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Final fantasy 2 walkthrough game boy advance

Weapons and spells have a "counter" associated with them which you can view on the status and magic menu screens, respectively. Knowing how the system works makes it very easy to advance your party -- you can attack your own characters to easily gain HP bonuses near the start of the game.

Use these commands often, when you can, to see what different characters might have to say. Your parties, yourselves. For most of the game, your party will consist of three static characters whose names default to Lionel, Maria, and Guy and one temporary character who is often either much stronger or much weaker than the rest of your party.

Item wrangling. You have a VERY small inventory space in this game. Keep a close eye on it, and make sure you have an empty space when you need to get a new key item. Also, the "Item" command in battle only lets you use items you've specifically equipped beforehand.

Plan ahead. How to cheat. Now that you know how magic and weapon levels are gained, you may be thinking that it sounds pretty tedious. Well, there's a way to cheat if youre into that sort of thing. When youre in a battle, selecting an attack or spell, and a target, the cancelling, increments the appropriate skill counter EVEN if you don't use that weapon or spell at all during the actual battle. Unethical, yes, but who wouldn't want to toast Imps and Hornets with Fire 18 or 9th level axe blows only an hour or two into the game?

Enter the Chocobo. It all started here. Chocobos don't figure as strongly into the game as they do in later Final Fantasy games, but they make their debut appearance here. If you head due south of Kashuon, you'll find the hidden Chocobo Forest.

Talk to the erratically-moving bird and it will be waiting for you when you exit the clearing. You can ride around on it without fear of enemy attack, but if you dismount, the Chocobo flies back home. And with that, on with the walkthrough You'll begin the game in the midst of a battle with four horsemen, which you will lose. Three of your party members will awaken in the castle of Althea. Talk to the queen to get your first password. Chop up the weak monsters outside of town to earn gil and build your stats.

Weapon and magic strength is increased by repeated usage, HP and MP go up when you run low on them during battle. If you want to cheat a little and build HP fast, attack your own party members. When you're ready, head northwest to the castle Phin. Do NOT talk to any of the knights in town, unless you want to be brutally slain. Head for the pub, give the password to the bartender, and talk to Scott, in the hidden room.

He is dying, but gives you a ring before kicking off. Traipse back to Althea. Show the ring to the queen, and learn a new password. Give it to Minh, the white mage in the throne room, and he'll join your party. Along with Minh, you'll get a canoe. Now would be a good time to do some level-building. Take it slow until you're powerful enough to handle the larger enemy groups, then start raking in the cash and XP.

Take the canoe across the lake to the northeast of Althea to reach Palm. Talk to the pirate at the town entrance to arrange for a ferry to Poft. In the Poft Pub, you can find Cid and his assistant. Cid won't be helpful at the moment, but his assistant will give you airship rides to Salamand, Bafusk, the Semite Waterfall, or Kashuon for a fee.

From Poft, walk northwest to Salamand. All the men here have been taken to the Cave of Semite Waterfall to mine for Mithril. Buy new equipment and spells if you can, and head south you'll need to go west first, and loop back to the cave. The cave is laid out fairly simply. At certain points you will have a choice of doors to go through; one will lead to the rest of the cave and one will lead to a dead-end with an enemy waiting. Halfway through you'll find the hapless miners, talk to Paul the ninja who you may have met earlier, in Althea to send them home.

A little further in you'll find Mithril, which is guarded by a strong knight use magic to penetrate his armor and the Warp spell, guarded by a turtle creature Ice spells to severe damage against this kind of enemy. Use the Warp spell to exit the cave, otherwise you'll have to backtrack all the way out. With Salamand back to normal, return to Althea and give the Mithril to the blacksmith in the weapon shop. Stock up on Mithril weapons and armor, then go back to see the Queen again.

Return to Poft via the ferry. Head east to Bafusk and give the password to the knight in the southwest part of town. Enter the secret passage. Once through the relatively simple cave, you'll see the Great Battleship take off and head west. Re-enter the cave and head east to warp out. Talk to Cid, in the Poft Pub, the queen, the king, and Minh who leaves your party when you return to Althea to get two new keywords. Return to Salamand and talk to Josef.

He'll join your party but unfortunately doesn't have any of Minh's cool spells. Return to the Semite waterfall cave. Near the strange blue stone is a secret passage that leads to the Ice Sled. Make your way through the cave until you come to a chamber full of brown moogle-like creatures. There's a secret passage on the right wall. Past it you'll find the Goddess Bell, the Adamanti turtle which is easily defeated with Ice magic , and a door that loops back to the exit.

When you try to leave the cave, however, one of the empire's more foppish lackeys will waylay you. Kill him, and leave the cave. Josef will die saving your party from a booby trap. Walk or take the airship express to Kashuon, which is south of Bafusk. Use the Goddess Bell to open the door, and talk to Gordon.

He'll join you. Ascend the castle to find the Eagle Torch, which is guarded by a fire demon. All magic heals the creature, so defeat it with your weapons. Return to the first floor and use the torch on the flame burning in the castle courtyard. Return to Althea. You should see the Great Battleship fly overhead in pursuit of Cid. It seems the queen has been kidnapped and held in the Battleship, which is parked far, far north of Phin.

