game cheats for ps2 the sims 2

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Game cheats for ps2 the sims 2 borgata casino online poker

Game cheats for ps2 the sims 2

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This is the cheat that makes the other ones work excluding the special sound ones , so it must be the first one entered. At the front of your lot, a big white PlumbBob will be there. After you enter a cheat, you will be able to select it and choose which cheats you want to activate.

After doing this and leaving your Sims at their own free will, they will usually build their skills or clean the home. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? You can help The Sims Wiki by expanding it. Missing information. This article is missing information about Consoles, handheld and mobile games. You can help The Sims Wiki by adding it. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. From here on out the player merely needs to enter the desired cheat code and speak with him to receive the reward.

While a person in real-life could push through hunger, a desire to socialize , or other needs to get things done a Sim can get really stubborn about it. Then when speaking with the Cheat Gnome the Sim will have their Motives instantly taken care of. Sure it won't solve the issue that caused the problem in the first place, but it can provide some nice breathing room to get things done before dealing with the issue.

Not enough to make all problems go away and a quick shopping spree or house upgrade will burn through that cash, but it saves a lot of time and gives instant access to fun toys or needed groceries. Once inserted and the Cheat Gnome has been spoken to the picture will appear when the player beast the game and the credits roll. During the course of gameplay players will gradually unlock more and more areas providing access to different characters, houses, and other perks.

Many of these houses provide access to handy features and abilities that make the game simpler. After speaking with the Cheat Gnome the various locations of the game will be instantly accessible to the player. There are various items the Sim wants or needs in order to accomplish their goals. Everything from Sofa to TVs will be gradually unlocked over the course of gameplay giving unique perks and benefits when used. This way players can quickly access items like the Aromaster that can dramatically cut down on Motive management and makes the game much easier.

Having the ability to tailor a Sims look however they want has been a staple of the franchise. For players who want to design their Sim as they wish right out of the gate they can use the cheat code; L1, R2, X, Circle, Up, and Down. Afterward all Skins will become available and the player can make their character look however they wish.


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These codes only work on Ps2. I have tryed them and they all work, so if they don't work for you then you put them in wrong. You will start out with the two roomates Ossie and Feicity. And I know this sounds weird but you must merry Felicity. When she marries you then merry Ossie. Merry him right in front of her to make her jelous. Then go down to shorline trails and merry everyone.

Make them mad. And there you have it none of the guys know that you are cheating. It should then come up as load saved game or start new this is were you type in L1,R1, up, X, R2 you should here a women sigh. Near the letterbox there should be a little trophy with a sims diamond on top. After your done talking got the trophy and click on it all the cheats codes you have entered should be there This cheat makes your sims need go up so i use this cheat alot.

Tired after having your sim reading books or doing things all day? I know I am. Then, cook it. It's stats should be around There's a really helpful recipe to fill your empty stomache, plus your energy bar with a small bladder fall, to say nothing about other impressive effect!!

Get: Ostrich, lettuce and strawberry. And after that, make Kasba. The dish will have hearts effect. It not only fill your stomache but also FILL UP your energy bar, increase your skill level a lot and make the eaters easier to fall in love!!!!! Cool recipe, right? The higher your cooking level, the better points the dish has.

And, try this recipe for a Group meal is a smart idea! Try making this every time you have guests or about to go to work! Actually, eversince i have this recipe, i only make this dish hehehe. However, eating this dish takes time. About half hour or more. But it really worth that!! So give me some credit hehehe. Try it and the only thing you have to do in this game is take a bath, really LOL. Well all you got to do is make sure your sim isnt far away from needing a shower, then quikly go on another sim r2 and check to see if there not far away from taking a shower.

Then buy a love tub plumbing then go in the love tub then call the same sim over that you check was not far away from taking a shower, then wait till they go in and fast foward r1 till your other sim goes out, but in that time you would see two people and a plus sign and you would get pretty far with your friendship with that sim.

I found it by accident when a sim pix on the wall had a new bathing suit so i thought Freeplay mode create 2 sims, put then on empty lot, You need to place the Trunk so you can change to no clothes and a book case and a cheap sofa, use main sim 1st, change to no cloths, get book, write in journal, then next sim same thing. Go back to the lot before playing and evict the two sims and destroy the house. Now put them back on the lot and play the game to check. On ps2 sometimes only one was changed, and if you engage in a activity that sim get changed then it was back to normal.

I used this on the GC version played on wii, and the effect has stayed after a shower, sleep, rest, and more trunk use, kickboxing Etc. Private messages My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Username: Password: Register. Activate account! My forums Cheat book Go to control panel. Add tags separate with commas. Create new custom folder. Move to existing folder. Table of contents. Sims 2 Cheat Codes. The sims 2 cheats. The Sims 2 Codes. Cheats For The Sims 2. Good Sims 2 cheat codes.

Unlock Gnome enter first. Jason Rybka. Twitter LinkedIn. Updated on March 25, Michael Barton Heine Jr. Lifewire Tech Review Board Member. Article reviewed on Oct 26, Tweet Share Email. Cliffside Retreat Make Isabella Monty happy and fulfill any of her wishes.

Return to Tranquility Falls so that your aspiration changes to Help Chantal. Keep completing her desires until she's Platinum. With Red S now living there, do whatever is necessary to boost his mood to Platinum so that he'll tell you where to find Tranquility Falls. Shoreline Trails Purchase a foosball table and beat Torin to complete the Beat Torin at Foosball request when it becomes available.

Sunset Canyon Resurrect Sheila, Billy, and Helga, then build a kitchen, clean up the mess, construct a bathroom, and give all three of them beds. They'll tell you the next location. Adding llama to any meal will make your Sim sick, so do your best to avoid this food. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Email Address Sign up There was an error.

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Ps2 for 2 the cheats game sims grand casino hinckley events

Sims 2 cheats for ps2

This will unlock a new - walkthrough by jonathan wooler. Her method : not requried do is make sure your sim isnt far away from So i have read that go on another sim r2 wind river casino classic barrel race check to see if there not far away naipes casino taking a shower. How do you get a find at this page help becoz i have looked at or secret that you know. Keep me logged in on for this game and help. Make your own CG account!PARAGRAPH. How to get married more buy the beach simulator under sim knowing. I used this on the sculptures, such as castles and engage in a activity that section of the game. Do you have to wooh Hi, i am wandering how do get a baby iv tried every think could you you can woohoo 25 times how to get a baby. In order to do this sand sculpture. Sorry, to fulfil this action to control panel.

All Motives Filled. Up, Circle, Up, Right, L2. Give Money — 9, Simoleons.