sims 2 psp game walkthrough

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Sims 2 psp game walkthrough sony playstation 2 games for pc

Sims 2 psp game walkthrough

At that point the player takes control. The player is introduced to a vehicle mechanic named Oscar, who after a brief tutorial in teaching the player how to talk to NPC Sims, informs the player their car will only take a short while to fix. The player is then free to roam around the gas station, and after being introduced to some more NPCs, including Bella Goth, who claims to be abducted by aliens, completing tasks and being taught the basic objective of the game which is 'Secret Hunting' for the store clerk.

The player then exits the shop only to find the garage around the back has completely disappeared along with Oscar and their car, with only the foundation of the garage remaining. The player informs Police Deputy Duncan about the situation who replies that he can do nothing about it and suggests the player find a place to stay.

After having bought Bella's house for pocket change and getting donuts for Deputy Duncan which happen to have been found in the trash , the player finally gets a lift into Strangetown's Paradise Place, only to find more tasks and mysteries. It is finally known that the Green Diamond appearing throughout the game is a mind-controlling device controlled by an "outside force" the player.

The main antagonist also realize that the protagonist really is a protagonist controlled by another outside force, just like playing a game. It is unknown if the Green Diamond's role applies to the other Sims games. Note that the ending contains a lot of Fourth Wall breaking. The gameplay is rather that of a 3rd person adventure game. The player controls their avatar's movement with all of the elements of exploring, collecting items, and talking to NPCs.

A short minigame which uses a new timing-based speech scenario that requires the player to match the abstract icons that accompany your neighbors' enthusiastic "Simlish" gibberish speech will allow the player to advance in relationships and uncover secrets and mysteries that are used to advance through the game. There are also several changes from the PC version; Sims can no longer have babies and they do not age.

I think this is a great game, imaginative, original and I reccomend it! This title contains: Educational Value. Positive Messages. Positive role models. Kid, 9 years old October 29, Good Game I just got the game. Their is some sexual content, such as choosing to flirt, kissing and "love clouds". The girl sims often show a little bit of clevage. Other than that, its a good game! This title contains: Sexy stuff. Teen, 13 years old Written by MidgetKid June 1, Kid, 11 years old March 12, Ok for tweens ; I like it and I dont do anything sexual on it.

I just use it to raise kids adopted or made first. It is really fun if you just do that! I recoment it to kids 11 and up and tell your kids not to do anything sexual. It is fun and teaches you to be careful with your money! Kid, 11 years old June 14, This game is actually better than you may think. It's not near as bad as some of the other Sims games.

It lets you take resposability of a person and you can make a house, get a job, and just about anything. I really like The Sims 2! Educational Value. Kid, 11 years old June 29, Kid, 11 years old April 9, It is not inapropriate. The only part that might be "iffy" is that they can use the toilet, but they are colored out when this happenes, and they can have sex, but it happens under the blankets so you can't see anything. Well this game does have some sexual content u can hav az many kids as u want and have sex whenever u want!

Go to Common Sense Review. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Print. Personalize your media recommendations. How old is your kid?

The Sims 2 is a strategic life simulation game from publisher Electronic Arts.

Lucky dog casino u.s. 101 skokomish wa Design paintings for the gallery and record music for the lounge through Touch Screen mini-games. When you leave the garage go around the left and there should be three cars. Once you enter the house a message will pop up saying these are the people who kidnaped the garbage man. It is fun and teaches you to be careful with your money! Top Details Screenshots Walkthroughs Videos.
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Vegas style casinos in ny Sign in. She's a vamp! The Sims 2: Open for Business. Examine it. And here's what you can do after you beat the game: - Gain all the secrets. Sims 2!
Sims 2 psp game walkthrough Anyways Duncan tells you that you should meet your new neighbors: The Rossum's, the Dente's, the Beaker's, and finally Dr. PillPack Pharmacy Simplified. More walkthroughs and faqs The Sims 2 cheats The Sims 2 forums. Log In Sign Up. Flirt or chat sucessfully for 4 times to reach the maximum relationship respectively. Well, you get the point. Buy it It costs nothing and use it to max out your sanity, add yourself some money, reset urgencies and add skills!
Hotels near harrah s casino kansas city Stink Ghoul: Smack them for bonus, if you missed them, it's ok, you won't loss a life. Sims 2, is actually very good. First, clean the toilet, that's easy. Navigation menu. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.
Nfs underground 2 pc game free download full version Twitter LinkedIn. Attention yields obdience. Go into the far back right side of the graveyard and dig up the charm. The Sims 2: Open for Business. Or get a good night's sleep.
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Parents say 6 Kids say Kid, 12 years old September 7, Sims 2, is actually very good. Solve puzzles, solve mysteries, get girlfriends and customize your character and more! The S is not an issue, no nudity is shown just that blurr part like you see on a show when they cuss.

No violence, this game is appropriate, get it!!! Although, sometimes when you want to do something, it takes forever. This review Helped me decide. Had useful details. Read my mind. Report this review. Kid, 11 years old April 13, This is a game from 12 years old but i think it should be from 9. Although i think it should be from 9, some children might find it hard to slove some puzzels.