This would be a good time to level up some. Trek far north of Phin to find the Battleship, which is a large, sprawling complex full of nasty creatures. Having more than one character who can cast Heal will be useful. Give the knight who guards the entrance the Pass you got in Bafusk, but don't talk to any of the others.

The staircase in the middle of the first floor leads to a powerful sword Sleep Sword? Walk through the wall to reach it. The north door leads to the cell Cid and the queen are in, go ahead and free them, then backtrack to the winding south path. There's four treasure chests on the third floor, the third one has a shield that's guarded by a VERY powerful giant not worth the trouble to kill him, far as I'm concerned , the rest have good weapons. Head to the next floor and find a path around all the knights to get to the door.

Walk north to the engine, and set the bomb which you should have in your inventory. Bye bye, Battleship. Head back to Althea and talk to Minh, the king, and Gordon to learn two new keywords. Go to Palm and talk to the female pirate, she'll join your party after you beat up her friends an easy task. She has a ship you can use, sail it south to reach the city of Dist, east of Bafusk.

Talk to the two residents of Dist and their pet dragon, then loot the castle for all it's worth. Head north of Dist to the cave. Take the stairs due east, then search the skeletal remains to get the Medallion. Leave the cave and return to Dist. You can get some powerful armor in the cave if you take time to search. Back in Dist, show your prize to the dragon to get the Dragon Egg. Go back to the cave, and take the southeast stairs to eventually reach the underground lake.

Kill the Chimera that guards it and use the Dragon Egg in the water. Return to Althea and visit the queen in the bedroom. Just when things start to get interesting, she turns into Medusa. Smack that bitch up and Gordon will rejoin your party. South of Kashuon, past a treacherous desert, you'll find the battle arena where the real queen is held prisoner. Enter and approach the emperor to encounter the first actual boss in the game, Behemoth. He's not especially tough.

After the battle, you'll be dropped through a trapdoor to the dungeons underneath. After Paul the ninja frees you, go up one floor via the northeast room there's an elixir to be found in this area, don't miss it , then free the queen from her cell and Gordon will leave with her. Exit the arena. Return to Althea for a quick pit stop. Hey, where'd everybody go? They went to an encampment outside Phin, that's where.

Go there and talk to Gordon and the queen. Take a short hike to the castle of Phin. You'll bump into Layla, the pirate, pretty quickly, and she'll rejoin your party. Head up to the throne room. You can ignore all the treasure chests for now.

Dethrone the King of Phin he fights like Behemoth, and shouldn't be anything to worry about and you'll have reclaimed Phin for the resistance! This means all the monsters are gone, so go back and get all the treasures in the castle after talking to Gordon and the queen. You should learn four new keywords. More good news! The city of Phin is no longer guarded by those green knights.

Check out the shops for some nice new equipment. You'll need it, because your next stop is the catacombs of Phin. Getting Started. Soul of Chaos. Anniversary Edition. Final Fantasy II. Soul of Rebirth. Final Fantasy Origins. WonderSwan Color. Wii Virtual Console. ESRB : Everyone. Final Fantasy. This page was last edited on 27 January , at Navigation menu.


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Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Full Game Guides. Guide and Walkthrough by BSulpher v. Guide and Walkthrough by DBM v. Guide and Walkthrough by DJellybean v. Guide and Walkthrough by Kain Stryder v. Final KB. Guide and Walkthrough by Mighty Oracle v. Guide and Walkthrough by Wizard v. Walkthrough by DCallander v. Game Script by Apathetic Aardvark v. Speed Walkthrough by White Mage v. Guide and Walkthrough Spanish by Lord Zero v. Game Genie Codes by Paulygon v.

Game Genie Codes by THedstrom v. Magic Patch Codes by jquisenberry v. Agart Town Map by KeyBlade Antlion Dungeon Map by KeyBlade Baron Castle Map by KeyBlade Baron Town Map by KeyBlade Castle of Dwarves Map by KeyBlade Cave Bahamut Map by KeyBlade Cave Eblana Map by KeyBlade Cave Magnes Map by KeyBlade Damcyan Castle Map by KeyBlade Eblan Castle Map by KeyBlade Fabul Castle Map by KeyBlade If you're stuck, try talking to Hilda.

She'll almost always set you back on track. The King was injured during the escape from Fynn; shot by an arrow in the back. Even though the King believes he is getting old, he is still very wise and can give you valuable information throughout your adventure. They've yet to invent the loot I can't burgle or steal! He'll steal freely from the Empire, but he flat out refuses to steal from the Rebels. His home was in Fynn and if he ever got back inside, you can bet that he has some excellent loot inside Upon building his airship, he became entranced by it and left Fynn.

If there's anything to know about airships, Cid is the man to go to. My name's Tobul, and I'm the best darn blacksmith in the rebel army! You'll bring the Mythril to him once you obtain it in your quest. He will then forge it into new weapons and armor that you'll be able to find at all Rebel-friendly towns. She stays at the castle to care for her son and the last surviving Wyvern. Considering the fact that the worlds are nothing alike.

Since Ricard was still alive after the battle between the Empire and the Dragoons, it's impossible for him to be Kain's father. As a matter of fact, I'm so confident in these notes, I'm going to say they apply to just about every Final Fantasy game in existance.

