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Both intimate and inviting, every seat at Sound Board offers incredible sightlines of all the action on the stage. The theater space features state-of-the-art acoustics and up-to-the-minute technology from top to bottom. Simply put: it's awesome live and free music. Every day.

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Excelsior casino danny jones

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As it stood the game was not attractive enough to entice gamblers to play in any great numbers. Something else was needed to enhance its appeal. It was he who came up with the ingenious idea of introducing a progressive jackpot to the game. A longstanding feature in slot offerings, a jackpot had never been attempted on a table game before. The introduction of this side bet option gave the game a unique selling point from which it never looked back.

Titus demonstrated great belief in the jackpot enhanced Caribbean Stud when he left a well-paid job in a Las Vegas casino to work solely for the company that would run the progressive jackpot side of the game. Progressive Gaming as they were known, eventually moved to Florida and began distributing the game to overseas markets.

The Nevada rights to the game remained in the hands of the Jones family for a short time before being sold to a company by the name of D. The fee was never paid in full, although D. P stud continued to distribute the game. Caribbean Stud was churned out in this state of limbo until Mikhon Gaming stepped in and bought the Nevada rights, in addition to its purchase of Progressive Gaming. Finally a unified distribution base was established and this helped the game to grow yet further.

The game has now well and truly taken hold around the world and has also become a staple offering of the vast majority of online casinos. Its popularity looks set to endure due to its simplicity of play, the ongoing growth of poker in general and the allure of life-changing money that the progressive jackpot offers for such a small stake.

History of Caribbean Stud Poker. The Gambling Expert Fans of poker in its various forms may well be familiar with the name of David Sklansky. Excelsior Rotterdam hopes that construction will be able to begin in The present stadium holds advantage to the plan, as Excelsior owns the same and sits in a very plush area of Rotterdam.

Continue to follow Coliseum for latest updates on venues business news. Coliseum is dedicated towards building the best global community of sports and entertainment venue executives and professionals creating better and more profitable venues. Become a member of the only Global Sports Venue Alliance and connect with stadiums, arenas and experts from around the world. Apply for membership at coliseum-online. Premier League club Southampton F.

UK is known for being social media-savvy and bringing its Anfield has become the latest Premier League stadium to be employed as a vaccination center as the BC Place in Canada has been wearing a desolate look as it has seen no large gathering since Toggle navigation. Excelsior bent on building majestic stadium Article by Coliseum , published May 25, Share this article:.

Apply for membership. Watch member-exclusive videos with valuable tips for your venue. Excelsior bent on building majestic stadium. Does resuming sports seasons hold water? Milan A. Pisa A. Spanos A. United D. Adrian Cheng Chi-kong Dr. Kiki Kaplanidou Dr.

Peter H. Edwards Jr. Augustus Jr. Hassan Al Thawadi H. Douglas Boles J. League J.

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Russell Antonio Loza Bautista Jose Mora-Perez Bautista Bryan Reynolds Bautista Justin Stafford Saldana Cale Thomas Production Assistant Ryan J. Scenic foreman Jeffrey Harris Set Painter Kenji Kondo David Ruffin Aucoin Heidi Beers Design Technician Jonathan Faber Legacy Effects Admin Won-il Song Modeler James Adkins Alfaro Jr.

Groom TD William Barkus Compositor: Framestore Manuel Barrero Effects Technical Director Christopher Day Lighting Lead Andrew Dohan Lighting artist: Animal Logic Deborah Giarratana Cloth TD Mariana Gorbea Supervisor Finaling Ravi Mahapatro Animation Supervisor Benjamin Moktar Stereo Lead Ray Ooi Finaling Co-Ordinator Allison Paul Assistant Production Manager Ryan D.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Jelly Pie movie nights. Share this page:. Clear your history. Baby Groot voice. Rocket voice. Stakar Ogord. Meredith Quill. Young Ego Facial Reference. Sovereign Chambermaid as Hannah Gottesman. Sovereign Pilot. Sovereign Admiral. Zylak's Frenemy. Unseen Ravager voice. Robot Courtesan. Robot Courtesan as Kendra Staub. Howard the Duck voice.