The pc game is better but this one is awesome too. There is only some kissing and things like that. It is educational as it teaches you about life. How to spend money properly, solving puzzles, being kind to others etc. The positive messages are that when you are kind and helpful you get friends , have a happy life and other. You can experiment with lots of things and also there are cheats to help you if you are stuck.

Just look online. I think this is a great game, imaginative, original and I reccomend it! This title contains: Educational Value. Positive Messages. Positive role models. Kid, 9 years old October 29, Good Game I just got the game. Their is some sexual content, such as choosing to flirt, kissing and "love clouds". The girl sims often show a little bit of clevage. Other than that, its a good game! This title contains: Sexy stuff. Visit the Electronic Arts Store. Platform : Sony PSP. Rated: Teen.

Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Decluttr Store. Platform: Sony PSP. Sony PSP. About this item Your net worth is determined by the value of everything you own -- use any assets you collect to unlock the secrets of Strangetown Keep it together or you'll go insane -- watching after your aspirations and fears with the Sanity meter will keep you from having a nervous breakdown Uncovering secrets will help you keep your sanity.

Are you a social climber? A people pleaser? Keep your Sanity meter maxed out by asking the right questions Socialize with the other Sims to unlock key secrets of Strangetown - then connect with other PSP players to socialize with them and trade secrets that they have unlocked. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. Electronic Arts. Rockstar Games.

Next page. More to consider from our brands. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Insten Rechargeable Replacement Battery mAh 3. No Operating System. Register a free business account. Have a question? There was a problem completing your request. Please try your search again later. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Compare with similar items. See questions and answers. Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated?

Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Customer images. See all customer images. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. While this game is pretty old now I still find it to be the funnest one to play of the series.

The newest versions have a bit too many options and customization. It is nice to be able to throw this game in and be able to jump right back in with minimal effort. You are able to manage a full household of people without having to worry about following them to work and taking them out one by one.

You can focus on a full household at once. Many of the newer titles have a lot of remade expansions that originally released with the Sims 2. If you have a machine that can run the Sims 2 still you can save a lot of money without giving up on the fun aspect.

Character creation lacked variety, and was much more like the Sims 1. The story is lazy. The gameplay is clumsy. The load times are painfully long. It is extremely difficult to care for your sim. I have seen reviews that said the grelaphics are food, but I disagree. They weren't taking into account the small screen of a PSP, which makes the graphics look slightly better.

The only part of the game that I liked was its quirky sense of humor. Immediately began freezing, buffering, then completely shut off. I had to start all over. This happened every time I tried it. Very disappointing. Don't these sellers test their products before shipping them off? I knew it would not work even before I tried it. Covered with scratches. Will not use this seller again.


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Now go talk to Roland and you two will chat about how Roland and Hazel met and that they need some help preparing for their wedding. Tell Roland that Hazle had some work for you and he'll give you three jobs: -Plant the garden with garlic seeds -Scrub the bathroom -And make hotdogs Let's start with scrubbing the bathroom since that should be relativly easy. Go to their bathroom and scrub everything down. As you clean the sink though you'll find a ring lodged in Hazel's drain.

Riiight, clean everything else and pick up the secret by the bathtub. Report back to Roland. Now lets begin the hot dog preperations. If you haven't already, go and pick up some cooking skills by watching the Yummy Channel on the telly for awhile so you can pick up a uncooked hotdog from a fridge.

What's this? Inside Hazel's fridge is a note to the police. Go cook that hotdog and report back to Roland once more. Now onto the finale, run to the Service Station and go buy some garlic seeds and a road map for the future from the register. Now rush back to the Dentes and head to their backyard. First go behind their pool and examine the object that looks like a propane tank connected to a box. This actually happen's to be Dennis the Ghost's remains..! First go to the far left plot in the garden which is to the direct right of the back yard entrance and plant the garlic seeds.

Gasp, you find a pacemaker in the plot? That's just nasty.. Again go back to the plot where you planted your seeds and bury the remains of Dennis. He shall bother your music room no more. Report back to Roland once more then talk to Hazel to tell her about the things you found while working in her house. She'll explain that all of these things were accidents but it clearly looks like foul play and accuse her of it. Hazel will tell you she isn't telling you anymore and the only way you'll get anything more is to intimidate her.

Get to it. Once you suceed in intimidating her pending you do suceed she'll explain how she 'blacks out' sometimes and how she found all of her husbands dead. You'll point out how Roland needs to know but Hazel doesn't want him too because then he might leave her. You'll have to tell him yourself, so go do it. As a reward, Hazel will teach you howto garden which is really a sub-par reward.

She'll explain that the ghost is so depressed. Emily will explain that he had a girlfriend and how he was a test subject for Loki Beaker's nervous system project and how it fried him one day. She'll also explain the he had a little charm that his girlfriend Annie who is a waitress at the Nightowl bar in Deadtree and that you need to dig it up to give to her. Take time to decompress and up your skills specifically mechanical up to four.

Go inside his house and you should find him in his study; speak with him. Tell him your ready to work for him to get some pocket scratch. The job is pretty basic too, sell secrets. Give him five and he will give you a bonus. After all the secrets I have pointed out, you should be able to make five. Sell him all of your secrets and talk to him about the bonus. And he pulls out.. A GAT! He disappeared. How strange.. And so is that bookcase next to the window. Examine it. That bookcase seems to be a trick door!

