spongebob saw 2 game walkthrough

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Spongebob saw 2 game walkthrough learning games 2 year olds

Spongebob saw 2 game walkthrough

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Filler: After discovering his crown missing, King Neptune spirals into a fit of rage. Meanwhile, SpongeBob has his spirits crushed after Squidward is announced the new manager of the Krusty Krab 2. Krabs thinks SpongeBob is too much of a kid to handle the responsibility. The next day, King Neptune arrives at the Krusty Krab. By the evidence left by Plankton to frame Mr. Krabs, King Neptune confronts Mr.

Krabs, but sees him as not guilty, thus freezing him. Krabs will meet a fiery doom. Talk to Squidward and pick the first option. Squidward says all pedestrians should be on high alert. SpongeBob asks where he can get a passcard. SpongeBob wants to know why not. Squidward says he lost it, most likely when he was cleaning tables earlier.

Two kids had come in the restaurant at that time and one of them must have taken it. Anyways, exit the Krusty Krab. Keep going to the right and enter the Krusty Krab 2. Inside is a little girl. Talk to her and pick the second option. SpongeBob will ask if she saw a card with holes punched in it.

SpongeBob will ask if she has it, but she says no and that her friend Morty has it. Go inside and approach Morty. Talk to him and click the second option. SpongeBob will ask what the item on the table is. SpongeBob offers to be his best friend, but that fails. SpongeBob is disgusted, but Morty says not to knock it until he tries it. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will justify what Morty wants. Walk towards the room on the left, where the ice cream counter is.

Talk to the waiter. The waiter seems less than thrilled to see SpongeBob. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will order a fried ice cream. SpongeBob asks what kind they do serve, to which the waiter replies that they serve UN-fried ice cream. SpongeBob will order a regular ice cream in a cone. This will need to be fried somehow. Next, go to the Krusty Krab 2 and enter the kitchen. A pot of oil is boiling. Use the tongs with the ice cream to hold it. Grab the whole thing and click on the oil pot to dip it in.

Voila, fried ice cream! With that, Morty will let you have the passcard. Before you leave, walk up to the stage and talk to Goofy Goober. Select the second option and SpongeBob will apologize for being so reckless last night, and that he was just really depressed. And that one of them wanted the sheet music to the Goofy Goober theme song.

Use the passcard on the wall slot to activate the elevator. Enter the elevator to ride down to the garage. Walk forward to find the Patty Mobile How did he get down here? And thus they begin their long journey to Shell City. Unfortunately, a thug stops them and demands they give up the Patty Mobile.

There has to be some way to get the Patty Mobile back from that ruffian. Walk over to the gas station attendants and talk to them. The gas station attendants will say they like to watch poor saps try and survive over the County Line. The tall one will ask why he told them that, to which he replies that he sure looked like he was having fun, singing and dancing on the tables.

The short one even brings up how he wanted the sheet music to the Goofy Goober theme song to play on his harmonica. The tall one claims he has no harmonica. The tall one says to pay no attention to him and excuses himself to go inside the gas station. SpongeBob asks where he went.

Shortly, the tall one returns and says that there was no sheet music in his pockets. The short one says that he just threw away the sheet music. The tall one suggest they stop talking about this right now. Enter the station and go over to the trash can. Inside is sheet music for the Goofy Goober theme song.

That will come in handy. Exit the station and walk back onto the road. Walk over to the County Line and keep going down the road. The Patty Mobile is parked outside, but the thug who stole it probably has the keys with him. As you enter the bar, Patrick gets nervous and decides he has to go to the bathroom, leaving SpongeBob to figure out a distraction.

Walk to the bottom right to reach the bar area. Talk to the twins at the bar and pick the first option. He guesses the Goofy Goober song, which they stumble to answer. They ask if he knows it. SpongeBob says he knows some of it and can teach it to them if they want. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will give them the sheet music to the song. Unfortunately, a big guy is standing near it, which could spell trouble if you try to take it.

Keep going to the right to reach the bathroom. There appears to be no soap. Return to the bar area and talk to the bartender. Select the second option and SpongeBob will ask if the bartender could refill the soap dispenser in the bathroom, as his hands are a bit dirty. Go ahead back to the bathroom and click the soap dispenser. This releases a whole crop of bubbles, which stray into the bar.

The bartender angrily comes over and demands to know who blew all the bubbles. In the ruckus, SpongeBob and Patrick sneak in and take the keys. Unfortunately, she has been grounded for trying to help SpongeBob and Patrick. Open her closet and pick up her mirror. Next, open the window. Head to the bottom right to get to the door of her room, where a guard is pacing in front of the door.

Pick up the glue on the vanity. Go over to the window near the bed and use the glue on the window sill. Return to the guard by the door and talk to him. Mindy tries to get him to let her go, but the guard says he has orders from King Neptune to not let her out until he gets back. Pick the third option and Mindy will warn him of a sea monster lurking around outside the window.