Howard's Date as Molly Quinn. Sneeper Madame. Watcher Informant. The Form of David Hasselhoff. Officer Fitzgibbon. Weird Old Man. Weird Old Man's Mistress. Easik Mother as Elizabeth Ludlow. Young Peter Quill. Grandpa Quill. Grandpa Quill's Friend. Ravager uncredited. Shran - Ravager uncredited. Kree Monk uncredited. Jones is married to former Miss England , Georgia Horsley. Fletcher, who was filming the auditions for Island Records , later approached Jones.

The two conversed and discovered common interests, leading to a songwriting session between Fletcher, Jones and Busted's James Bourne. When they finished writing projects for Busted, Fletcher and Jones began writing for their own, then-unnamed band. Jones, working with his fellow band members, has co-written all five of McFly's studio albums. He also penned three of his own solo tracks on the first three McFly albums.

Jones has also been listed as a producer for McFly's 6th studio album, which has still not been released but will soon be according to the band. He has also produced countless demos for his band, alongside Fletcher.

Jones also takes the role of lead guitarist in most performances, with Fletcher playing rhythm guitar. Some remixes can be found as b-sides on singles released from the album Above the Noise. He assisted Alan Shearer in a charity match in which England beat the rest of the world.

After McFly's direction changed it was announced he would remix "Party Girl" as a b-side of the single after that he remixed "Nowhere Left to Run" for the "That's the Truth" single. Jones was born and raised in Bolton , Greater Manchester, [1] where his mother runs a hairdressing business. He got his education at Thornleigh Salesian College. In Vicky took part in the third series of The Voice but was eliminated during the battle round.

Jones is a fan of his home town football club Bolton Wanderers. Their father walked out on the family when Danny was eighteen and it left a lasting impression on him. Jones has rarely spoken of his father and only briefly mentioned him in McFly's autobiography. They married on 2 August in Malton, North Yorkshire. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English musician. This article is about the musician from McFly.

For other people, see Danny Jones disambiguation. Singer musician songwriter producer actor. Georgia Horsley. Vocals guitar harmonica percussion. Island Super. McFly McBusted.

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It is believed that a friend called Titus told Danny to include the jackpot. Titus was later seen working for Progressive Games, Inc. Signage and jackpot meters for the game were delivered by City Lites. The companies were seen parting ways owing to licensing issues in Nevada.

But, the financial conflicts resulted into the hazy status of Nevada distribution of the game. This is also one of the causes of so much confusion in Caribbean Stud poker history. On the other hand, Progressive Games distributed the game across the globe. The game reached the ultimate destination of Las Vegas in In , Mikhon Gaming took over Progressive Games.

All along, the highlight of the game has always been the jackpot. The game is said to have set its foot in North America in 18th century, which entered through French people. The English word poker was coined from the French word poque. Jackpots: Usually, jackpots have been included in games that offer minimal gain to the players. Of course, over the time, the money is always paid off to the house through contribution from poker zealots.

Jackpots have been quite popular with gaming machines, but implementing it into table games was a unique move then. The game shot to fame and spread across in popularity. It became popular in casinos and cruise. The jackpots did manage to make it popular, but it is said to be more famous online.

Moreover, the popularity of gambling has swiftly weaved its way through the World Wide Web. It can be played by a casino fanatic without being physically present at a casino. So, players from any corner of the globe can play at their comfort. Presently, the US version of the game slightly differs from the UK and other European regions versions. The game ropes in strategies which are well inculcated by casino fanatics.

According to experts, poker has always been popular, irrespective of its variants. The Caribbean Stud poker has seen its share of gray days and was declared illegal in Nevada. In , the game was legalized. In a short span of time, the game formed a part of several movies and documentations.

The popularity that pulled it into Vegas in early 90s was just a few years after it was known in Caribbean and cruises. Fans of poker in its various forms may well be familiar with the name of David Sklansky. A renowned gambling theorist and author of some of the most well respected poker books in print. David also claims to have had a hand in this casino version of the game. According to Mr Sklansky he touted a game very similar to the modern version in the early s.