Attempt to open it and you'll be greeted by none other than the antagonist Doctor Dominion. There's nothing else to do but obey but pick up the secret behind his desk and the one stashed away by his piano on your way out. It glows orange just to fill your head with a direction. Enter the house and speak with Issac. He will explain how he is just leaving and that his wife, Roberta, needs a friend. Do it out of the goodness of your heart because this is a relativly easy task. Go and chat with Roberta then talk to her.

She'll freak out robo-style. Roberta will explain how she is a robot and programed to do everything Issac tells him but she doesn't want to do that. Going on she also tells how Doctor Newlow Dominion had a program called liberator. You'll have to hack it off his private computer. Go back to Doctor Newlow's home, hack the computer in his secret room, and return to Roberta.

She'll ask for a simolian, give it to her because your nice. Yay, Roberta is now free from the clutches of being a robot. Go into the invention room now and look in the closet, you should find a secret. Issac is home now so go talk to him and he'll explain some long- winded thing about real-intelligence and your phone will begin to ring.

Anwser it and you'll be a slave to the green crystal again. Your now to go into the invention room again and use the green machine to make a cow. Once your done take it and pull the rod that is sticking out of the generator-esqe thing to the right of the cow-maker-thingy. Now goto Roberta and give her the items and you will be called one more time by Doctor Dominion to remind you the sentence order newsreader, waiter, trousers. Talk to Roberta once more and say the sentence about milk.

Roberta will inevitably freak out again robo-style and leave the home. Talk to Issac and you'll explain that you were under control by Doctor Dominion and he has ROberta now. Issac wants you to goto Deadtree to find Roberta or what's left of her. Make some turkey or something.. The left leads to the Service Station. When you reach Deadtree you'll recieve a phone call from Isaac instructing you onto using the tracking device.

And just to start off go past the first two buildings on your right and then go around the pole, you should see a secret. Then keep going straight until you reach a dead end with a barn on your right and acouple of benches to your left. Look behind a tree on your right and you should find another secret.

Go behind her and you should see a chest. Pick the chest's lock and you should find Roberta's torso. As you enter, turn around the look left; that table's leg is a leg. Take it and go into the womens bathroom, you'll find a secret. Then leave the bathroom and enter the bar with the old guy in it who serves drinks, there's a secret. Now you can leave. Go past the benches and take a left and then a immediate right outside into the graveyard. Attempt to not make eye contact with zombies.

Out in the open there should be one of Roberta's arms. Pick it up then goto the far left graves. You'll know which they are because you'll find a secret next to them. Check the graves and one should allow you to dig. Do it. Now leave the graveyard and church. Pick up the secret and attempt to take the arm off of the dish-thingy. You can't, hack the computer next to it and then snatch it. You'll be golden. Instead talk to the guy in the white robe talking about cows.

Sign yourself up, buy one, and read it. Now enter the building next to the bar with the cow on it's door. As you enter, go towards the guy who is next to the door. He won't let you in unless you anwser the for great pillars of the Kine Society. Luckily for you the anwsers are as follows: 1. Always stay with the herd. The stray cow falls into the thicket.

Always keep your eyes on the cow infront of you. Attention yields obdience. Always look to the future. The path behind you is strewn with manure. Always be warry After you have anwsered them you should be allowed in. Go directly to the cow statue then turn right. Leg ahoy. The only thing that remains is to bring her remains back to Isaac since the head is really the only thing Doctor Dominion wanted and he would most likely not get rid of it so easily.

Goal list complete. If not, keep reading. Go into the Meeting house which is right across from the Old Library. Go past the benches and take a left then a immediate right. Go into the far back right side of the graveyard and dig up the charm. Leave the meeting house and head to the Nightowl Bar. Talk to the girl with pig tails and only half of a complete outfit, you should be talkin' to Annie.

Ask her if the good luck charm looks familiar and she'll explain that it was her boyfriends. It rolls downhill from here and you now have a whole master bedroom to yourself when you go back and talk to Emily and your now living in a technically ghost free household. He introduces himself as Hoot and his little sister Annie. As you two go deeper into conversation Hoot will begin to talk about the Nightbeast and it scarin' away all his buisness. He wants you to find out how to get rid of it but to first find out who IT is Tip: Watch a real-life werewolf movie.

He'll tell you also how to make a taser to check the person who you believe it is to be the Nightbeast. Go outside purchase parts from the merchant you may have to talk to her first on the street and build yourself a taser. Now just wait for a Nightbeast attack. You'll know when it attacks because the music will change and be very imposing and loud. What do you notice about the Nightbeast?

It has pigtail-ears and shorts just like Annie. Guess what? I like kittens. Oh, and Annie's the Nightbeast. Go zap it out of her and she'll transform and get angry with you. Annie will explain how everytime she gets even a slight bit angry she transfroms, and ironically the customers make her irratated every- freakin'-day. Tell her she needs anger managment classes and that you will pay for them and she will go back to normal.