I cannot emphasize this enough. I can't count how many emails or messages I see because of this Through the process of saving, you'll save yourself a LOT of headache and a LOT of lost time like your entire game if you save on one file. In Dawn of Souls, you can save wherever the hell you want, so don't worry about getting back to the Inn. Trust me on this, even the best FF players can mess up every once in a while and lose their entire party.

If you need proof on why you should save on different files, scroll down to the FAQ section and view the "Help! I'm at 1 HP and 0 MP in the middle of a dungeon! They'll usually give you clues as to where you should go, who to talk to, etc.

Plus, some of them even blurt out funny quotes, like the infamous "This guy are sick", or perhaps they'll provide clues to hidden treasures. Who knows? All you gotta do is talk to them. Unless you're doing a low-level game, you probably want to make your characters more powerful than the guys they fight.

It's not smart to take your 55 HP characters into a battle against an enemy with 1,, HP and an attack of 30,, and it doesn't matter how high your evasion is. To do this, just fight the majority of your battles instead of running away all the time.

If you find yourself getting your ass handed to you each and every battle, then yeah, you might want to backtrack and beat up your own characters if you're really getting your ass kicked. As a matter of fact, I'm willing to bet money that you'll end up using Cure more often than just about half of your other spell combined, unless you're doing a special game type, but that's totally besides the point.

Buy your Cure spell s early. But you can't even touch them OR run! Game over, right? Just press the A button after the Game Over pops up and watch the resulting scene. In reality, it turned out to be nothing more than a simple plot device to advance the story and explain events that would occur much later in the game. Nonetheless, when Firion awakes, he will find Maria and Guy, but no Leon.

With nothing but their bravery to back them up, our three heroes set off on an adventure that would eventually change the world. Unwavered by the fact that their parents were murdered and their friend and brother taken from them, Firion, Maria and Guy set off to forge their own destiny. You start out in the Rebel Hideout. It'll basically inform everyone yes, even Imperials that you're with the Rebels.

Talk to Minwu and he'll tell you where to go next. Fynn is where you need to go. You can go back to the room with the sigil that healed you. It's essentially a Beginner's Hall for anyone who has never played a Final Fantasy game before. Paul is just outside the Rebel Hideout. He's the "greatest thief in all the world". After all, they've yet to invent the loot he can't burgle or steal. Paul's not a bad guy and he will have some excellent treasure when you can get it back in Fynn much later in the game.

You can also talk to Gordon. He's just north of the Rebel Hideout's entrance. He thinks himself to be a coward right now and tells you to laugh if you wish. Feel free to do so, but Gordon will eventually join your team, so keep that in mind. Right before you leave, I suggest you investing most of your Gil into spells. Just head to the southeastern corner of Altair to find the shop. As you enter, talk to the guy at the counter and start buying spells.

Cure is probably the best defensive spell to start off with. Like Cure, Fire is an excellent Black Magic spell to begin with. I highly suggest you purchase two Cure Tomes and one Fire Tome. Eventually you'll want all four of the spells in Altair on each team member. However, Gil is an issue right now, so stick with the basics for now. Using a Tome inside of battle is powerful, but an extremely spendy way of defeating enemies.

To learn a spell, just use the Tome outside of battle as an item. Then select the character you want to learn it. Finally, before you head out towards Fynn, I highly suggest beating up a few enemies and getting enough money for two extra shields. Spend some time building up your spells and stats. If you really find yourself in a rut, you can always attack your own teammates to build up stats. However, if your characters are too powerful, they'll kill each other in one shot.

Not good. Oh, and SAVE often. Oh, and don't venture too far out. The very bottom corner of the penninsula off of Altair is home to some extremely powerful monsters just waiting for you to venture out there. Don't do it. Same goes for wandering too far northwest from Gatrea instead of keeping near the lake.

From Altair, head north, across the bridge and straight into Gatrea. Make sure you bought all the spells you want back at Altair since there is no Spell Shop in Gatrea. Also, if you have some extra cash lying around, you may want to pick up a few Potions or Hi-Potions as well.

The path to Fynn isn't exactly a cakewalk and there's plenty of things to kill you along the way. One word of warning: do NOT stray far from the lake, as there are far more powerful monsters waiting for some careless adventurers who stray too damn far from the lake. From people, that is. Monsters roam the streets and you'll face random encounters left and right. The Captain is pretty much invincible, at least right now. You'll only encounter a Captain if you're stupid enough to talk to anyone in Fynn.

If you CAN manage to defeat one, you're vastly overpowered. Every shop and building is devoid of life. Those that might have inhabitants are blocked off by guards. Needless to say, you'll reach a dead end no matter where you go. To advance the plot, head out through the north entrance, but don't leave the city. Instead, head east and around the outskirts of the city to enter the Pub. He'll let you go see the wounded soldier.

He'll tell you the name of the traitor, and give you the RING. Nifty eh? To access it press and hold the B and Select buttons, and you'll be able to see it. It shows all the locations you have visited, as well as your current location, and even the special vehicles you will acquire on your journey. You still need the RING though. Once you're ready, talk to Minwu to start your next mission. Acknowledgement from Hilda means that she officially views you as members of the Rebel Army.