His game did differ in a couple of major respects, firstly the dealer revealed two of his cards, not one. Secondly there was no mention of a progressive jackpot in this embryonic version of the game. Sklansky struggled to get his creation off the ground and handed over the reins to a poker player who it is said then took the game to Aruba.

Rather than being imported from the USA via the mind of a gambling don, it is claimed that the game had been played on cruise ships around the Caribbean for many years. Precisely how this came to be is unclear but it was, supposedly, eventually spotted by a casino owner, who promptly bought it up and made it available to patrons of his Excelsior casino. The predominantly tourist clientele of this Caribbean casino no doubt helped to spread the word of this new game further afield. Some combination of these two stories may explain how the rules came to be in the hands of an anonymous poker player on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.

Wherever he came upon the game he had the good fortune of running into one James Suttle. This must have seemed a steal to James as he had friends who would know exactly what to do with this new product. Not only was Mr Jones a casino owner, he was also heavily involved with games development making him a perfect candidate to pitch this new game to.

Jones was excited by the potential of this new product but initially also struggled to get the game off the ground. As it stood the game was not attractive enough to entice gamblers to play in any great numbers.


Card games have allured people for over centuries. The three card game dates back in s, whereas the bluff element was added to it in s. Here we are talking about centuries of poker, but surprisingly Caribbean Stud poker has just a few decades to clearly talk about. This variant of Poker has tales of mystery lurked in its history.

With a debatable history, it reveals several interesting stories. Going by its name, the game may have originated in Caribbean islands, and it is strongly believed to have conceived on a cruise. History: According to many people, the game was played on a cruise to Aruba, way before it was christened Caribbean Stud Poker. It was probably called by another name then. The game was later bought by a casino named King International.

This casino is now called Excelsior Casino and attracts tourists to enjoy the game in their leisure time. Apparently, a few years later, a poker player got it patented in Aruba and again the rules got a new twist. This resulted into the Caribbean Stud Poker that we play today. Moving further, in , James Suttle, a gambler, supposedly learned it from another player, who is also alleged to have bought it.

It is situated at Holiday Inn on Palm Beach. Later, with the inclusion of progressive jackpot, the game reached the sky-high popularity. It is believed that a friend called Titus told Danny to include the jackpot. Titus was later seen working for Progressive Games, Inc. Signage and jackpot meters for the game were delivered by City Lites. The companies were seen parting ways owing to licensing issues in Nevada.

But, the financial conflicts resulted into the hazy status of Nevada distribution of the game. This is also one of the causes of so much confusion in Caribbean Stud poker history. On the other hand, Progressive Games distributed the game across the globe. The game reached the ultimate destination of Las Vegas in In , Mikhon Gaming took over Progressive Games.

All along, the highlight of the game has always been the jackpot. The game is said to have set its foot in North America in 18th century, which entered through French people. The English word poker was coined from the French word poque. Jackpots: Usually, jackpots have been included in games that offer minimal gain to the players. Arr: Park Lawn Mike is preceded in death by his grandparents, Don Mills, Joann Cotter […].

Martin was introduced to Christ at an early age. Pastor Ricky Beach baptized Martin January 4, He was a faithful member of Maywood Baptist Church located in Independence Missouri for over 10 years. Albert Thomas Barnes, Sr. Janie married Elmer Barnett on March, 28, They were married 63 years. Preceding her […]. Sherry Elaine Barragan, 74, passed away September 22, Burial will follow in Mound […]. Visitation will begin at am, followed by funeral services at am, on Monday, March 4, at St.

Stephen Lutheran Church, N. Forest, Liberty, MO Clara M. Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society. Robert Otto Beach, 61, of K. Northland, passed away Aug. A celebration of life will begin at pm Thursday, Aug. His parents preceded […]. Arthur James Beasley Sr. Arthur accepted Christ as his personal savior at an early age and became a member of […].