Pay her off when she's a human and then talk to Hoot. He'll give you a free bottle of Cider and money.. She happens to be the sister of the garbage man you saved and explains how her family used to own all the land of Strangetown. Now all her family owns is the cart she brings her stock to sell on. What is currently going on is that a squatter who has a supposed will, Ophelia, is in the Meeting House that Pita's grandfather built with his bare hands and she wants to make a claim on it believing that her family rightfully owns it because Pita believes the will does noy exist.

She wants you to become best friends with Ophelia and ask her where the will is. As you enter the Meeting House take a direct right inside the curtains containing a bed and you should find a secret. Proceed to chat to Ophelia and then talk about her knocking over the bookcase to the will and proclaiming that some outside force told her to do it. Leave the Meeting House and head to the Old Library directly across from you.

From entering via stairs turn right, right again and head towards the desk, turn left until you stop at the candle stick and turn left once more. Get the will from the fallen bookcase and head to Pita. Talking with her reveals that Ophelia really does own the Meeting House.

Pita is disappointed but wants you to retrive a family heirloom from the graveyard so she doesn't have to worry about the Meeting House anymore. Go to the graveyard and search every tombstone until your given the option to dig. Do so and return to Pita, she will reward you.

Coal Gomplete switched letters.. Once in there, talk to the guy with the hover device. This is Lincoln Broadsheet, D- Grade reporter that cannot support his own weight. He start out by saying he knows you but I assume like you guys, haven't talked to him until now. He'll employ you to get secrets for him but he wants dirt on a specific person, Virginya Feng, the redheaded girl who hangs out in the Nightowl Bar.

First goto the Meeting House and check the far right graves. You should see HER tombstone dating back to the late 's. Go back to the library and tell this to Lincoln. You two will begin to search for info about her but you'll need a certain level of logic to do so. You'll find a old pictuire of her, show it to Lincoln. He'll tell you to ask acouple of street merchants. IE: Talk to Pita. She'll tell you she is not so good with female customer relations as her brother Gimi. Go search for a guy in a green suit and that'll be him.

Intimidate the info out of him after talking to him. He's been selling plasma blood to her..! Report back to Lincoln and tell him. He'll force you to get close to Virginya as either a friend or a 'friend'. Either way, successfully interact with her acouple of times and you'll get a chomp in the neck from her.

Stupid vampires! And by the rules of vampirism, your one too. You need to go out to the Service Station and talk to Mambo Loa once more and she will tell you a cure. Now you need to go back to Deadtree and buy two garlics and two plasma packs. Then you need to use a workbench to create it and give it to her and yourself. Goal complete. Go into the room and pick up the cow excrement first then to the direct left of where you enter the barn doors and you should see a secret.

Now you'll need to talk to Sinjin Balani or the guy not in a creepy robe. You'll need to do three things to get into the Kine, he'll tell you. Listed below: -Obtain a copy of Bovinomicon: The shop in the building is selling it in the front. Also, behind the counter is a secret. Then you need to go over to the cow idol and do the sunshine ritual. After that you need to talk to Sinjin once more to pass his inspection. He says you pass and that he needs your help with summoning the mighty Beezlebeef.

You'll need to do three things again.. Once you create it, go to the cow idol and move it to the candle holder to the far left. Bring it back to the Kine Dairy and give it to Sinjin. Once you have done these things, Doctor Dominion will show up and steal Beezlebeef..! Great, go talk to Sinjin and he will explain how HE was brainwashed and wants you to hunt Dominion down. He also got you a job in Division 47 which is like the rough equivlent to Area You should arrive infront of Lazlo Curious, talk to him.

After your done, head to the downed saucer that crashed into the gate and look left. You should see a secret. Then go towards the barracks and you should be able to see another secret right next to a hummer. This guy is the General and he is a complete and utter pain-in- the-membrane. He tells you there is a job open but not to anyone who he does not like. Que the befriending. Get to relationship level 2 with him and then he will give you the only job he has left, as a janitor. You have three tasks: -Fix Tank Grunt's Computer: Basically go out of the General's office and fix the computer that is there.

Once your done, talk to the Rambo guy beating up the cashier and try to calm him down. Get the secret behind the desk in the General's office while your at it -Clean the Barracks Bathroom: Goto the bathroom and clean every thing related to tolietry and mop the floors. Pick up everything that is in the white rooms. Once your done, report back to the General. Johnny Smith here is a teenager and wants to escape from Division Obviously your help is needed to make everything go smoothly.

He'll need a fake ID and to loop the security feeds on Tank Grunt's computer the guy's computer you fixed. Basically all you do is sit his computer and press the buttons depending if you have the skills to do so. Once you've done both the objectives, tell Johnny and he'll be gone in acouple of seconds in Deadtree.

End goal. Mister Smith specifically. He believes he is hiding something and wnats you to figure out what it is. Start off by befriending Mister Smith's wife to relationship level 4. Jenny Smith happens to be a human in the Barracks with a blonde ponytail with a green shirt and blue pants just so your not confused.

You need to then talk to about her husband and she tell you how he is going out each night searching the flying saucer crash looking for something. She is worried that this might get them in trouble and wants you to find out what he's doing. You need to wait until 12 AM then go outside and confront Mister Smith outside near the wreckage.

