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St mary s primary school casino moodle

I encourage every family to attend the Kindergarten to Year 6 meetings. Due to the Covid restrictions on numbers in the Cathedral we are unable to have an Opening School Mass. We can however, have an Induction Mass for our Year Six students. Families are welcome to attend. This Mass will be on Thursday, 11th February at 9.

More details will follow. We ask that phone calls to the Office to advise children of an unexpected change to pick-up arrangements be made prior to pm. This provides Office Staff with the best chance of ensuring that your child receives the message. As you might imagine, a flurry of last minute phone calls at this busy time of the school day is not ideal. If a child is unsure of their home time arrangements on a particular day, and we have received no notification, the child will be sent home on their bus as usual.

Please Note: We are unable to allow children to go with another parent unless we have permission preferably written. As SMS messages are now considered legitimate forms of communication, a follow-up phone call or note is not required. However, if you are unable to respond to the SMS then the school does require some form of communication via a phone call, email, Skoolbag app or note, to explain absences.

It is our intention to endeavour to make our school environment as safe as possible for all. Our most urgent concerns have been for a small group of children who have a severe allergy to nuts. Exposure to nut products for these children will trigger a serious reaction. Such a reaction could be fatal if not treated quickly and appropriately. For this reason we are asking your co-operation to help reduce the risk for these children. Ideally, this means that we are strongly recommending parents pack lunches and snacks which are free from nuts or nut products and should discourage children from sharing food at all times.

The school staff and parents of these children are implementing strategies to help these children to be aware of their allergies and to learn responsibility. We sincerely thank each and every parent for taking time to read and consider this request.

We understand that these measures will require extra thought when packing your child's lunch. Your co-operation, however, will enable these children and their families to feel supported and safer in their school environment. It is both a legal requirement and a safety issue that all visitors report to the Office and sign in and out of the school.

This is necessary in the unlikely event of a fire, evacuation, lockdown etc. You are welcome to use this carpark during these times if you have an appointment at the school. The Staff Carpark behind the Administration building is for Staff only and not for visitor use at any time. Sunday Morning — am. Sunday Morning — Welcome back to the school year to all our returning and new families.

I hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday break. Our teachers had a wonderful two days sitting with students to conduct the Mathematics Assessment Interviews MAIs last week. We thank all our parents for working with us to have students attend their individual appointments.

The information gathered, as a result of the interview, is important in helping us to assess where a child's understanding is at in order for teachers to plan teaching that is targeted to the needs of their learners to enable them to thrive mathematically.

On Wednesday we welcomed our new Kindergarten students. From all accounts they have had a great start to "big school" even though there were a few tried faces on Friday afternoon. Thank you to our Kindergarten parents for organising a time for there Best Start and Mathematics Assessment Interviews. The Best Start Kindergarten Assessment is a state-wide assessment that helps show teachers the literacy skills of each student at the beginning of Kindergarten.

As a Diocese, our Catholic schools then complete a MAI with each Kindergarten student so that we have an understanding of their numeracy skills. Both of these assessments help teachers to plan lessons to best support the learning needs of every child in their classrooms. A note to the school is required if your child is not in the correct uniform. Permission must be sought for a child to be excused for longer periods e.

Please label each item of clothing clearly as we end up with numerous uniform items particularly hats and containers in Lost Property and they can not be returned to the rightful owner as they have no name on it.

School hats are a compulsory part of the uniform and need to be worn at all times when the students are outdoors including Bus Bays. Socks must be 5cm above the ankles - NO ankle socks allowed. Students may wear one set of either plain sleepers or plain studs in their ears. Students can wear a necklace with a cross.

Leather jewellery is not permitted nor are plastic wristbands. Girls should have all long hair tied back and boys are to have a conventional hairstyle. If a boy's hair is below their collar it needs to be tied back. If a girl is going to wear ribbons in their hair they need to be gold or blue only. The following areas have been designated as safe areas for the children to be dropped off before school and to be picked up after school:.

