or inheritance taxes. There is also no corporate tax unless revenue is derived from within The Bahamas. Having regard to and structured upon the accepted international standards of transparency and tax information exchange, the Government has brought into force the International Tax Cooperation Act, , and concluded in excess of twenty tax information exchange agreements with our major international business and financial partners.

Hotels with as few as four guest rooms on a Family Islands and those with a minimum of ten rooms in New Providence qualify for concessions under the Hotels Encouragement Act. This legislation provides for the licensing and regulation of time share and fractional-ownership properties in The Bahamas. The Act also provides for customs duty concessions on imports used in the construction of such resort properties.

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The centerpiece of the project will be the transformation of the Grand Lucayan hotel property, which will include a major refurbishment and reconstruction of rooms in the first phase. The property will also see a new casino, a water park and a new shopping, restaurant and retail center. On the cruise side, a new cruise port will be built in Freeport Harbour to accommodate three ships. In the Caribbean, luxury is different. Of course, any great resort must have excel in the fundaments of luxury: food and drink; interior and exterior design and, most importantly, service.

But Caribbean luxury transcends that. In the Caribbean, luxury …. Based on its growing capacity to create jobs, earn foreign exchange and generate income, tourism is expected to remain the dominant industry of The Bahamas for the foreseeable future. Tourism counts in The Bahamas. It is the engine of our economy, the chief employer and principal foreign currency earner. In The Bahamas welcomed some 5 million visitors including some 3. Other important resort developments exist on Abaco, Exuma and Eleuthera.

Water sports include sailing, fishing, swimming, diving, waterskiing and windsurfing. Smaller, environmentally sensitive hotels, bed and breakfast inns and bone-fishing lodges, that take account of the need to protect and conserve a fragile ecology, exist on virtually every populated island in our chain of islands and cays.

These pristine islands provide excellent investment environments for upscale boutique resorts and nature themed retreats for discerning travelers. Second home and vacation home owners in The Bahamas are eligible to receive a Home-Owners card which affords them easy multiple entries to the country with a minimum of formalities at the border.

A new high-end mixed resort and residential golf community is nearing completion at Albany in southwest New Providence. A multi-pronged programme to improve the infrastructure of the Islands of The Bahamas is underway. In New Providence improvements to Nassau Harbour, the expansion and upgrade of the Lynden Pindling International Airport and a major roadway and public utility upgrade in New Providence including the development of new recreational parks is meant to improve the general environment for residents and visitors alike.

Significant upgrades are also underway or scheduled for airports, docks, roadways and utility services around the Family Islands. A full listing of visa requirements is available at Bahamas Consular and Tourism offices around the world. Thirty percent of all cruise visitors to the Caribbean region visit The Bahamas. In Nassau Harbour was deepened to accommodate calls by the newest and largest Genesis Class cruise ships.

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Based on its growing capacity to create jobs, earn foreign exchange and generate income, tourism is expected to remain the dominant industry of The Bahamas for the foreseeable future.

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Resorts recently completed a 3,foot runway that allows its seat deHavilland Dash 7 planes to land directly on Paradise Island, a 5. Since Griffin closed on the Resorts deal last November, he has set in motion plans to improve the landscaping, refurbish and redecorate rooms, upgrade the pool area and retrain employees.

Experts said the two casinos will help attract more attention for the Bahamas as a gambling destination and may not necessarily cut into each other's business. When finished in December, Carnival's Crystal Palace will be among the largest resorts in the Caribbean. Now, it has rooms, nine restaurants, the casino and an seat theater.

Under construction are four towers, which will add more rooms. With that kind of glitz, Carnival hopes to attract gamblers who were underwhelmed by the former room Emerald Beach Hotel, which was razed to make way for the new property.

Katz, an analyst with Salomon Brothers. If Carnival succeeds, a major beneficiary will be the Bahamian economy. After the Crystal Palace is completed, it will employ about 3, people, making it second only to the government as an employer in the island Bahamas chain.