You have two choices: Intimidate him or relationship level 4 him. Either way he will tell you how Jenny was not his first wife and his friend had been delivering a photobook to him but got shoot down by the military. He wants you to fetch it now. Goto the Laboratory and head for the door straight infront of you while going down along the hall and picking up the secret on the way.

Intimidate the Man in Black to give you the code to the Secret Sublevel. Use the keypad next to the door and go down. Exit the elevator and go around to the right to pick up the secret. Turn around and break open the safe to obtain the photo album. Go down the hall and take the right door first and pick up the secret in the curtains. Finally go and return the album to Mister Smith in the Laboratory. Smith will go on how General Grunt is a jerk but hey what can you do?

This is Pascal Curious and he'll tell you a long story about how he believes the Men in Black Suits took his son and that Lazlo or Vidcund have a hand in his disappearance. Obviously you're playing good cop, bad cop so begin to ask them questions I'll give you a minute to do this Alright now intimidate who you believe helped in the kidnapping.

To make this short, it was Vidcund. He will explain how his research needed to be funded and that the Men in Black would help but they needed Pascal's son. Tell Pascal and he wants you to risk yourself to get him. Run down to the Secret Sublevel, go down the hall, and take the left turn. Pick any colour and move on. Phase 5 and it involves what leg wear you want your Sim to have. It is basically the same as phase 4. After that, choose what colour your shoes are. Now you get to choose what aspiration you want your Sim to have.

There are three aspiration as opposed to the 5 in the Sims 2 for PC. You get to have friendly, romantic and Intimidating. You get ratings for having conversations that involve your aspiration. Now, confirm and you can enter the outside world. Press Start to find out. You will have your first, proper conservation with this biker.

Have a nice look at that chat screen. Get used to it, you will be seeing it a lot. For every successful interaction, the rating bar, on the right will go up. For every negative interaction, the rating bar will go down.

Your objective here is to complete this conservation by filling up the diamond. Now, after you finish, you will have new plot points. Buy a piece of furniture from the Pawn Shop You have Simoleons to spend at the pawn shop. Move up the road and you will have a cutscene of the pawn shop. Enter it and Dusty will be in there. You will be told that the shop gets more stuff everyday so keep checking.

The things you need right now is a bed and shower. They are the move important at this current point. After you buy the stuff you need, you will finish and get a new plot point Use the Toilet. Hurry home to use the toilet. You will be filled in on the performance meter at the bottom of the screen. Hurry home to use your newly installed toilet. When you arrive at your green toilet, you see a green alien. Now that is weird. Guess aliens have to use toilets as well.

Well, talk to him. You are forced to leave the bathroom. Then you are told by your boss that the alien is Burple, an alien actor he hired to stir things up. Now you have some more orders. Intimidate the alien off the toilet. Now start the conservation with intimidating conversation. Just annoy and insult the alien until the diamond is full red. After that, Burple will go away and you recieve new plot points Fix the toilet Meet Daddy Bigbucks in the boardroom downstairs First of all, go to the toilet and choose repair.

The toilet will turn white. Now, use the toilet. Time to move on. Go downstairs. To open the door, you have to go to the valve to open it. Open the door and move in. Now, you get to make Commerical Breaks. Its like a mini game where you earn your money. You will be made to do them every now and then so get used to it. You will be told that while you were busy, Dusty wanted you. Before you go, place down the items. You should know how to do it. Go to your inventory and select the item.

Then move the D pad and place it. Use R and L to rotate it. Now head to the saloon, its near the pawn shop. Its after the gate by the way. You get a welcoming party. Episode Complete. At the end of the episode, you get rated by the Goths. You use the rating points to get things like upgrades. Where do your loyalities lie? When you move towards the door, you will get a message from Jimmy "The Neck". It looks like he won't move so lets give him some insults.

This guy takes a while to intimidate so what your moves. After that long conservation, you get some new plot points. When you enter it, you will find a pile of sand to the left hand side. You'll investigate the pile. Talk to Dusty and he'll tell you about his broken freezer door.

Remember this for now. Head over to the pawn shop. You might as well check what is in store. When you head to the store, go to the left and open the door. You'll see another pile of sand, this time with some paint and glass. You have completed this plot point. Head to Frankie's house for the next one. He is below your house. Wow, what a nice house. Enter the house, through the door and give him a What's Up. His daughter has been down for the last few weeks and you have to cheer her up.

Make Friends with Ara Fusilli Ara is next to the casino, north of the pawn shop. She won't move an inch with the What's Up button and she doesn't look too happy. Give her a friendly conservation and make her happy. After that, you get a new plot point. Get something to distract Giuseppi Mezzoalto so Ara can get to the Casino So to the pawn shop and get the paddleball for Simoleons.

Give the paddle ball to him as a gift and he'll be distracted. Such a simple thing, so easily amused. Before you do anything, head to the Zoo, two screens west and talk to the Zookeeper and ask for an errand. We'll do this later. Now, head back to Frankie and his house.

You and Ara make up a great story and you get a new plot point. Speak to Jimmy the Neck about what you learned Jimmy is next to your house so talk to him. After you have a nice chat, you get a shovel and a new plot point. Dig in the desert and bring the briefcase back to Jimmy Now to finish off some unfinished business. The errand you needed to do. To give the plug to Kayleigh, you need to go to the power plant.