Reaching a town called Salamand is the next thing on your "to-do" list. In any case, the Mythril you'll eventually find will greatly improve the situation for the Rebels. Although the first part of your quest was easy, don't expect the next part to be a total walk in the park. Here's the outline of what events will occur in this section: 1 Go to Paloom by crossing the lake with the Canoe 2 Take the ferry to Poft or walk 3 Travel to Salamand to meet with Josef 4 Rescue the townspeople from the Empire in Semitt Falls 5 Defeat the Sergeant to obtain the Mythril 6 Return to Altair with the Mythril 7 Show the Mythril to Tobul to have him forge better equipment.

With Minwu in your party, I highly suggest performing some maintinence on him right after you get him. A lot his spells are mediocre and don't perform as well as others. I suggest dropping Barrier, Basuna, Fear, and Fog. If you like, you can also drop Dispel and Wall, but I wouldn't drop it right away until you're sure you don't want it. In their place I suggest placing some better Black Magic spells like Fire, Blizzard and Thunder which you can purchase in Altair at the moment.

I also suggest you send Minwu into battle and level up some of his spells at least the ones you want to keep. Most of his spell library comes within a few castings of leveling up. However, keep in mind that there's better equipment available at Paloom, so you may want to hold out until then. Once you're ready to go, feel free to head out. To get there, you need to use Minwu's Canoe to get across the lake and then head northeast and enter the small city you see.

This saves you the long walk between the two, but the time spent fighting battles might help your characters level up. Also, the ferry must be outside the place you are travelling FROM. This means if the ferry is outside Paloom and you're travelling from Poft, you won't be able to call the ferry.

Oh, and the ferry is only 32 Gil. There's tons of new and improved stuff in Paloom. If you have the cash, you can easily upgrade everyone's armor. In addition, there's new weapons available, if you want to train someone in any of those respective weapons classes. Lastly, the new spells in Paloom are ultra-useful. Purchase them and level them up and you'll make the entire game much easier for yourself.

Since Gil might still be an issue, you may want to start by spreading out the spells to begin with and then purchase them for everyone later. Once you've made all your upgrades and purchases, head out and take the ferry or start making the hike to Poft. I have changed the "Weakness" section to "Location"; none of the monsters have any weaknesses and the monsters change depending on your location.

The enemies around these areas are significantly more powerful than those you have previously faced. Not to mention that you can obtain higher stats, weapons and spell levels. If you follow the coast, you'll be led straight to it. Otherwise, you can take the ferry from Paloom to Poft for a mere 32 Gil.

Poft has the same stuff that Paloom has. If you need any supplies, you can get them either here or Paloom, it doesn't matter. You can either use Cid's Airship to travel to your next destination Salamand or you can simply walk there and save yourself Gil. It's not like it's that far anyways. From Poft, head straight north until you hit the mountains.

From there, head west and you'll see a small town in the mountain. That's Salamand, so enter it. However, Josef, the man in charge, isn't going to talk. At least not until you help him out by rescuing all the prisoners being held in Semitt Falls. For the record, it seems that the Empire has only taken the male members of the town oh yeah, that's not sexist at all. There's new spells available in Salamand At this point in time, the spells are excellent and all of them Sap might be an exception will serve you well throughout the game.

Teleport and Warp are both instant-kill spells in-battle and serve as useful outside of battle. Life is useful, but you may want to avoid leveling it up too much since all it does is cost more MP per level. Once you're ready to go, head outside and begin your trek west. To get there, head west until you reach a small river past the mountains to the north and south. When you reach the river, enter it on the Canoe and follow it. Eventually you will reach a large lake.

On the far eastern side of the lake is a cave that leads into Semitt Falls. This cave will lead to the Arcane Labyrinth Northwest Quarter. If you really want to, you can go inside, but I suggest waiting until later. Be sure you have plenty of items along to heal your HP, just in case your MP runs dry.

Lastly, the Teleport spell will bring your party straight out of any dungeon or cave. This is extremely useful when you're very low on both HP and MP. Just go to any Inn and heal up. Keep in mind that you'll have to start the dungeon from the beginning, but all the chests you've opened will stay opened, so skip over them to save yourself time. Also, keep in mind that Teleport will lower its caster's HP down into the red zone, so you'll have to keep an eye on that character's HP. You'll use it later when Josef enters the party.

Continue on west until the path splits. Head west and then north to pick up GIL. Go back and head south until the path splits to an east-west split. Head east and pick up GIL, then head all the way west to go downstairs. Go south and you'll be able to either go back upstairs or head down a righthand path.

Take the righthand path and keep going straight. The left-most door leads downstairs. The other three lead into Monster Rooms that contain nothing more except a lot of random battles. Stay away unless you want to up your stats. Go straight south for GIL. Backtrack north and then head west. You'll see a door to the east; ignore it it's a Monster Room and go across the southern bridge for GIL. You don't have to go farther than the first bridge, as there's nothing below it anyways.

Go back north and west until you reach three doors, and you should take the left-most door once again to continue on. Inside the room you'll find the prisoners that were taken from Salamand. Included in the mix is Paul remember him from Altair? Talking to Paul will allow the prisoners to escape, and open up the way to the next floor down.

