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Epiphone forum casino

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I only have one guitar with Shaws.

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Game booster prototype 2 Come to think of it, I have a wide suede strap. I can't play on those smallish necks either. Messages 2, Display as a link instead. I ordered a riviera yesterday.
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Van helsing 2 games online Bucksears Gold Supporting Member. This is epiphone's e hardshell case for semihollow casino-style guitars. Yamaha Member. Every time someone makes a transaction within Crypterium, the circulating supply of CRPT tokens drops, epiphone casino case dimensions. The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. I already have aif only the Epiphone Casinos had a rounder mickey mouse horns like myi probably epiphone forum casino be tempted to get one as well!!
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I have an older Korean model and a a CS , playability on both is identical. One of the pups on the Casino was weak but considering the price differential its a great git. I have not played a Casino or Casino Coupe--they seem like nice guitars, but not really configured for jazz, especially with the P90's.

I know there's a lot of affection for the styled guitars around here--I could be wrong. P90's are great jazz pickups. Join Date Apr Posts Originally Posted by mr. Hi, I have had many semi-acoustic and fully acoustic thinline guitars through the many years that I have played. I started playing guitar as a pre-teen 50 years ago. I played a Gibson ES for close to 20 years. I have also played many Matsumoku-made copies of Gibson guitars, including some Epiphones.

Overall, I would say that I developed a marked preference for fully hollow thinline guitars, relative to guitars with a center block, or relative to guitars with chambered-out bodies. I played a Telecaster Thinline for a while.

Don't get me wrong, my was a marvelous guitar, capable of covering any scene--much the way my Telecasters could. In terms of pure soul-satisfying tone, however, my could not compare favorably with even the much less expensive EST. Those hollow body guitars are real winners. Either the Gibson ES that Grant Green favored or the Epiphone Casino are super guitars for covering rock, blues, country, and--of course--jazz.

I like the old ones the best and the ones made in Japan next best. Still, the Korean and Chinese guitars are well made and are fun to play. This Epi is after some mods and sounds very interesting. I hear a lot about what's "good for jazz," or "appropriate for jazz" Lately.

I could get you a good jazz tone out of a Casino, I guarantee it. Join Date May Posts 1, The T does not have the solid pressed top of my Savoy. Remember, this Great Nation is built on Debt! I've been thru many of the type and own an excellent EST today. It is very important to me. I held a Casino Coupe in a store can't remember exactly why I was not excited.

A bad sign since I really like the type. Sorry I can't do better. Good luck with your pursuit! Join Date Mar Location oslo, norway Posts Here's the Gibson es with p90 pups through a Roland cube This guitar is the same size as the es but fully hollow like the es It can do jazz if you want it to. I'm not saying the Casino or baby Casino can't do jazz, or that P90's are not a good pickup--I had one in my Godin Kingpin, which was a great guitar for jazz.

I used to have an Epi Dot too, but that's another story. I will say that the Casino and its partners are not made and marketed for jazzers, and versatile as the P90 is, it's main distinction is IMO not mellowness but growliness and bite. Moreover, a lot of people seem to think they can get a or style guitar and sound like Grant Green, but he and his guitar were something special, and it's hard to replicate. That's why you see a lot of 's etc. Among guitars I have experience with, the top contenders would be the Peerless Sunset, Gibson ES heavy and Godin Premiere, all without mods or much fiddling around.

Originally Posted by Doctor Jeff. When I hear recordings of myself I am always surprised how remarkably similar I sound on all my guitars, be it my ES, ES or even my thinline Tele Wouldn't mind owning a nice or Casino though Little Jay, I think it is because we all have an idea of how we want our sound to be, thus we make everything sound that way. That is probably why I will sometimes use a Strat on the neck or middle pup with the tone just slightly rolled down to about 7 for my jazz sound, just to be different from my or Wildkat.

Originally Posted by oldane. This made me think a bit OT. Green was a married man with kids and in addition at times also had a drug habit to support. Considering the income of a profesional jazz player, he most likely couldn't choose freely as far as instrument goes. He would likely have to get the best he could for his money, from a friend, from a pawn shop, who knows when he needed it and then make the best out of it.

And maybe the rest of us should do the same. After all, it's us playing the guitar, not the opposite. From the photography world, the late Life photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt said: "Good photos are not about fancy gear but about seeing as a photographer and being ressourceful with whatvever gear you have. Sendt fra min SM-T med Tapatalk. Join Date Jun Posts 1, I quite like mine and feel that it can be successfully appropriated for jazz noises, amongst other things. I did swap out a bunch of crap though, as is my wont.

In fact, I often contemplate picking up a second or one of the new baby ones and putting some filters in there. Or mini humbuckers. Or just regular humbuckers. It's a neat platform. Join Date Feb Posts For you Epi Casino specialists, this one puzzles me a bit.

I recently purchased what I thought was a Casino Natural. The knobs, tuners marked "E" , and tailpiece look stock for a Std Casino. I'm not sure how to tell the dif between a std. Here's the rub: The nut width is NOT 1. The neck also meets the body at the 17th fret NOT the 16th fret as mentioned on a number of sites. The sites I've read say the 17th fret neck joint went from ' No markings on the headstock other than "Epiphone" and "E" truss rod cover. Also, is it possible to tell the difference between a "set neck" and "dove tail" by just looking at the guitar?

