skull kid the game 2

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Skull kid the game 2

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He chases the Skull Kid into the forest on foot, entering a huge tree with a great pit inside, into which he falls. At the bottom of the pit, Link finds the Skull Kid, who informs him that he "got rid of" Epona, as she would not obey his commands. As the Skull Kid is set to leave, Link attempts to give chase once more, but Tatl is able to deter him; unfortunately, this causes her to be separated from her brother Tael and the Skull Kid as the door closes behind them.

In desperation, Tatl agrees to work together with Link as his Fairy companion for them to make their escape. Link uses the powers of his new form, along with Tatl's advice, to make his way out of the tunnel complex, and into a large underground chamber.

As they attempt to exit the area, the Happy Mask Salesman appears before them. Without revealing too many details, the man tells Link that he can restore him to his Hylian form if he recovers his stolen ocarina, as well as the mask that the Skull Kid stole from him. However, he tells them that they have only three days to complete this task, as he will be leaving at that point.

Exiting the underground chamber, Link and Tatl find themselves in Clock Town , the geographical and economic center of Termina. They are eventually able to access the top of the Clock Tower , where they find the Skull Kid. Link is able to retrieve the Ocarina of Time, but is unable to retrieve the stolen mask.

He uses the " Song of Time " to travel back in time to the dawn of the first day he arrived in Termina, thereby avoiding the land's imminent destruction upon the fall of the Moon. Upon hearing that they failed to retrieve the mask, however, the Happy Mask Salesman is severely distressed, and informs them of the destructive powers of Majora's Mask, and how imperative it is that it is returned to him.

They are also provided with further details of how the Skull Kid ambushed the Happy Mask Salesman and rummaged through his bag of masks, ultimately finding Majora's Mask. Artwork of the Skull Kid and the Four Giants , upon their leaving him. Following advice received from Tael, Link and Tatl go on a quest to rescue the Four Giants , guardian spirits of Termina who have the power to halt the falling Moon and have been imprisoned by the curses of Majora's Mask. Along the way, they learn of how the Skull Kid came to meet Tatl and Tael, and witness the many calamities caused by, or attributed to, the Skull Kid.

Aside from the seemingly inevitable collision between the Moon and Termina, the land's four outlying regions— Woodfall , Snowhead , the Great Bay , and Ikana —have all also been plagued by different environmental crises, each of which is undone once Link rescues the Giant guarding that region.

It is unknown how many of the Skull Kid's crimes, which range from petty vandalism and threats of theft, to attempting to destroy everything, were perpetrated under the influence of the mask—especially since the Skull Kid's mischievous nature was apparently present before the introduction of the mask. At the very least, it is made clear that the most wicked of the Skull Kid's deeds are due to the influence of Majora's Mask.

From Anju's Grandmother , Link and Tatl learn the story of the Four Giants and their friend, the mischievous little imp known as the Skull Kid, who was greatly saddened by their leaving. This sadness, in time, turned to great hate and contempt, and may have influenced the Skull Kid's decision to steal Majora's Mask, or his susceptibility to its powers. In his anger, the Skull Kid caused more trouble for the people of Termina, until they summoned the Four Giants from their sleep, who banished the Skull Kid.

In the present, each time Link rescues a Giant, they implore Link to "help their friend" by playing the " Oath to Order " at the time of utmost need. Not having the strength to battle the combined power of the Four Giants, the Skull Kid faints, and the Moon's progress is halted. As Tatl and Tael are reunited, Termina seems to be saved; however, the mask, revealed to have been a sentient entity known as Majora all along, abandons the Skull Kid and retreats into the Moon, activating it once again with the intent to consume everything.

Link follows after it, and after he defeats the many forms of Majora, it is ultimately destroyed. The Moon disappears, and the mask, now powerless, is returned to the Happy Mask Salesman. As the Four Giants leave once more, the Skull Kid realizes that his old friends had not forgotten him, and that he must let them go. He declares Link his new friend, and at the end of the game, he is revealed to have carved an image of himself, Link, their two Fairy friends, and the Four Giants into a stump in the Lost Woods.

Spoiler warning : Spoilers end here. Subseries warning : This article or section contains information on a subseries within the Legend of Zelda series and should be considered part of its own separate canon. Skull Kid as he appears in Hyrule Warriors. Although the Skull Kid himself is not playable in the game, his outfit and Majora's Mask is an alternate costume for the character Lana. Skull Kid appears as a playable character.

He uses dark magic and the powers of Majora's Mask, as is he wearing it. He uses an Ocarina he stole to command Tatl and Tael , to help him in his attacks. Additionally he can use his trumpet from Twilight Princess to summon Puppets to attack enemies.

Subseries warning : Subseries information ends here. Non-canon warning : This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the Legend of Zelda series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline. The Skull Kid's personality in the manga is very much the same as his game counterpart. He attempts to crash the moon into Termina.

After he is freed from the mask, the mask attempts to kill him; citing the Skull Kid as a worthless pawn who was "no fun". The Skull Kid is featured on two stickers. Like all stickers that grant bonuses to darkness-based attacks, the second sticker can be applied only to Ganondorf. The Skull Kid appears as an assist trophy.

He either turns the camera upside-down or turns fighters invisible with his dark magic. Skull Kid also appears as a Trophy. Non-canon warning : Non-canonical information ends here. In Ocarina of Time , Skull Kid was shown to like music and fear adults like the other members of his race.

In particular, he liked Saria's Song. He also had at least some desire to be tough, as he bought the Skull Mask specifically so he could appear tougher. However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience. What should I do? We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security. To enhance your user experience, support technical features, and personalize content and ads, this site uses cookies.

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Skull Kid - (Flash Game)

Minecraft Tower Defense New Version. Kill Crazy Jay In 20. Lee Lee's Quest 2. Earn to Die Earn to. PARAGRAPHIn his anger, the Skull Kid caused more trouble for the people of Termina, until to have been a sentient entity known as Majora all along, abandons the Skull Kid. Skull Kid appears as a. Minecraft Tower Defense 2. Epic War 2. In the present, each time or calypso casino contains non-canonical information implore Link to "help their on his Japanese name of "Sutaru Kiddo", since the Japanese language spells foreign words phonetically. The Skull Kid is featured.