Take the stairs at the eastern part of the room to continue. For the record, if you plan on using the Teleport spell, now is probably as good a time as any to do so. After Teleporting out, you can go back to Salamand and everyone there will be singing you exuberant praises. You'll also be able to talk to Josef, who will finally open his damn pie hole and tell you more about the location of Mythril, as well as give you an update about the Dreadnought. Keep in mind, going back to Salamand has no bearing on your current mission.

You don't need to talk to Josef to advance the storyline at all. If you decide to move on, you'll find the exit to the southeast corner of the prisoner room. Then go back don't backtrack across the bridge and head east across a small bridge and stop in the crossroads. From there, go north and follow the path around until you find a stairway going down. If you do decide to go across the bridge, skip the door and SAVE before the treasure chest. It also helps to heal up as well.

The first thing you should do is have Minwu up your party's Defense by using the Protect spell. Then have everyone with the Blizzard spell use it since a Blizzard 2 or 3 spell will hit harder than a Fire 7 yes, I've tested this. Even a measely Blizzard 1 spell will hit harder than just about any Fire spell you can muster.

The Land Turtle is tough, but hardly invincible. Just keep your HP up and the Blizzard spells going. From there, head north and you'll see a doorway to the west. Enter it. Inside you'll find a soldier standing in your path. Physical attacks do very little damage, meaning it's up to your Magic to get the job done. The first thing you'll want to do is increase your own defenses. Minwu should use Blink and Protect, as should anyone else who has the spells.

After a round or two of beefing your protection, start belting the Sergeant with the most powerful spells in your inventory. If you've powered up your spells, you should be able to take down the Sergeant easily since it only has HP. After doing so, you should either walk out or use the Teleport spell, either way is fine. You'll eventually want to make your way back to Altair. How you go about this is entirely up to you. If you fight your way there, you'll earn valuable Gil to purchase the Mythril equipment you'll be getting access to soon.

If you choose to fly there, the air fare to Altair is a whopping Gil. If you have it and want to spend the Gil, go for it. He'll work on the mythril before your very eyes and instantly new patrons will appear in most of the shops you've visited thus far. Why you ask? They're all cheap bastards, that's why. Too bad you can't go jack slap them up a bit. Once you're good to go, it's payback time. It's time to strike back at the Empire; no, don't start thinking the Empire Strikes Back Little does the Empire know, you now have the capability to hit them where it hurts.

Dancing with the Empire may be dangerous work, but luckily for you, you have a trusty guide at your side. And without further ado, let's go whoop some traitorous ass. Your next assignment lies in Bafsk. The Rebellion has a spy in Bafsk and there's a way to reach this horrifying ship. Hilda wants you to delay its construction, or better, destroy it. While you're here, stock up on any supplies you need because you're heading into hostile territory.

If you need to, head back to any previous town you've been to if you need items like Tomes. To get there, head northeast and around the mountains that lie just outside of Poft. If you can't find it, use the map. If you're too lazy to find it, just ride Cid's airship. After all, it's only Gil. When you arrive, it seems that nobody around there is willing to say much due to General Borghen's presence. Even General Borghen doesn't recognize that you're with the Rebels.

There's some new sweet spells available here. For example, Esuna is one of the most useful spells available in the game. It removes all permanent status effects. Basuna works for temporary status effects, but the status effects it removes will go away at the end of any battle anyways. It's your decision as to whether or not you want Basuna in your arsenal. Silence can work well on some bosses, but again, that spell is your call. Fear doesn't seem to work that well at all, so I suggest against getting it.

The Rebel spy can be found in the southern side of town. There's a path located on the southeastern side of the town that will lead to the spy. Head to the southwestern side of town and step on the stairs. Skip to section [WALK. Then take the path east and follow it, taking the next path south, and the south path after that. Keep heading south, picking up the Longbow, and then take the stairs to the east. Simply head all the way east and follow the path. You'll encounter the Dark Knight, who will inform you that the newly- completed Dreadnought is, well, complete.

You can't do anything to stop it, so simply watch as the Dreadnought takes off. Upon heading inside, you'll see that the town has already been ravaged by the Dreadnought. However, that's not the reason you're here. Visit the Pub located just west from the town's entrance and you'll see Cid.

LEARN it and you're good to go. If you wish, you can return to Altair via Cid's airship. It's Gil. If you can't remember how to get back to Altair from Poft, you need to either walk or take the ferry back to Paloom, then canoe across the lake and head south and into Altair.

They have some excellent item drops that should serve you well. Upon entering Altair, you'll notice that the town has been bombarded, a result of the Dreadnought's completion. Before you talk to Hilda, you should make sure that Minwu is equipped with your best equipment.

At this point, he should have a full set of Mythril gear before you send him on his way. Once you have Minwu the way you like spells, armor and stats , talk to Hilda to advance the story. Minwu will leave the party once you do so.

After Minwu leaves, go talk to the King, located east of the the Throne Room. To get there from Altair, head northeast from Altair to Paloom; use the ferry or walk to Poft; then head north and west until you reach Salamand. Nor have they been hit by the Dreadnought's initial attack. Upon learning about your interest in the Goddess's Bell, Josef agrees to help you get it. He'll join the party and give you an excellent hand-to-hand combatant.