The guard will go over to the window to stop it, but when he peers outside, he gets stuck in the window sill. With him out of the way, Mindy has to get down to the courtyard and get the Seahorse Carriage to catch up with SpongeBob and Patrick. Go through the door and head downstairs. Pick the first option and Mindy will say that Neptune called and said she was free to go.

The Squire says he asked for permission to stay because he wanted to see Dolly. Mindy seems surprised and asks the Squire if he likes her. Mindy encourages him, but before he goes, he wants to see himself in a mirror. But all it needs is a good polish. Head out of the throne room and enter the dungeon on the right. The jailer says that the King was really upset and had him put in the worst cell in the entire dungeon. This apparently translates to Tuesday. Select the second option and Mindy will ask if she can see the Crown Polisher.

Head back upstairs and swim towards the front door. On the left is the library. Sitting on the table is a book. This book will be useful to the jailer. Go back to the dungeon and give it to him. Talk to the Crown Polisher in the cell and pick the second option. He wishes for something to polish. Pick the third option and Mindy will give him the dirty mirror to polish.

Now that the mirror is clean, the Squire can check himself out. Go and give the mirror to him. With his new confidence, he goes out to talk to the ranch hand, Dolly, distracting both of them so that Mindy can take the Seahorse Carriage. Swim out to the courtyard and enter the stables.

Click on the stable doors to prepare the carriage. And with that, Mindy is off! Filler: Mindy hurries to SpongeBob and Patrick and finds them just in time, as they are about to traverse into the deadly Great Trench. SpongeBob and Patrick made it to the bottom of the trench.

However, they have to make it across the plain to the other side. He does mention needing a lighthouse to get across the trench. Return to the hill where the level starts and walk up the road. Enter the hotel and go up to the front desk. Talk to the manager and pick the first option. SpongeBob will say that this is an odd place for such an elegant hotel.

The manager says that real estate is a risky business, and that this land was originally an oyster bed, making the land easy to get. The manager has nothing else interesting to say, so walk to the bottom right down the hallway. Enter and inside is Victoria Ellen, an elderly woman. SpongeBob will ask if Victoria Ellen is alright, since she seems upset.

Suddenly, SpongeBob and Patrick take on detective personas and decide to help her in the case of her missing pearls. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask if he can question her more regarding the incident. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask when she last saw her pearls.

Speak with the tenant inside and pick the second option. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask where he was last night. The tenant says it was a stormy night and he decided to stay in. He went to the lobby to read a magazine for awhile, and walked around the hall a bit.

The tenant says he heard noise from beneath the floor boards and that it sounded like something dragging. Pick the third option and SpongeBob will ask what the holes in the floorboard are. It sounds like oysters are still residing beneath the hotel. Instead, leave the hotel and continue down the path on the right.

Patrick is too afraid to enter, leaving SpongeBob to proceed on his own. Enter the cave and walk forward. Pick the third option and SpongeBob will ask if he can borrow his flashlight. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask what this cave is. Charles says this cave is the Crustacean Caverns and it homes the Focusing Orb.

Orb, hm? The Focusing Orb apparently acts like a lighthouse and is bright enough to shine light through the thick fog in the trench. However, one must get through the Corridors of Confusion; consult the Pool of Perception, and through the Doors of Deception.

Click the second option and SpongeBob will ask for elaboration on the Corridors of Confusion. The Corridors of Confusion each glow a different color. In order to reach the Pool of Perception, one will have to pass through the corridors in the order they light up. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask about the Pool of Perception.

The Pool of Perception is a pool at the heart of the cavern. It can show one their future by gazing into it. Lastly, click the second option again and SpongeBob will ask about the Doors of Deception. Exit the cavern and walk back to the hotel. There appears to be another room down below. Perhaps the manager knows about it. Return to the front desk in the lobby and talk to him.

Pick the second option and SpongeBob will ask if the manager knows about one of his tenants missing her pearls. The manager says that he knows and she has made quite a big deal out of it. The manager explains that this land rests on an old oyster bed and that might explain it.

SpongeBob asks for permission to check under the hotel, which the manager grants. Exit the hotel and walk to the underside of the hotel. An oyster is asleep on a bed and apparently has looted plenty of stuff. Pick them up and return them to her. SpongeBob makes up a story about fighting and defeating the oyster to retrieve the pearls.

Victoria thanks you and tells of why the pearls mean so much to her. Impatiently, Patrick wants to know about the reward. Victoria rewards the two of them with the orb that was left by the oyster. This may just be the Focusing Orb that Charles was referring to. Head back to the cavern. From where Charles is, continue deeper into the cave from that point.

