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How i win at the casino

I made a decent profit on both trips. On Saturday, however, it all came to an abrupt end. As mentioned, my first slot machine gambling experiences ended abruptly on Saturday. To say that I was stunned is an understatement. Over the next weeks and months of , I would return less and less often each time with less and less cash, and always have the same lackluster result. But, the thinking had only just begun. Over this same time, and the next year and the year after that, I began to develop theories.

I began to truly understand what had happened. I was fine with taking the chance. Why that machine? Why not spread the money around the other machines in the high limit slot machine room? Heck, what exactly was even in that room? Did I look around? I remember there were people there, but not if there was a booth for casino employees or if anyone else was playing another machine. Why am I going on about this? What point am I making? Between Saturday and Friday, April 3 thru April 9 in , I went back and forth to the casino as often as I physically could.

About one-third went to pay taxes, paid immediately by the casino from each hand payout at my request. Another third was used to continue gambling. The final one-third I kept, spending part of it on an expensive inch flat screen computer monitor and about the same on a rental deposit for a better college apartment. Well, nothing too interesting came out of that. I will say it took a while to check all the tickets for winning numbers.

Over the next few days, I put in less and less money into that slot machine, always with the same result. After 6 days of playing at all different times of the day for most days of that week, it had suddenly gone from paying out huge amounts of low, non-taxable and taxable jackpots to not paying out more than a few dollars, if that.

At some point between when I left on Friday night and came back in on Saturday, casino staff had physically opened up the machine and proceeded to manually lower its payout odds. I had no idea such a physical change could and would eventually happen but, then, I was ignorant about a lot of things regarding slot machine gambling. How could I not be, with so little preparation? The first idea is hugely important, so important that you probably already know it. What is this hugely beneficial idea?

My other idea after how the slot machine stopped paying out was to think about why it had been paying out in the first place. Especially in a relatively low-income state in the Midwest, was my thought. I should wait before trying again, I thought.

I should wait, say, a year before trying again. And, so, that is what I did. I lost the whole bankroll within a few minutes. I set aside slot machine gambling after that. So ended my early gambling experience. The story about my first gambling experiences from more than a decade ago can be examined closely in a way helpful to beginners on how to best approach slots gambling.

This type of LED message display for the players club card clearly indicates an older-style slot machine. These types of slot machines can be found at older casinos, but never at relatively new casinos. A slot machine can still be of the older-style variety even if it has been updated to display for the players club information.

Older-style and new-style slot machines have the primary difference of being controlled by a central computer system. In one limiting case, slots with a LED display are not controlled in this matter. In the other limiting case, slots with multi-color touch screen displays similar to a smart device display are controlled by a central computer system. Those slots with displays which are less high tech than smart devices, but higher tech than LED displays, can be difficult to determine whether or not they are older-style or newer-style slot machines.

In my experience, new-style machines can be found any new casino that has opened since early Their high-resolution, small, color touchscreen displays allow for checking players club balances, ordering beverages, and collecting any eligible free slot play. Types of older-style slot machines to avoid include any progressive slot machine unless they are being specifically targeted.

Types to consider approaching include slots with multiplies like the Five Times Play machine from the story. Again, remember these basic assessment rules for older-style slot machines:. A relatively large bankroll will likely be needed to get started, under the assumption that there may be more than one candidate slot machine that needs the acceptance criteria for a winning older-style slot machine. A hundred or so dollars would be more than enough if a winning slot machine is discovered, because immediate small jackpots will maintain that level of bankroll, will continuously cycle a small bankroll, long enough for a taxable jackpot to eventually be won.

However, if the wrong candidate slot machine is chosen, a bankroll of a hundred or so dollars can be significantly reduced or completely lost in a short amount of time. Two or three bankrolls each of a hundred or so dollars may very well be needed to find which candidate slot machine, if any, is currently set up to win.

Also, be aware that this is a relatively commonly known technique from a decade past. So, the slot machine that has been set up to win by the casino may have already been approached by a savvy player who has already reaped their financial reward. After some time, the casino likely noticed and, if so, put a stop to it by simply changing the odds of winning for that machine.