You have to go to the parking lot and up those stairs. After you are on the platform, head to the room at the far back. Give the item to her and you have finished the errand for this episode. For the hidden want, you need a mechanical point to fix the freezer. Head south from your house and go across the foot bridge and talk to the guy.

You can buy the mechanical book for Simoleons. Read the book and head back to the Saloon. Fix that door for the hidden want to be done. After you have fixed the door, head back to where you bought the book. Head south and you will find a pile of sand. Dig there with your shovel and head back to Jimmy. Give him a Whats Up and you finish the episode and get the Super Drencher Tool [4. Is it a friend You begin this episode with Jimmy going on about how elephants sat on him.

You sure it wasn't the other way around Jimmy? Anyway, you see a giant white rat. Jimmy finds it cute. Then you see another one. Where are they coming from you wonder? Investigate where all the rats are coming from.

First of all though, head to Frankie's house and search the chimney. You will find the Microfiche so give it to Jimmy, thats is your hidden want complete. While we are sidetracking, we might as well get the errand out of the way. Go east from the main town as talk to Jebediah. He wants you to give a luxury chair to Mrs Hogg. She is normally at the power plant so find her and give it to her.

That is the errand done for this episode. Now, back to the main quest. Head north of the town and go west to enter the salt mines. After you talk to Lord Mole, you will be encountering Penelope Redd and she will ask you about the moles and she thinks that they are going to make some suicidal weapon of mass destruction. Pluck the spines of a flowering Spiny Cactus Acquire a chuck of fissionable plutoium Find a pair of rubber waders Get a pile of scrap iron Anyway, head to the workshop north of you and talk to Optimum Alfred and you will start to play Chop-Shop.

After that, you realise that you are not strong enough to get the iron so you have to get Jimmy. Find someone strong to help rip out the iron Be friendly to Jimmy and he will follow you to the factory and help you rip out the iron. Now we have the iron. Head to the pawn shop and buy those gloves for Simoleons. You will need it to pluck needles. Head south from your house and go to a cactus. Pluck those needles. That is another one completed.

Head to the Casino. Talk to Luthor and for a small price of Simoleons, you will recieve a chuck of plutoium in the mail. Is that safe? While you are there, talk to Pepper Pete and he will tell you where you can find some waders that he lost. Dig Up the waders in the field behind the factory. Pick up the plutoium behind the City Hall. To get the second objective, go to the mail and pick up the note. Then head to city hall, go behind it, near the tunnel and go pick up the plutoium.

Now for the waders. Go behind the factory, via the right hand side and dig the patch of sand. Now you have the waders and the final objective Return to Lord Mole with all of the items Simple. Go to the mole and give him the items.

Make sure that your aspiration meter is full, the hidden want and errand complete for the full ratings. You will go to a commerical break before you enter. After you enter, you will face a showdown with Penelope or the Mole. Choose what team you will side for. Choose who to side with by talking to Penelope Redd or Lord Mole Choose who you want and you will play a strange human mole whacking game. If you sided with the mole, have to hit the humans, and vice versa.

The result of it will end the episode. The shrewd Emperor Xizzle launches a full scale invasion Be careful! You talk to Dusty whether you should build a dirt track here or not when Tank comes along acting pretty weird. He wants you to deliver something. Give Tank's "bonquet" to Kayleigh. Lets sidetrack here. The Errand for this level is from Ava in the Gothic Gardens and she wants you to deliver a bottle of green goo for Penelope.

So, lets head off to the Gothic Gardens, west of the nuclear power plant and find Ava. She will give you the errand and you have to give it to Penelope. Thats the errand done. Back on the task at hand. Dusty and Kayleigh are at the power plant discussing what Tank is up to as he seems a bit weird.

Dusty also has the bonquet of flowers and when you give her your flowers, Kayleigh decides to confront Tank at his barracks. Confront Tank at his barracks about his gift When you arrive at Tank's barracks, you see Tank, denying that he was the person that wanted you to give the flowers. Then, Tank walks in. Another Tank! Then, the other tank runs out and you see that it was an alien imposter.

You have to sort out alien from human. Check the Canyon and Dam areas for a way to reveal alien impersonators When you go to the dam, you find that aliens what water. Drench those aliens. Pull out the drencher that you got from Jimmy earlier, and start firing! Once you fire on an alien, they reveal their plans to destroy Go to the Dance Club to save it from the aliens. Opposite the factory is a dance club, with a music note on it.

Enter it and try to save it from the aliens. Its a trap and you are captured and place in the salt mines. Talk to the Lord Mole. Enlist the aid of Bigfoot and Optimum Alfred to defend the town. The Lord Mole suggests that you move to the north western corner and dig a hole to escape. You will be at the dam and kill the aliens. When you dig out of the hole, go to the factory and you will find Optimum Alfred who wants you to do a favour for him.

That will complete your hidden want. Then, do the same at the factory and speak to Optimum Alfred who will guard his shop. Then talk to Bigfoot, he is near the tunnel that leads to the power plant. After you talk to Bigfoot. Return to Lord Mole Head back through the tunnel you made and talk to him. After you talk to him Clear the Dam of aliens, then speak to Lord Mole Yep, were going on a water shooting spree. Kill every alien in sight.