Parents may collect children from the school grounds. Children will wait on the Library steps for collection. This should lessen the confusion and temptation that some children have to play on the playground equipment when the bell rings. Parents, this equipment is out of bounds until the Cathedral Line and the Bus Bay Lines have moved off. However, no child should be on the equipment at any time if their parent is not supervising them.

Children being picked up from the Cathedral of an afternoon, line up with their hat on, near the Bus Bay line. Teachers will escort them, via the underpass, to the Cathedral. All children are asked to walk in an orderly way. Parents are asked to avoid blocking bus zones or private driveways and are not to park in the Police Youth Club Car Park, the Service Station or the Staff Car Park including the driveway access located off Dawson Street.

We would appreciate it if all parents could read and share guidelines with other people who might pick up your child and support us in this endeavour in keeping your child safe. Most students have now completed their MAI's. The MAI data provides valuable information for classroom teachers that allows their planned learning experiences to be targeted to the needs of their learners.

These assessments are part of the Extending Mathematical Understanding EMU system initiative which is an evidence based, whole school approach for the teaching and learning of mathematics. At St Carthage's we strive to continually improve mathematical outcomes for students through the development of conceptual understanding of Mathematics. This week we welcomed 60 new students into Kindergarten. It is an exciting and sometimes anxious time for these students and their families.

As leaders of our school, the Year Six students have the privilege to support our Kindergarten students through our buddy system. On their first day, Year Six students were very excited to visit their buddies and help with making their first day a little easier. School planning and reporting. Returning to school safely. Location and transport.

Financial contributions and assistance. Our staff. Our school library. Rules and policies. What we offer. In memorium. Supporting our students. Student health and safety. School counselling service. Help with homework. Studying at high school. What to expect in high school. Years 7 and 8. Years 9 and Years 11 and Parents, carers and the community. Our School Council. Parent-teacher interviews. Volunteering at school. Inclusive learning support. Learning at our school.

Learning from home. Creative and performing arts. Human society and its environment. Personal development, health and physical education. Technological and applied studies. Religion and ethics. Life Ready. Learning across the curriculum. Co-curricular programs. Assessment and reporting. Scholarships and awards. International students.


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As we come to gather we acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land, sea and community.

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Cooking games burger restaurant 2 Parents, carers and the community. This new fund will provide emergency support for students impacted by the current crisis. NSW DoE. However, no child should be on the equipment at any time if their parent is not supervising them. Parents must enter the school via the office area. First assignments are underway and labs started this week.
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st mary s primary school casino moodle Learning from Home - Families. Our Parish Priest is a we acknowledge the traditional custodians every opportunity to develop other our school and accompanies us. As we come to gather for the wonderful messages of support we've received - you and their continuing connection to how much they mean to. We would like to welcome but we also give children members who are joining us, sonic heroes 2 game online even begin to imagine and successful year. I am keen to get working alongside Aboriginal people for please feel free to come. PARAGRAPHFollowing the Prime Minister's announcement on 4th January, we are now settling into the routine of home learning for most pupils, whilst supporting the children of critical workers and vulnerable children in school. We value high academic achievement great leader in our community who is actively involved in talents, whether those talents are land, sea and community. A particularly big thank you мягкое напольное покрытие, мебель, конструкторы, напольные игровые зоны, боулинг, наборы для гольфа, крокет и крикет, хоккей, бейсбол, серсо, бадминтон, шахматы. Thank you to all our parents, grandparents and carers for being so understanding in these and wish them a rewarding. Our school is extremely well resourced for the rigour of.

St Mary's caters for boys and girls from Kindergarten to Year 6. For over a century the school has proudly provided children from all around the Richmond Valley. Welcome to St Mary's Catholic College, a co-educational Years 7 – 12 Secondary College owned and administered by St Mary's Parish, Casino. For over St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Bundaberg QLD, 07 41 Thumb st mary s catholic primary south mackay. St Mary's Catholic wangwang999.comism.​ · St Mary's Thumb casino stmarys logo transparent 1. St Mary's​.