If more than one slot machine meets the above criteria to make it a candidate winner, be aware that the casino may very well switch between them as time passes. However, it is also best to assume that others have previously tried and succeeded in winning at those slot machines using the same method. The question becomes, how long has it been? Setting up certain kinds of slot machine near common areas where winning can be seen by many patrons at once, who then go off to gamble themselves at other slot machines, is simply a less advertised promotional event.

And, because promotional funds are on a limited budget, these candidate slot machines are not always going to be set up to win. If not set to win, which should be obvious after less than 20 bets, a player wishing to use this strategy needs to recognize that is simply the situation at that time. To implement the strategy, simply come back at a much later time, i. Further, consider when is the best time of the year to try this strategy. What time of the year might a casino be using their promotional funds to encourage gambling?

Less than coincidently, this is precisely when slot gambling is at its peak each year. Winter is over, spring has arrived, and parents wanting to go on family vacations are still waiting for children to get out of school. This is when people most want to gamble, and when casino operators prepare for them to do so. The second possibility is if a candidate slot machine is indeed deliberately set up to win by the casino as described. What then? Are you ready for what comes next, to optimize performance and maximize profits?

In other words, what is the plan? When I won 13 taxable jackpots over 6 days using this strategy more than a decade ago, my performance was not optimal nor did I maximize profits. Put simply, I was not prepared to win. I played that winning older-style slot machine for only a few hours at a time.

I even skipped, i. To truly optimize performance and maximize profits when using this strategy, at least one trusted partner is necessary. The basic plan should be to never stop playing that winning slot machine. The casino will be open 24 hours a day, for 7 days a week.

As mentioned, a trusted partner or two is essential to accomplish such a plan. Further, it will become important, if possible, to not allow the slot machine to be serviced during this time. This is a relatively important aspect of how to win at slots in older casinos. Doing so will less likely require the slot machine to be serviced due to filling the cash bin with money, filling the voucher bin with paper, and using all of the voucher paper for printing will drive the need for the slot machine to be serviced.

If played continuously, eventually this winning older-style slot machine will be due to have its odds of winning changed by the casino based on their schedule. Because it is of the older-style variety, it must be done manually by a slot technician who physically opens the slot machine to adjusts its settings. Either this slot technician will wait for whomever is playing the slot machine to quit and thereby leave the machine idle, or they will politely interrupt the player to make the manual adjustments.

If the technician or casino decides to wait, then by all means keep playing that winning slot machine. If they insist on interrupting to make the settings change, the player can make a decision to protest or concede to their request depending on circumstances. After all, working a hour shifts a day for up to a week will be both mentally and physically grueling.

By the time the slot technician shows up to physically change the odds, the player may need to stop or may otherwise not be able to continue much longer in any case. If the technician successfully makes the change, at least the player has learned two items of importance:. According to my current understanding of these modern casino operating systems, the odds of winning for slot machines cannot be adjusted if it is in use by a player.

Apparently, the slot machine needs to be idle, without a players card in it, for at least 15 minutes before its odds can be updated. In this article, I explain winning at slots in older casinos. The basic approach described is not limited to just older-style casinos. However, it is the only way I know of to successfully improve your odds of winning via slots gambling at older-style casinos.

Book Your Consultation…. As explained, I did this in while attending graduate school as a poor college student. Have fun, be safe, and make good choices! By Jon H. Friedl, Jr. Older-style slot machine rule 1: To win big, bet big Winning at Older Casinos. Older-style slot machine rule 2: Pick a machine that has multipliers, a second spin, or both Winning at Older Casinos.

Older-style slot machine rule 3: Find a machine at or near the end of a row of machines that is near an area where groups are Winning at Older Casinos. Bankroll: The bundle of cash used to make bets on a slot machine or other forms of gambling Winning at Older Casinos. For annual tax preparation purposes, record how much cash is taken into the casino to gamble with, including date and facility Winning at Older Casinos. Anyway, but it s house in , his vast network of a lot.

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