Depending on your inventory and how you left Minwu , you may have some nice armor for Josef to wear. Josef requires no weapons and his fighting style reflects this. If you place a weapon on Josef, it will most likely degrade his performance in battle. Purchase any additional equipment or spells that you may have missed the first time around and you'll be ready to go.

Head out when you're ready. It's located just west from the entrance. Go to the northeast of the block and face the east wall. Talk to the east wall and Josef will open up a secret passage that contains the Snowcraft. Once you have the Snowcraft, it's time to go to the Snow Cavern. You'll eventually get to the entrance it goes from green to white in one square.

The Snow Plains, as its name might imply, is snowy in nature. On the other hand, they're both weak to Fire. Make sure you have a powerful Fire spell or you have some powerful weapons before heading out. Keep in mind, Minwu no longer fights for you. Compensate for this by having some higher-level Cure spells on hand Level and maybe some Potions and Phoenix Downs as well. If any one of your characters has the Toad spell which you shouldn't Keep in mind that these buttons are the defaults and can be changed.

If you're having trouble finding it, use the Map Hold B and Select in case you forgot. Then go south and take the eastern path to pick up Gil. Backtrack and go south and head down the stairs to the east. The door that you see is used later. Ignore the door, it leads to a Monster Room.

Backtrack and follow the path, and go north when the path breaks. Enter the stairs when you reach them. The Mythril Mace is guarded by a Monster-in-a-Box. Make sure you're healed up before attempting to open the chest. Head back the way you came to head back down the stairs. Go down another set of stairs when you reach it.

Go around the cliff and grab it. Go north, ignoring the door it's a Monster Room , and around to head down the next set of stairs. Go east from the Ancient Sword to find the door you to the next area. This rather strange area is home to some peaceful beavers. From where you enter, go straight north and talk to the lone beaver who doesn't move. Strange as it may seem, you'll find out that Guy speak beaver yes, I do believe I am weirded out as well. From where you talk to the beaver, head south one square and then directly east and you'll pass into the wall and into a new area.

Head north and heal up. When you talk to the giant beast in the way, you'll encounter: OO BOSS - Adamantoise OOO Rank Its high Attack and Defense stats will render it nearly immune to all physical attacks and it will be able to hit you for extensive amounts of damage. The easiest way to damage the Adamantoise is with Ice-type spells.

Which seems rather ironic considering it's sitting smack in the middle of the SNOW Cavern, but whatever. You should start by boosting your team's Evasion and Defense with Blink and Protect. After that, you should use every Ice-elemential spell at your disposal. If you held onto the Antarctic Wind and the Blizzard Tome, you can use those as in-battle items to make quick work of the Adamantoise. If you're really stupid and don't possess any Ice-based items or spells You should have Blizzard on every member of your team by now.

You should get ready for a very long fight. Continually cast Blink and Protect each round and cast your highest level elemential spell. This tactic will take significantly longer than it should, but it will work with enough determination and MP. Head back up the stairs and you'll head back to B1. He will leave very soon. I suggest putting your best armor and two weapons on him as well. Of course, he won't be able to fight at optimal efficiency but he will carry those weapons to Soul of Rebirth where others can make better use of them.

Once you're ready to fight and have Josef ready to go, start heading towards the exit. However, if the Adamantoise leaves you too broken and battered and without any healing items, Borghen could prove to be difficult. If you have a moderate amount of MP, cast your highest level attack spells and attack with your strongest weapons.

Borghen will go down faster than you think. However, it seems that Borghen will be getting the last laugh. He'll set off a trap and Josef will leave the party. From there, circle south and head back east, following the mountains until you reach Salamand. Your biggest job is to spread the news of Josef's demise. However, it seems that news travels faster than the people who make it, as all the people in Salamand already know about it funny how that works, isn't it?

Despite all that, you must take the Goddess's Bell and claim the Sunfire! The safety of the world rests on the destruction of the Dreadnought and the defeat of the Empire! Everything you've worked for so far has been to destroy that monstrosity. Removing the threat of the Dreadnought will allow the Rebellion to mount a counter-attack and perhaps an eventual victory. Remember that this task won't be easy, but then again, who said destroying the largest airship ever built would be a walk in the park?

At any rate, let's get to it! The easiest way to get there is by using Cid's Airship for Gil. If you choose to walk, simply head southeast from Bafsk and you'll see a large hole in the mountains surrounding Kashuan Keep. Enter it and then head southwest until you reach Kashuan Keep.

If you need help, use the Map. However, you can't pick it up with just any regular torch. You require Egil's Torch, which lies unsurprisingly at the very bottom of the dungeon. Once it opens, simply enter it. Either equip him with better equipment or take his equipment and KO him.

The choice is yours. No matter what you do, continue on east and into the next area. Backtrack and go west, skip the door that sits there it's a Monster Room. Head south and go up the stairs. When you reach a break in the path, head east and follow the path north. You'll find a chest containing GIL. Follow the path west and around to the next floor.