He began school in at Hazel Dell School where he graduated from 8th grade in He then […]. She was born February 22, , in Goshen, Indiana. She worked as a hair stylist for Sports Clips in Liberty and Independence. Betty Jean Beaver, 91, of Lathrop, passed away August 10, Joseph MO. Dave married his college sweetheart Sara Sally Elizabeth Smith […]. Carolyn S. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to City Union Mission.

Jeffrey A. Becker, 58, passed away April 30, Jeff was employed […]. How do you cope? How do you right this suddenly listing lifeboat? Where do you find a life vest that will support you and your family through the grief? Ruth Beckman […]. She married Harry K Bedell on April 8, and he preceded her in death. Norma worked at American Greeting Card Company maintaining store […]. On February 15, , Shirley Ann Beets passed away at the age of Spielman and Josephine B. She was the oldest of 4 children with two sisters — Betty and Nancy, and a brother Don Spielman.

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Army Veteran who served during the Korean War. He married Patsy L. Lamberson on April 20, Patsy L. Pat retired from Baptist Medical Center […]. Edna M. Bernard, 87, passed June 30, Roscoe G. Bernard, 90, passed away on June 14, Also preceding him was his first love, Frances and second love, Barbara, as well as his sister Juanita and cherished son, Michael.

He is survived by his daughters, […]. He was a member of the Army National Guard from until he was honorably discharged in He retired from […]. Along with her […]. Darlene Sue Betts, 76, passed away November 6, Visitation will be held from pm, Rosary at pm, and Mass of Christian burial at pm, on Monday, August 17, at St.

Burial will follow at Glenridge Cemetery. In […]. Arva Jean Bird, our beloved mother, went to be with the Lord on Tuesday, the 6th day of August, She was born in in Tarsney, Missouri. Arva graduated from high school at William Chrisman in , where she met the love of her life, Roy Bird. Together they enjoyed over 60 beautiful years […]. Herbert K. Blackmon, 81, passed away November 24, With great sadness, the family of Wanda Bliss announces her passing in Olathe, Kansas on August 8, at 90 years of age.

Wanda was born March 7, to Eddie and N. She is survived by four of her five […]. Funeral services to celebrate the life of Ernest Ernie E. Block, 80 of KC MO will be at a. Saturday Mass of Christian Burial will be at St. Ernest E. Block, born in Sanborn, IA, was united in marriage […]. Both biological parents preceded him in death as well as his stepfather Benjamin Franklin Doyle, who raised him.

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A visitation will be held from a. Burial with military honors in Glenridge Cemetery. Levi was […]. Evangelist Barbara L. Boyd, 78, our beloved mother and friend, passed away on August 19, She will truly be missed! Darlene F. Boyd, 85, passed away peacefully at home on March 18, Darlene was born April 4, She was preceded in death by her husband Benton Boyd.

Survivors include son Walter Boyd Elizabeth ; daughter Martie […]. He moved with his family to the Liberty in , where he graduated from Liberty High School in David Lee Bradley, 86, passed away October 19, Kenneth R. Bradshaw, 77, of Raymore, MO, passed away on Feb.

Ken was born in Kansas City, Missouri on September 19, to […]. Brigham N. Brannan, Jr. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the American Heart Association, W. Ellie was a faithful Christian and longest tenured member of Centropolis Baptist Church.

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In lieu of flowers memorials are suggested to Liberty Hospital Hospice. Betty was born October 28, , […]. Shirley passed away peacefully at her home surrounded by family both in person and in heart. Main, Independence, MO; […]. Visitation will begin at 12 noon, followed by a service celebrating his life at pm, on Saturday, March 7, at Kansas City Church, North Church Road, […]. David M. Brogdon, 66, passed away February 3, Charisse Y.

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Warren Lester Broyles, 86, of Liberty, passed away October 8, Graveside service will follow at pm at Resurrection Cemetery. Along with his parents, Johnathan Matthew and […]. She was married to Lyle Brumley for 50 years. She was mother to Tammie, David, Byron and Curtis.