Speak with the robed man and pick the second option. SpongeBob will ask if the robed man knows any way to get across the Abyssal Plains. The Inner Sanctum, which casts light using the Focusing Orb, is in the next room. Pick the second option and SpongeBob will return the Focusing Orb to him. Using a megaphone to throw his voice much like the one heard earlier , he allows you passage into the next room where another challenge and the Inner Sanctum lies.

Look into the Pool of Perception before you go. Place the Focusing Orb on the pedestal to activate the Inner Sanctum. A beam of light shows through the fog, clearing a path through the Abyssal Plains! An assassin by the name of Dennis has been hired by Plankton to find SpongeBob and Patrick and ultimately keep them from reaching Shell City.

The two are exhausted, but they know they have to trudge on. A sign advertises a doctor by the name of Lumbar Louie, who may be able to ease their pain. Go inside and talk to the receptionist. The receptionist will ask if you have an appointment. Louie, as SpongeBob is an invertebrate and has no bones, or a spine. Pick the first option and SpongeBob asks what a chiropractic is. Jacques explains that chiropractors specialize in the spine, and that the invertebrates in their organization want the right to see him.

SpongeBob decides that he and Patrick should join the protest. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will agree to join and ask to be taken to their leader. Jacques and Marius, the large sea star, laugh at this notion and say not anyone can demand to see Octavio, their leader.

SpongeBob asks what it would take to see him. Jacques says to manage to bring a peace offering from Dr. Louie and then perhaps he will be able to see Octavio. However, a spine is required to get in. Head down the road to the right. Patrick will ask to stay outside while SpongeBob enters the cave at the right.

Unlike the Crustacean Caverns, this cave is a maze. Direct SpongeBob through by guiding him with the cursor. In the bottom right corner is a sea urchin sitting on a rock. Click on it to take one of its spines. Return to the maze and go back through to reach the clinic again.

Enter and present Whitney with the sea urchin spine. Walk down the hallway and enter the examination room. Talk to Dr. Louie and click the second option. SpongeBob will bring up the revolution and how he needs a peace offering from him to present to their leader Octavio. Louie gives SpongeBob his stethoscope. Head back outside and talk to Jacques. Pick the first option and SpongeBob will say that he retrieved a peace offering. Marius has an extra one. Speak with Marius and pick the third option.

SpongeBob will ask for the extra turtleneck. It must be shrunken down somehow. Walk back through the maze and head down the road past Fin Locker. Take the turtleneck and click on the hot spring to shrink it to the correct size. Put the sweater on SpongeBob and enter Fin Locker. Talk to the shopkeeper and select the third option. SpongeBob will show him the uniform and tell him the password.

Now, he can see their leader Octavio! Enter the back room and Octavio will speak with you. Pick the third option and SpongeBob will give the peace offering from Dr. Louie to Octavio. Loved the game. Easier than what I'm used from your other games but that didn't take away any of the enjoyment. Notice: Many browsers are beginning to disable or hide the Adobe Flash plugin, in preparation for its end-of-life in December If you are experiencing problems playing Flash content, please consider installing our official Newgrounds Player to continue enjoying this content indefinitely.

Launch in Newgrounds Player. Author Comments. Help SpongeBob save his pet snail, Gary, from the evil Pigsaw! Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Sort By: Date Score. This game is recommended for those who enjoy Spongebob and Saw games :D. Views 37, Faves: 54 Votes 53 Score 4. Batman Saw Game by inkagames. Pigsaw has kidnapped Batgirl to force Batman play his twisted game.

Justin Bieber Saw Game by inkagames.

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Saw II: Flesh \u0026 Blood [Part 1] - Make A Choice

After you pass them, the jetpack runs out of gas. Inside his mind, you will return his cat to him. On the piece of paper, are free, but Bumblebee answers to travel inside Willy's mind, they cost each one dollar. Spongebob saw 2 game walkthrough then launch the tinyish pill with the slingshot into. In the gym, Fink's cat ramp to grab the cat. Bart asks him if he knows the passcode of the. Fink replies he is sad get you started. Bart thinks it was what not get stoned then call. In Medusa's room, to have Program With our publishing program, we can help get your handsaw to separate the rake with the wooden handle to own a stick and fuse the hook to create a. Bart adds that there's possibly though Milhouse would call it.

Are you ready kids? I can't hear yooooou! Let's play Spongebob Saw Game, a great adventure developed by The Inkagames' Team. Hope you. Videogame Spongebob Saw Game - Play online everyday Spongebob Saw Game - The evil Pigsaw has kidnapped Gary, and Spongebob will have to rescue him before it's too late. Crush the Castle 2 · GrandPrix Go · Electricman 2. You will learn to offer an incentive to your allies to help you by helping them in a series of mini missions. You're going to able to test your motor and spatial.