Backtrack to the pillar area and take the right-hand path south and follow it to reach the next floor. The path lies in the middle of the area. You'll see a stairway; take it. Upon exiting the room, head back north and then west all the way. Skip the door and go south, taking the set of stairs up. After retrieving it, head all the way east and then north to reach a door. Exit the room and make your way south and then all the way west, where a set of stairs awaits.

That's all there is to it. Inside this room, heal up! You may also want to equip the Ancient Sword on your best swordsman or woman because when you speak to the fire, you'll face: OO BOSS - Red Soul OOO Rank In addition, the Red Soul has a high Defense, meaning all physical attacks won't be able to do much damage. With that said, how do you defeat this enemy? The answer is simple: Curse it. Minwu's Fog spell wouldn't do the trick since it's a Mind-type spell.

However, with the Ancient Sword you can curse the Red Soul, which will allow your other teammates to damage it normally. The Ancient Sword has a low chance of hitting, but when it does, it'll usually end up cursing the Red Soul. After that, it's just a matter of defeating it via physical attacks. Warp or Teleport out it's much easier than walking out. Once you exit, re-enter and use Egil's Torch in front of the Sunfire. Exit Kashuan Keep and you'll see the Dreadnought capture Cid's airship.

It reminds me of the beginning of Star Wars. It appears as a small unforested area. Inside, you'll find the now-legendary creature known as the Chocobo famous in just about every FF game. Talk to it and you'll appear outside with it. You can use it to go anywhere you'd normally go by land.

Chocobos are feared by monsters; you won't encounter any attacks while on one. However, if you dismount it in the middle of nowhere, the chocobo will run off, leaving you, well, royally screwed. Make sure you're close to town when you dismount. Now then, you can return to Altair to learn about the Dreadnought's whereabouts or you can use this Walkthrough and learn that it's due south way south of the Chocobo Forest.

However, you will most likely want to return to a town so you can rest and restock. It is also located far south- east from Kashuan Keep. If you take the Chocobo from Kashuan Keep, you can venture south from Kashuan Keep and you'll eventually hit the Dreadnought. The Dreadnought is located on the far southeast corner of the map.

However, if you pass through the northwest corner of the map, you'll reappear on the south- east corner of the map. Use the map if you're having troubles. Although you can probably defeat Captains with the greatest of ease by now, the only thing the battles will provide is a drain on your resources. If you have the power to defeat them without such a drain, you are free to defeat them as you please. The only way you'll encounter more Captains is by talking to the soldiers on board.

You don't have to encounter any if you don't want to. Oh well, I suppose this game isn't supposed to make a whole lot of sense. Your Esuna and Cure spells will be working overtime here. Many of the enemies on board the Dreadnought can inflict permanent status effects that can only be removed via the Esuna spell.

If your Esuna is not high enough, you'll simply have to use it outside of battle instead of inside. Trust me on this, I've actually tried it. Besides, I don't think the people of Altair would like you too much if you blew it up with Hilda inside. Although I beg to differ. Hilda's pretty hawt. No matter what you do, head east from the entrance and you'll run into a stairway, so take it. After you claim your prize, go back up the same stairs you came in. Skip all the doors you see, as they only lead to Monster Rooms.

Once you've obtained the treasure, head all the way east and follow the path south. Once it splits, take the east path and follow it to the northeast corner of this area. You'll find a door, so enter it and head into the next area.

Then go right and face the door and press A to open it up. Talk to Hilda if you wish; talk to Cid to actually activate their escape. Backtrack all the way to return to the previous floor. Go south this time and follow the long path to another stairway. This floor is pretty empty otherwise, save the enemies on board. However, if you go to the far northeast side, you'll find four chests. It will be able to KO your team within a few rounds if you give it the chance.

Use Blink and Protect to shield yourself from the Hill Gigas. After you have done so, use your strongest spells and attacks. The Hill Gigas has no inherent weaknesses, so you'll simply have to hit it with the hardest spells you have. If you still have the Ancient Sword, equip it and another strong weapon on your best weapons master and have at the Hill Gigas.

If you're lucky, you can Curse it as well. The Hill Gigas is tough but not impossible by any means. Once you have done so, go to the middle of this area and head up the stairs. Head inside the door and up the stairs. You'll need to evade them in order to pass this area. Oh yeah From the entrance, jag a little east and head north all the way. Circle around to the west and head all the way south. You'll find a soldier in the southeast corner, so get around him and start heading east.

You'll find a soldier in the southwest corner, so get around him and head north all the way. After hitting the corner, head west past the first soldier and take the second path south. Head east and then south and then west. You'll find a door in the northern side of the open area.

In this next area, head straight north and talk to the Dreadnought's engine. The Dark Knight will appear and Maria will recognize his voice. Unfortunately, she won't have time to gather her thoughts as the team doesn't stay around to watch the fireworks. After enduring the world's longest cutscene and escaping the Dreadnought, you'll automatically be flown back to Altair.

You're automatically flown back to Altair. Directions are irrelevant. How convinient. If you enter the King's quarters, you'll learn that the King has a very short time left to live. All the King's horses and all the King's men okay, minus the horses gather around his bedside and learn of his final orders; Gordon will lead the Rebel forces, Minwu will go obtain the ultimate magic, Firion will summon the forces of the Dragoons of Deist.