Vivian Ruth Bruner, a long-time resident of the Kansas City area, died peacefully early in the morning of August 24, , at the age of Vivian leaves behind her son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Constance Bruner; and grandchildren, Miranda Rice and Jordan Dickey, who are the children of her daughter Louise Dickey, as well […].

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She married Robert Buck on August 14, Lover of her Alabama football team and the Chiefs, Bonnie worked as a bookkeeper most […]. It is with deepest sorrow, we announce that Brian Allen Buczinski, age 53 our most beloved son, brother, father, grandfather, uncle, family member and friend passed suddenly on Friday, July 19, in his home.

Those that knew Brian are feeling the loss of an amazing person. He was loved by so many and those […]. On November 19, he married Carolyn Jones. Together they had a long and loving marriage that lasted 58 years. Raymond is preceded in […]. She passed away at Liberty Hospital surrounded by her family. Herl Wilburn Burden, 94, a longtime Liberty resident, passed away peacefully on October 15, , at Our Lady of Mercy Country Home, where he lived for the past five years.

Burial will follow at Green Lawn Cemetery. Visitation will be pm Sunday, June 30, at the funeral home. Burnett, 92, passed April 2, Leland was drafted in the Army and served 18 months. Lucy Jane Burnett, 88, passed away January 6, Lucy is survived by her husband, son, two daughter in laws, 8 grandchildren, 23 great grandchildren, 6 great great […].

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Iva E. Buttram, 81, passed away February 3, Iva is survived by her husband of 60 […]. Burial following services in Green Lawn […]. God received an angel that day. Fay was a devout Catholic and attended Mass every day. She loved to cook, sew, go to garage sales and play bingo.

She loved being with family if just for dinner, or an event with […]. His parents preceded him in […]. The celebration of her life will be August 11th at First Baptist […]. In deepest sorrow we are announcing the passage of Anita Lea Byrd on June 8th, at the age of Along with her beloved husband Wayne L.

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A lifelong KC resident, he graduated […]. Cheryl is survived by her husband and soul mate of 46 years, John T. Jay served in the Rainbow Division of the U. Army during World War II. He was […]. A live-stream of […]. Burial will follow at Glenridge […]. Martin K. Carignan, Jr.

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His parents and seven siblings preceded him in death. John Franklin Carter went to be with the Lord on January 26, He was born November 24, in Parthenon, Arkansas. He was born on April 10, to Willard and Kathryn Carver. Bill worked most of his life as a heavy equipment operator. He took great pride and ownership in all that he did and was always ready to help […].

State Route , Liberty. Graveside services will be held at pm Wednesday, at the […]. Cashatt, 91, of Liberty, MO, passed peacefully on March 12, in her home surrounded by all eight of her children. She resided in Liberty, MO for more […]. Smith R. The youngest of 12 children, he was born in Vernon, OK to John […].

Friends and family may visit before the service at AM. She and her brother Carl W. Landiss and family moved to Kansas City, MO when she was 2 years old. At […]. Gwyneth passed quietly surrounded by family on December 17th, in Independence, Mo. She had a wonderful singing voice and when she was a young girl […]. Karen Louise Chambers, age 58, passed away May 29, Visitation will begin at 12Noon.

Burial will take place in Green Lawn Cemetery. She enjoyed […]. Shirley Chaney, 77, passed June 10, James T. Charles, 82, passed away January 15, Myrle Barr Chastain passed away on January 18, Myrle was born February 11, near Holt, MO. Helen Louise Brooks Chisam, 81, passed away August 11, , at pm. She was born at home in Waldron, MO on April 20, Helen leaves her husband, Thornton D.

Chisam; two daughters, Cathy J. Hartman Ronald and Lisa G. Helen was the eldest of five siblings. Her sisters and brother are Nadine […]. Bertha E. Chrisman, 88, passed away July 17, Bertha married Edgar T. Chrisman on November 19, who preceded her in death in She retired from Avon products […].