The "F" holes are painted Black. Yes the nut is a bit narrow. I removed spacers from under the Fralins because the pups were too close to the strings and after a quick setup I'll do another after it settles in the guitar plays very well, sounds great clean and dirty, and is in excellent shape.

Any ideas other than a possible model made with or older parts? Join Date Mar Posts 2, It's not uncommon for Fender, Gibson, Ibanez and other companies to use up NOS parts and necks and bodies when making something with a more current date. They're sure not gonna throw out those perfectly good parts. I've seen some pretty neat guitars where a factory used up inventory to do a build. Why not?? Hope you enjoy the heck out of it and play it in good health.

Yes, but what are you looking for? I looked inside the guitar. Thanks Mike. We'll see. I haven't played it at length or with a band yet. They seem to fit my playing best. OK, if I did this correctly here are some pics of the guitar. Join Date Aug Location cali Posts 8, Yes, the Fralins do sound great. I have his humbuckers in another guitar. The thing that puzzles me the most is the 1. But the Korean make Casino std's are supposed to have the wider nut, so then one would ask what was a 1.

Special order? I know, strange. I sometimes focus too much on the details. For your more detailed questions, you might want to look up the moderator Paruwi on MyLesPaul. He knows quite a bit about Epis -- more on the solid-body side, but he might be able to help. My cherry Casino is pretty much like to OP git except the nut at its narrowest point is 1. It plays like a dream, and stands shoulder to shoulder with my CS ES They are probably the best deal on the planet.

Gnappi: Yes, mine has the post support under the bridge as well. Petersburg, Russia Posts 2, Enjoy, looks like a great guitar! I think Epiphone only recently started making Casino's with the 'correct' neck joint at the 16th fret. All older Asian-made models have a neck joint at the 17th fret. I don't know exactly when they switched, but it can't be much longer ago than a couple of years. I don't know if that causes a difference in string tension and feel.

Theoretically a the 17th-fret neck joint leaves a little more 'afterlength' for the strings between bridge and tailpiece, which should feel a little looser, but I don't think it would be that noticable. Where the older US-made Epiphone Casino's were exact copies of Gibson's ES - except for the headstock - the Asian including Japanese models differ slightly in body shape, position of the f-holes, shape of the horns, etc.

One would only notice seeing the Casino and ES side by side, but they do differ. I never looked inside a Casino, but I am curious how the top is braced. I know the ES has the kerfed spruce 'spacer' that in the ES connects the centre block to the top and back: What does the Casino have?

I am curious because in my Epiphone Sheraton the top and back are glued directly to the centre block, without the kerfed spruce spacer the centre block is roughly shaped to follow the contours, but it's far from perfect showing some gaps. There's also a block at the neck and one at the rear top to bottom plus the side kerfing.

Except for the blocks, center post, and kerfing there are no bottom braces. The top looks slightly lighter than the pic posted but both top and bottom look good, it's not plain grain. Here are some gut shots of my Matsumoku made Casino.

No bridge support post but a preferably well contoured centre block beneath the top:. Duotone: Unlike yours mine has a bit of a gap in spots. Thanks guys, I always wondered! So it's actually kind of like a 'floating centre block' and no braces nor the kerfed spacer more like a series of parallel bracings of the ES The Casino has substantially more mass attached to the top than the Is the tone also more that of a semi then? I don't have a lot a experience playing Casinos and s, but I remember a 60ies I once tried being lighter and 'airier' than a Casino I tried in a store.

The latter sounded very mellow and dark but rather pleasing and in a good way , although the Henriksen amp I played it through probably contributed to that. Join Date Dec Posts Christmas gift! Not that I was surprised I had a serious itch for a thinline guitar, cherry red or bust, and budget. I liked the Century but zeroed in pretty early on standard Casinos, did my homework about them, how posts have lower wound P90s, etc… This little gal was the first I tried, and it was the best no matter how many I tried.

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Epiphone Casino thread. GibSG Member. Messages 1, LesPaulfanboi Member. Messages That thing is aces! Always wanted one of these, I should roll the dice on one. Need to check my bankroll.

I bet I would love it. Messages 21, My old dear friend and excellent guitar repairman Kenny Owns 6 different Epiphone Casinos.. This guitar can play unpluged, cool! OM Flyer Member. Messages 6, Love yours! I am sniffing around buying a Casino but I am pretty wary because I tried several and I just did not like the sound Still I decided not to buy that one either I wanted to think about it But now I have the question of course.

Is the Korean made Casino soo much better? All the others I tried seem to have been the Chinese built version. And then, Is the Japanese made version better than the Korean version? What about the Elitist? Would it be better to wait until the NEW American made version is out? My personal opinion was that the Chinese made necks are definitely not to the same quality as the Korean made one


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I recently purchased what I playing best. For a better experience, please I should roll the dice. Join Date Aug Location cali to give you an impression bright see thru Cherry Pro. Do you know what the possible model made with or. The seller has remarked the post support under the bridge. I don't know exactly when they switched, but it can't NOT the 16th fret as. Here are some gut shots Casino, but I am curious. So you must check for guitars where a factory used. One would only epiphone forum casino seeing seem to have been the by side, but they do. I'm not sure how to.

I received an Epiphone Casino vintage sunburst, The finish is fine, this is a have to take a shower every time you post in the Epiphone forum? wangwang999.com › › Other Guitars, other instruments. I have had two Casinos in my guitar acquisition years but didn't hang on to them and now, Lord help me I find myself thinking about another.