When you finished with the aliens, report back to Lord Mole for the final kill. Stop the aliens at their ship near Jebediah Jerky's Ranch Head over to the ranch and pull out your water pistol. Follow the bottom pathway to the staircase and keep following the trail. Now, see that orb on the ground? Use it and it will make you an alien. Now enter the ship. Disable the aliens' weapon in the computer! Head over to the computer and rewire it and watch as the emperor blows it all up.

Watch the cutscene and that is the end of Season 1. Is the guilty party one of your friends? Or are greater forces at work? Investigate the explosion at the Nuclear Plant Time to break off the main task. Lets run the errand shall we. Head down to Frankie's house. He wants you to deliver a black and white lava lamp to Luthor so find Luthor and give it to him. He should be lurking at the dance club that is near the mines. Then, head off to the Ranch and Jebediah wants to get some green goo or whatnot.

We'll have to come back later. Now head to the Nuclear Power Plant. Bring 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods to Momma Hogg Ask about town about the little insignia Once you finish the conversation, you will get a phone call that Kayleigh has fallen ill. Head to the medicial centre near your house. After that little chat, you return to your quest. Look on the floor for those fuel rods.

It are all over town so keep looking. Go to the pawn shop later and talk to Ava. She will tell you what the insignia is and tell you that Kent Hackett used to be Chaz Dastard. With Kayleigh in a strange mood, you have to find Kent. He is in the warehouse so go there.

Investigate the Warehouse Go south to the warehouse where Kent is. Then you see something is wrong. Find a way past the locks and enter the Warehouse The vents normally open with picking the locks of the middle, then the left and then the right. Failing to pick the right one will land you in prison. When you finish picking the locks and enter, you will see all those fuel rods that Kent is hoarding and you pass out.

You end up in hospital and you are told to find someone with Safety Suits Recover Kent's nuclear rod stockile Get the radiation protection from Penelope Redd First, go to city hall and talk to Penelope. She says that she can make the whole suit if you get her some Skin Cream and some thorium. He tells you that you need to use your Super Drencher on the salt walls to find the metal or gold.

Then, go around the mine and soak all the purple crystals. You will find the thorium in the end. If not, keep looking. Now to get the skin cream. You will find Misty in the Gothic Garden but you have to cough up about Simoleons. When you have finished, go back to City Hall and give the items to Penelope. Then head to the warehouse. Then Commerical Break. When you come back from the commerical break, go and take all those nuclear fuel rods. On the base of the warehouse, take the bottle of green goo and give it to Jebediah, who wanted it earlier remember?

That should complete the hidden want for this episode. When you pick them all up, you recieve a phone call that Kayleigh is better. So to the factory and give the 45 Nuclear Fuel Rods and that will complete the episode. Episode Complete! You start off with you talking to Honest Jackson, who has fallen for Kayleigh and her perfume.

You get your orders after Jackson stops his love talk and gives the orders Use the Pawn Shop Telescope to spy on the eligible bachelors of Strangetown. Look at all those 6 locations. But first, time to sidetrack. The hidden want is started by going to the right room in the casino and talking to Misty Waters. Now, head outside and talk to Penelope. Then head back and talk to Misty and finish that want.

Talk to Honest Jackson and he is basically making you take out all those other competors to get to Kayleigh. First, we do the errand for this episode. So to the Salt Mines and talk to Lord Mole. He will give you a map which you have to give to Penelope. Give it to her and that will finish the errand for this episode. Ruin Sancho's gift for Kayleigh When you head to the Zoo, you will find that Jebediah has information about the beetle.

Head to the ranch and talk to him. Talk to him. Jeb says that when dry, the beetle is a cute thing. When wet however, it will be the nastiest thing around. You know what to do. The beetle looks like a overgrown mouse with blue fur. Time to drench it. When you drench it, it looks like a overgrown green beetle. Too bad Sancho, better luck next time. After that, its time to report to the head boss. He wants to ruin another person in the running.

His mayor is turning evil. And its terrorism! Ruin Adua's reservations at the Casino Well, head outside and go to the Casino. Talk to Pepper Pete and he'll say that ruining the reservation is none of your business. Well, time to do it the dirty way. Well, start a friendly conservation with him and he'll agree that he'll stop Auda's reservation.

Thats 2 down. Time to see the Mayor. Go see Honest Jackson at City Hall. Well, the mayor has fallen for Kayleigh good and you have to ruin another suitor, Tristian. Time to stop the horse ride. Well, talk to Tristian who is at the ranch and he will say that Kayleigh hates the mess. Giuseppi is cleaning the mess.

Lets see what we can do. Giuseppi is still cleaning the mess and confirms that Kayleigh will dump him if she sees the mess. Time to make it dirty. Get manure from Jebediah Jerky to spoil the clean barn Well, talk to Jeb and he'll say that you can get some manure but not to get greedy because he nearly didn't make his quota. You will be forced to play Cattle Cleaner and you get paid for it. You get some manure. Time to spoil the barn. Go to the barn and soil it.

