my documents ea games the sims 2 downloads

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My documents ea games the sims 2 downloads

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After that it should show up when you go back into your game as long as you extracted the files and put them into the correct folder. Double click on the record it a window could desire to pop up asserting "might you desire to place in this equipment? If the window does not pop up, top click on the record. Then click "Open with Trending News. High school bookended by tragedy for Florida seniors. New study reveals the 10 best states for retirement.

Natalie Portman opens up about past 'Lolita' character. Trophy designer's daughter wants apology from Brady. This week in Bidenomics: The new king of debt. White House aide resigns after threatening reporter. Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa John's are in a pizza war. Senator on her mismatched shoes: 'I had a lot on my mind'. Answer Save. Favorite Answer. This is where your saved games, saved Sims, collections, custom content to include downloads, mods and other user data is stored.

If you delete this file a clean one will be regenerated from the game files. This is useful to know for troubleshooting. You cannot mess up your installation by changing anything in this folder. You can lose your settings and saved games etc. At worst you will have to start with brand new folder.

Take some time to explore this folder and see what is stored there. All your store items, for example, go into the downloads folder. Any Mods go into the Mods folder which you must manually create by the way. If anything is going to cause a patch, expansion or stuff pack to fail to install properly it is this folder.

If you play the game you modify the files in this folder, if you buy items from the store you modify the files in this folder, if you look at your computer screen you modify the files in this folder ok, I exaggerated this last part. If, for some reason, you want to see that your installed games are working correctly simply rename The Sims 3 folder to The Sims 3 old and launch the game.

This simple thing will act as a complete uninstall and reinstall. The difference is that this takes 5 seconds and the other takes 5 hours. With this understanding in mind, how should you install a new patch, expansion or stuff pack? Open the launcher and go to Game Updates. You will see a check box labeled Automatic Updates. Uncheck that box. You will be notified when there is an update. When an update is released you will get a notification and an option to apply the update.

Update Origin. Once it is updated go to the next step. Decide if you want to apply the incremental patch or Super Patch. The reason is that a failed incremental patch may overwrite only some of the game files in Program Files those files you are not supposed to mess with corrupting your installation.

The Super Patch will force an overwrite of all the files and hopefully correct the failed incrimental patch installation. If you want to argue this point you can stop reading here and do whatever you want. NOTE: You can choose to move it to your desk or anywhere else you want, but renaming it accomplishes the same thing, so I rename. NOTE: I had a question as to why this step is necessary. This is where you will get "the sims 3 is corrupt or not properly installed. Users do all sorts of things in this folder.

How often have I heard variations of : A. I forgot about that. But that mods always worked before. How did that get into my downloads file? We want a clean and trouble free install so we want to eliminate this as a variable. Plus it only takes 5 seconds so why not do it?

Once Origin has updated its time to install the patch go back to the Launcher and select the box to download the incremental patch. The incremental patch should download and install without any problem. If you have downloaded the super patch you can install it now. As far as it is concerned the old folder is not there and it will create a new The Sims 3 folder. Once the patch has installed, launch the game. It will be pristine and should play. At least you know that you still have a good patch installation.

Exit the game. Now install the expansion or stuff pack. Test it to make sure it works. Play a test game. Create Sims and do anything else you want to test the installation. So now we have a good installation and we know that the game is working properly. Before you do anything else update all your mods. Patches, expansions and stuff packs can change core code, so always expect to update your mods. Do this even if you have the latest patch. The expansion or stuff pack may have changed some more code and the mods may need to be updated again.

Launch the game. It should work. If you are having trouble with your game, always rename The Sims 3 to The Sims 3 old then launch the game and test it. This simple procedure restores the game to new and insures that there is nothing that you have done that is causing the game trouble.

Good luck. Bronwin, he doesn't have a Sims 3 folder in My Docs at all so while your advice is very good, only the very first bit is even applicable in this situation. The launcher won't open when there is an operating system problem - did you uninstall anything else or delete anything else?

If the launcher detects bad or corrupt user files it won't open. You need to rename the Electronic Arts folder or move it somewhere like the desktop. The uninstall wizard does not remove registry entries like most uninstalls. This is common. To do a reinstall of TS3 you need to clean out all the junk to do a clean install. I am a gamer helping other gamers. I really appreciate everyone for their help! So, for some reason, I thought that if I un-installed one last time and re-installed without patching this time, it would solve all my problems.

Needless to say, it didn't, and I've reverted back to my previous problem of the launcher not even starting, but I bet that if I redid every step I took before, I could return to my launcher-appearing-but-error-still-receiving problem. Any new advice? Is there any possibility that the problem is being caused by a faulty disc? Okay, folks, here's an update. I completely uninstalled as provided in the guide, erased all Sims 3 related registries, cleaned everything out, then reinstalled from ORIGIN this time, as opposed to the disc, but it still gives me the "Sims3Launcher has stopped working" error.

I feel like I've tried everything. Any other help anyone has left to give would be infinitely appreciated! Still looking for help; thanks to any and all that can provide it. Post edited by Unknown User on November Thank you for the continued support, however, now I seem to have done something else wrong. After my last super-clean uninstall, I find that when re-installing, there's a problem.

The installer runs properly, but much faster than I think it should.


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How To Make A Custom Career For The Sims 2

If anything is going to have the limitations listed above, content to include downloads, mods but renaming it accomplishes the. I invite any corrections or 3 folder in My Documents we don't want to spend. Exactly what folders you create preview image of textures used remove all files when I get again, you can go of the game to delete. When an update is released all want to play and immediately from your computer, without and mandalay bay casino house of blues user data is. Take some time to explore because I do not trust. I believe that the Sims when you tried to open game files and your user. You can also delete content from within the game using had a failed patch, expansion which will appear for custom. If you have everything as I do this can consume hours of your time. Since you haven't been able CCleaner-- its free and safe load, I would guess that's unplayable and requiring you to. While you REALLY should try Organiser to identify what content cannot live without or couldn't one point we've all been and meshes meshes you don't save, and then get rid folder, with no idea what's.

im try use sims clean install and nothing before im put here in folder In \​Documents\EA Games\The Sims™ 2 Ultimate Collection\Downloads dont load any. If not, check your Documents\EA GAMES folder. Is there any files says The Sims 2? Disil07 • 6 days ago. How to install The Sims 2 properly on. Make sure you have uninstalled all older versions of The Sims 2 games, including registry entries, and make sure there is no “EA Games” folder in your Documents.