Timothy Chung, 97, passed away October 14, Timothy survived 21 torturous years in a Chinese labor camp for refusing to deny his faith in Jesus Christ. After his release in , although under strict surveillance, he was distressed over a lack of bibles available to the Chinese people. Undeterred by the consequences, he smuggled […]. Sharon Sue Stevens Clagett passed away on December 13, , at the age of Upon graduation, she married […]. Major Gerald E. He retired from the United States Army. Margie was homecoming queen, played trumpet in the band and […].

She loved her church, family, friends and cats. Clark and son James […]. Mass of Christian burial will be held at am Monday, November […]. Keisha Archelle Clay, loving and cherished daughter, lived in Overland Park, Kansas, and passed away on Wednesday, June 19, at the age of Keisha was born on December 19, in Kansas City, Missouri, to Carla and Lawrence Clay, and became the beloved daughter and aka princess as she referred to Frank Smocks […].

She was the fifth of seven siblings—three older brothers, an older sister, and two younger brothers. Rebecca attended school at Eugene and became a member of the Christian Church there. Rebecca met Robert Clemens her […]. Robert K. Clemens, Sr. Robert is survived by his four children Robert Jr. When 18 […]. She was 53 years old. Dee Dee was preceded in death by her […]. Warren Palmer Clodfelter, 89, passed away December 3, His career led him to Kansas City to work at Bendix, which he retired from in Warren […].

Mickey Joel Cochran, Sr. Mickey Sr. He was married to Edith July 5th, He worked as an automotive mechanic all his life until retiring in his early sixties. He served in the Army after […]. Mary E. Ault Cochrane, 71, life long resident of Missouri, passed away peacefully on July 15, , with her family by her side. Visitation will begin at p.

Mary was born […]. Coen and Mae Alice Johns Coen. In lieu of flowers, memorials […]. Memorials are suggested to […]. Hanne was born September 23, in Bensheim, Germany. She grew up in Hoechst near Frankfurt, Germany and lived with her parents until […]. Charlotte Ann Simsheuser Coleman, 79, passed away June 14, Along with her parents, Charlotte was preceded in death by her husband of 50 years, John D.

Charlotte leaves her daughter, Lisa Petry and her husband […]. Hattie E. Coleman, 99, passed away February 3, Buddy W. Visitation will be held am, Saturday Nov. Buddy was born January 1, , in Warrensburg, MO. Robert Eugene Collins Sr. He was devoted to his family and he confessed with his mouth and believed in his heart that Jesus Christ was Lord and his personal Savior.

He is preceded in death by his […]. She graduated from Forsyth High School in She married her lifelong husband, David L. Combs, on March 15, They had […]. Marvin A. Combs, 83, of Grandview, MO, passed away January 8, Red Bridge Rd.

He […]. Linda was born April 13, […]. Rita-Ann Roessel Comfort, 88, passed away comfortably on July 9, , slipping peacefully into the next life. She married Earle H. Comfort on August 15, and is survived by five […]. She passed away peacefully at her home with family at her side following a year-long battle with Stage IV AngioSarcoma cancer.

McKenzie was born November 14, , in Hutchinson, Minnesota. She graduated Valedictorian from Plattsburg High School in , and […]. Donna Ilene Murphy Conard, 83, a longtime Liberty resident, joined her Lord and Savior Jesus on May 24, , at her home, with her companion of 65 years, Wendall, holding her hand.

Joan and her husband Todd Logan farmed many years four miles west […]. He joined the US Navy in and proudly served until On June 1, , he married Roberta Conner, the love of his […]. Mark H. Connor, 53, Independence, MO passed away peacefully at his home on April 4, Mark was preceded in death by his mother Margaret Connor and his aunt Patsy Price.

Conway left this life for the next on December 18, at Overland Park Regional Hospital surrounded by love and her children. Pat was 85 years old. Pat was born October 13, in Creighton, MO. She was one of 11 children born […]. She graduated from Park Hill High School. She enjoyed cooking, gardening, lawn care and shooting pool. She was preceded in death […]. Frank and Blanche Davis Cook. He served four years in the Air Force, with most of his […]. On January 9, , John Michael Coons, loving husband, father and brother, passed away at the age of He was employed at KCPL for 28 years and was an electrician by trade.