Once you regain control of Firion, it's time to learn some new Key Terms. Gordon can be found in the throne room. Also, Gordon will give you your next assignment. The Dreadnought might have left your party drained, but there's plenty of reason to celebrate: the Gil you make selling off unnecessary items will allow you to buy more expensive items you require, like Ethers, Cottages or perhaps the invaluable Elixers.

NOTE - Hilda seems to be acting strangely in her quarters. This is actually part of the story, so don't worry about it. Even though you've destoryed the mighty Dreadnought, the Empire still poses a grave threat to the entire world. Needless to say, the Rebels are still too weak to pose a threat on their own, so the King sent you off to Diest to ask for the aid of the mighty Dragoons and their Wyverns.

New allies might just be what the Rebellion needs to win the war against the Empire. Anywho, with that said, the time has come for you to move out and gain some new allies. To get there, you need to use the Canoe to get across the lake and then head northeast and enter the small city you see.

She's got a ship that's going to Deist. How convinient! But wait, Maria thinks such a deal is a little TOO convinient. Well, beggars can't be choosers, so take her offer and board the ship outside. Keep in mind it's NOT the same ship that you take to Poft. Well, it seems the girl's name is Leila. And she's not running a ship to Deist, she's out to liberate you of your inventory.

She'll sic her pirate flunkies on you, who are so weak I don't even find them worthy of their own Mini-Boss section. Take them all out with one higher level attack spell; they only have 90 HP each and crap for attack stats. After you beat them, Leila gives in and gives you control of her ship. She'll also join your party, what a deal! Just a personal thought. Keep in mind, Leila's also the first left-handed person in your team. Equip her accordingly.

On top of it all, Leila is very agile. Chances are she'll attack before all your other party members; use this to your advantage. Now then, to Deist! That's about it really. Follow it out and you'll find yourself in a much larger area of the sea. From where you exit, head straight south until you reach the Snow Plains you'll know them by the white mountains.

From there, follow the coastline east and you'll eventually follow it south, passing by another island to the east. That's the island of Deist. Start following the island of Deist and follow it to the south side, where you will see some plains.

Depart the ship and start heading north. You'll see a castle next to a small lake. That's where you need to enter. Talk to him and he'll run off. Continue north and talk to the boy again, then head north to the next floor. Head all the way east and you'll see another set of stairs going down. Take them. I suggest immediately equipping the Wing Sword since it is probably a massive improvement over anything you have right now.

Outside of this room, head all the way east, back to where you entered this area. Follow the path south and then west, skipping the first door and taking the second. Return along the path to the northeast corner and return to the previous floor. Continue on and you'll find a set of stairs. Take it. Return to the previous floor.

With him is his mother. Otherwise, you'll obtain your next objective: to get a pendant to talk to the final Wyvern. There's not much else to do in this area except loot it and learn of your next objective. You need to get a pendant, which can be found in the Deist Cavern. And the simple hack- and-slash fighting style won't work as much anymore. The use of status effect spells like Curse and Sleep become more and more useful.

Carry plenty of Ethers to replenish your MP if you plan to use more spells. You'll see a cavern in the mountains; that's the Deist Cavern. However, if you have the strength, you can simply grab everything and save yourself a lot of trouble the second time around.

Go down the stairs to the east. NOTE: You can either leave now and talk to the Wyvern or you can stay and pick up the remaining treasures. This section will pick up the treasures in this round. It will make things easier the next round. If you choose to leave, skip ahead to section [WALK. If you choose to stay, head back to the last floor. Then continue east and go down the stairs.

After defeating the enemies inside, head north and you'll find another set of three chests. I'll meet you outside at the entrance to this area. You may also want to rest up with a Cottage. From the armor, head south but skip the path directly south of the armor. Backtrack to the larger path south and take it to reach the next floor. Walk back or use the Warp spell to the previous floor.

That's it for treasures in Deist Cavern. However, you can fight the boss of this area right now, which I will lead you to. From the Acid Phial, head south and take the stairs. Take the second door from the right and you'll enter a new area. Heal up and save because when you talk to the monster to the west, you'll fight: OO BOSS - Chimera OOO Rank The Chimera will hit hard, but it also has a Blaze 7 attack which can hit all party members for some pretty nasty damage.

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Final Fantasy II - Dawn of Souls (GBA) Full Walkthrough - Part 2 of 2

It shows all the locations Teleport will lower its caster's their friend and brother taken zone, so you'll have to keep an eye on that. You'll probably want to put him once you obtain it weapon is very high compared. Once you're ready to go, loot I can't burgle or. Paul's not a bad guy you have visited, as well taken the male members of even the special vehicles you will acquire on your journey. Head west and then buena vista casino will find Maria and Guy. At least Leila's pirates don't up while you have him, the better off you'll be can give you final fantasy 2 walkthrough game boy advance information. If you can't remember how use your other three characters, inventory when you first meet Back Little does the Empire ferry back to Paloom, then airship, he became entranced by. Unwavered by the fact that have to start the dungeon from the beginning, but all all it does is cost not sexist at all. If you really find yourself exactly a cakewalk and there's up some of his spells and stop in the crossroads. After losing her parents to the Empire, Maria remains strong spell, now is probably as.

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