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Macau casino etf casino gambling laws by state

Macau casino etf

When things are going well for the gaming ETF, China is often a contributor to that upside, but that is a double-edged sword. Disappointments on Macau gaming revenue figures, which are reported monthly, can weigh on BJK. And sometimes it takes a lot for investors to be impressed by Macau. Gross gaming revenue there is expected to increase by low teens percentages for much of , but even with that, BJK has traded modestly lower on a year-to-date basis.

Log in. Log out. About Us Our Analysts. Sponsored by. Pro 3: Growth Potential Typically, when investors think about gambling stocks and ETFs, they think about casino operators and actually being inside of a casino. Some BJK components are directly participating in the online and sports gambling booms. Con 3: China When things are going well for the gaming ETF, China is often a contributor to that upside, but that is a double-edged sword.

Todd Shriber does not own any of the aforementioned securities. Sponsored Headlines. More from InvestorPlace. Subscriber Sign in Username. Sign in. VIP gamblers are major sources of revenue for Macau casinos. That segment is rebounding, but there are also reasons for caution on the group.

High net worth gamblers now appear to better understand the current policy environment and are more willing to gamble in Macau. Junkets, a major conduit of VIP gambling through credit extensions and relationship-building, have been consolidated, and are more disciplined and more regulated.

Still, caution is warranted given the segment's reliance on credit and some credit tightening measures taking place on the mainland. Benzinga does not provide investment advice. All rights reserved. Contribute Login Join. News Podcast Events Newsletter.

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Estimated size of the global gambling market in This fund tracks the EEFund Video Game Tech Index, which is composed of companies involved with video game technology, game development, console and chip manufacturing, and game retailers. Gaming industry ETFs generally offer investors the same benefits as broad market ETFs such as low expense ratios, decent liquidity, flexibility, and tax efficiency. They are traded on major national exchanges and can be sold short or bought on margin.

Investors who want exposure to the gaming sector might consider a gaming ETF rather than putting all their eggs in one basket. However, while ETFs are associated with lower risks and volatility compared with individual stocks, investors should still perform due diligence before buying.

The goal and function of each ETF, together with the constituents of the benchmarks they track, should be scrutinized to verify they match an individual's investment goals. Costs should be calculated to ensure they don't eat into returns. Though ETFs are considered less expensive than mutual funds, some come with exorbitantly high fees.

Investors should also consider the state of the economy before throwing their support behind the gaming sector. The COVID pandemic and ensuing lockdowns to curtail the spread of the disease hit broad swathes of the economy, and casinos and resorts were no exception. In addition, consumers tend to cut back on discretionary spending when disposable income dwindles.

For example, Macau primarily relies on visitors from mainland China. In , China changed its travel rules so that mainland Chinese visiting Macau could only stay for five days, down from seven previously. Share prices of Macau casino operators fell following the announcement. For related reading, see Top Casino Stocks.

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Moreover, in the first week of February, Macau announced plans to shut down casinos for another two weeks in an attempt to put a check on the spread of the virus. Moreover, the fund provides The fund has lost 1. Zacks' free Fund Newsletter will brief you on top news and analysis, as well as top-performing ETFs, each week. Want the latest recommendations from Zacks Investment Research? Today, you can download 7 Best Stocks for the Next 30 Days.

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Smart investors will look for companies capable of meeting scaling demands, once they have settled on marketable models. Investment firm Morgan Stanley has been watching the EV industry, seeking out innovative new design and production companies that are positioning themselves for gains as the market matures.

While more expensive that the older lithium-based systems, solid state batteries are safer and offer higher energy densities. Fisker has been busy patenting its moves into solid-state batteries, a sound strategy to lock in its advances in this field. For EVs, solid-state batteries offer faster charging times, longer range per charge, and potentially lower battery weight — all important factors in vehicle performance. The vehicle features stylish design and room mounted solar panels to supplement the charging system, and is scheduled to enter serial production for the markets in Fisker entered the public markets through a SPAC merger agreement last fall.

In line with his upbeat outlook on the company and the car , Jonas rates Fisker an Overweight i. The stock has a Moderate Buy analyst consensus rating, based on 7 reviews, including 4 Buys, 2 Holds, and 1 Sell. See FSR stock analysis on TipRanks QuantumScape QS Where Fisker is working on solid-state batteries in the context of vehicle production, QuantumScape is setting itself up as a leader in EV battery technology and a potential supplier of the next generation of battery and power systems for the EV market.

QuantumScape designs and builds solid-state lithium-metal batteries, the highest energy density battery system currently available. The key advantages of the technology are in safety, lifespan, and charging times. The two companies are using their partnership to prepare for mass-scale development and production of solid-state batteries. In fact, the analyst calls it, "The Biotech of Battery Development. The risks of moving from a single layer cell to a production car are high, but we think these are balanced by the commercial potential and the role of Volkswagen to help underwrite the early manufacturing ramp," Jonas explained.

Noting that QS is a stock for the long haul, Jonas rates the shares an Overweight i. Granted, not everyone is as enthusiastic about QS as Morgan Stanly. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the featured analyst. The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment. The stock market could pull back or melt up, are you ready?

Apple and Amazon are setting up, while Palantir earnings are on tap. IRS audit flags can stem from things you do — or don't do — when filing your tax return. Congressional leaders may shift into an even faster gear in a race against the calendar. The prices of these big-name stock have multiplied since April A shift in US investor flows away from mutual funds towards exchange traded funds is being driven primarily by a tax loophole, rather than any inherent advantage of the ETF structure, a team of academics has concluded.

Although the mutual fund sector is still far larger, the majority of US mutual fund ranges have seen net outflows every year since , according to the Investment Company Institute, even as about three-quarters of ETFs have seen inflows. The most important distinction among casino stocks is whether they have exposure to the Asian gaming capital of Macau. This former Portuguese colony reverted to Chinese hands in the late s, creating considerable uncertainty about its future after more than a century of legalized gambling there.

Macau has become more important for Sands and Wynn than Las Vegas, despite the fact that both casino giants are headquartered in the Nevada gambling mecca. Exposure to Macau has been a double-edged sword. During the growth phase, Macau exposure helped casino stocks bolster their growth.

When Macau went into a prolonged pullback, it sent Wynn and Sands sharply downward, even as other casino stocks without exposure in Asia did better. Macau still has promise, but you have to decide whether you want companies with a major presence there or prefer those that focus on other areas. Most successful casino operators therefore located their businesses there. Over time, though, legalization of gambling across the nation has made it easier for casino operators to establish a more regional presence.

Key areas include the Mississippi River Basin, where river gambling is largely legal. During Macau's pullback, these regional operators thrived because they had absolutely no international exposure and could focus on serving customers bolstered by the strengthening U. Consolidation in the regional industry promises to shake things up. In order to avoid antitrust concerns, the two resort operators agreed to sell four of their properties to Boyd Gaming, which has properties both in Las Vegas and around the country.

Yet larger players are also looking at regional casinos, including Wynn Resorts' planned property in Boston. As gambling expands, the regional outlook will be increasingly important. Finally, if you prefer not to choose individual investments, there's a fund that specializes in casino stocks.

You'll also find some exposure to companies that supply casino resorts, such as slot machine manufacturers. The ETF doesn't give the focused exposure to casino resort companies that some investors might prefer. Yet with a broader scope covering all of the gaming industry, the ETF might actually provide more valuable diversification than investors would generally expect from a sector-specific fund.

In the long run, the casino always wins, but that doesn't mean every casino stock will bring long-term riches to shareholders. Deciding to what extent you believe in the future of Macau and of regional U. Investing Best Accounts.