John had a passion for motorcycle […]. Joe Naithon Cooper, 78, passed away March 23, Joe N. Cooper was born September 29, to Elijah and Emma Cooper. He was preceded in death by both parents, brothers Essau and Elijah, sister Rosetta, and his son Fred. He attended […]. She was the eighth of 13 children. Both parents, each of her siblings, her spouse of 55 years, Emanuel Cooper Sr. Jolly, her youngest son Keith Cooper and her great granddaughter Skylar Solomon have all preceded her […].

She met Henry Cooper on a blind date, and […]. Lois C. Copowycz, ne Lombardi , was born in Mt. Louise B. Copridge-Ragland, 74, of Independence, Missouri, died November 27, , at her home. A visitation will be held from AM on Monday, December […]. Lynn A. Corbett, 65, transitioned from his earthly form to spiritual eternity on November 8, Kenneth A. Corcoran, 79, passed away July 2, Lois Cornelius, 86, passed away July 9, They were married 65 years and blessed with three […]. She graduated from Glennon High School in Five years later, on September 6, , she married […].

Peggy Corum, 71, passed away June 5, She attended one year at Southwest […]. Along with her parents, Irene was preceded in death by her sister, Dorothy Davis Yates. Jeanne was a graduate of Raytown […]. In lieu of flowers, memorials are suggested to the […]. JoAnn Cowan, 83, passed away December 3, D,D, was […]. Sue Ella Craig, age 81, passed away Friday, December 6, She was the second of four sisters.

With her older sister, Loretta, who preceded her in death, she often helped take care of her two younger sisters, Clada and Kay. Larry D. Cramer, 80, passed away April 15, He was a US Marine Corp veteran who served from Glenda Kay Murphy Crandall, 70, passed away Jan. She was born Dec. After graduating from Excelsior Springs High School, […].

Patsy J. Croft, 81, passed away April 8, She was active with […]. Donnell Lyn Cross, 61, a lifelong resident of the K. Northland, passed away October 31, , at North Kansas City Hospital, surrounded by loved ones following a lengthy illness. She was born October 20, to Stanley M. Donnell was united in marriage to John A. Cross on October 23, […].

Graveside service with military honors will be at Mt. Remembering […]. Martin and Willie Davis Crouse. A brother, Robert Crouse, and sister, Helen Townsend, preceded him in death. Bill served in the U. It was probably the first time in her life that she did anything quietly. She had lived her life with a fire in her soul and in her actions. On December 30th the family […]. Linda S. Cull, 59, passed away April 16, Gene Cull and Marie T.

Cull, who predeceased her. She began working at the Dietrich, Davis, […]. Anyone who knew Larry knew what a great man he was. If you were part of his family, he was your rock. If you were not a part of […]. Along with her parents, […]. Carol served in the Air Force from and taught radio mechanics. Lonnie D. Curtis was born to Jack and Virginia Curtis on September 25th He passed peacefully in his sleep April 16th Lonnie was a respected musician, a loving father and grandfather, and a caring friend.

He is survived by his daughter Shelby Nuttall, his son-in-law Christopher Nuttall, his two grandchildren; Penelope and Silas […]. Virginia M. Harry B. Daffer, Sr. He was the 13th of 13 children born to that union. Burial will follow at Lathrop Cemetery. William A. Mike graduated from Normal Community High School and went on to complete a […]. Alma J. Davidson, 80, passed away October 17, Johnson Davidson.

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This casino was first opened by Danny Jones in after he purchased it from GHC was sold to Mike Posner and he renamed the casino Excelsior Casino. This casino is now called Excelsior Casino and attracts tourists to enjoy the game in The game then got into the hands of Danny Jones, a game developer and. Like many modern casino games, the exact origins of Caribbean stud poker are owner, who promptly bought it up and made it available to patrons of his Excelsior casino. One of James's acquaintances was a man named Danny Jones.