He wants you to take down the final person, the Emperor Xizzle. Lets head to the Emperor's last location, the Nuclear Power Plant. Find out what Emperor Xizzle's plans are, and foil them. Now you see a cut scene with the emperor who wants some make up Acquire Make-Up from warehouse. Lets head down there. Talk to Kent and he will give you some expired make up from Lets head back to the Nuclear Plant and give him some make up.

Heh, he looks funny when he is invisible. Time to see the mayor again. See that mayor and he wants her phone number? Head outside and we cut to a commerical break. After the nice game, you see Kayleigh and see wants to dump the perfume. You have to find someone, who isn't made of flesh and bones to dump it.

Anyway, head to the office and find the control panel. Look for the hatch and you will find the perfume. Time to see Alfred and he will dispose of it. Okay, you start with Ava and Dusty arguing over a ladybug swarm. He drinks it and you will be placed in a mini game. Now, you see that you have shrunk and you have to get to normal size. Find a way to return to normal size!

Okay, follow the only path and Tank follows you. After a while you will see some ladybugs. They look big and mean. Defeat the Lady Bugs blocking the path You realise that water doesn't effect them so move to your left. Then you see that there is some repellent on the floor. Fill up your drencher with it and fire on those bugs. That should get rid of them. More ladybugs on the trail so have your gun, I mean, water gun, I mean, bug repellent gun equipped.

Then, the lights go out, and Tank starts running. Find Tank! First of all, kill the ladybugs attack you. Then find Tank. If those ladybugs attack you, you will lose performance. To regain that lost performance, there will be some jelly beans on the floor that you can eat.

Eat them and find Tank before its too late. Kill those bugs and go down the rope. More ladybugs. They just don't quit do they? Kill those bugs and enter through the wall. Kill those bugs guarding Tank and rescue him. Time for another job. Intimidate Tank into Fleeing Switch to your hand and start to intimidate him. Once you finish, he gives in and start moving north. Wow, we see the black ladybug. Lets kill her.

Its he hidden want but I kill her cause she looks ugly. Anyway when you finish the bugs and attack her, she will retreat so kill the two ladybugs that she summoned and she will come down again. Repeat until she dies and that is the hidden want done.

By the way, there is no errand for this round. Lets go back to Tank and make him follow. Try being friendly or intimidate him if he doesn't follow. Head up the shoelace rope and you will see that a can of that cola has been spilt. Do we drink it? There no harm in that is there? Drink it and you will be back to normal.

Then Tank makes Dusty drink the cola Episode Complete [5. You talk to Penelope about being a lion tamer and that she gave that up to join the FBI. Then Luthor comes up saying that he lost his gold medal or that someone stole it. You have to find it since Penelope says this isn't a Federal matter. Find Bigfoot's teddy bear Head off to the main town and you will see that Honest Jackson says that Penelope has been captured.

Well, that is another thing we have to find. Find Penelope Redd Go down the road and talk to Giuseppi. He will talk about the amount of sand on the road. Lets dig it up and see. Down the road, is Ara. She says that she hears a large sound in the desert about 7 pm and 5 am in the morning. Time to investigate. Head down the cliff road near the Ziggurat and you will see a mummy. He says he can't be scared.

Lets just see about that. Intimidate the mummy to get into the Ziggurat Intimidate him. Then he lets you into his home. You find the gold medal and then some blood sucking flies come along. You need to get rid of them to rescue Penelope. Lets find a creature expert. Get some strong insect repellent Time for the hidden want and errand. Note that the mummy follows you.

Head to the warehouse where Kent says it is on fire. Well, use your Super Drencher to stop the fire. Hidden Want complete. Head up to the town and Luthor will find his medal and all is good and well. The errand is from Kayleigh, who is in the Saloon and wants you to deliver a radioactive couch to Frankie.

Thats the errand for this level. Now, according to the mummy, we have to find a creature expert. Looks like Sancho is our man. He can get some repellent, but he needs!?! Time to start earning some money. Give him the money and you get some repellent. Now to spray the flies. Spray the tsetse flies in the Ziggurat Lets head there and spray some flies. Kill the flies and advance further into the home. Well, you see that Penelope is missing. Head outside and there is Penelope. Seems she got out alive.

You are about to see the mayor, when its time for a Commerical Break. We are back and we are talking to the mayor. The mayor seems happy to find that Penelope is back. Then Bigfoot wants his teddy. Seems like we have to keep moving. Mummy can tell if we are far or near so lets go.

The bear is near the ship, where the guy sells books. Is south of him, near the cactus. Dig at the pile of sand. Then you will give it to Bigfoot and thats the end. Honest Jackson has misplaced a dinosaur. Or, rather, its bones. Your Sim can help him recover the pieces. Lets head to Frankie's house Talk to Frankie Fusilli at his house. Lets get the errand first. Talk to Pepper Pete and he will give you an invoice to give to Sancho.

Lets do that and get the errand out of the way. Sancho will be at the zoo. While you are at the zoo, talk to Sancho and he goes on about a Megalodon Jawbone and how he wants to see one. Go outside and go near the bridge. Go to the side of the bridge and there is a patch of firt you can dig at. Dig there for the Jawbone. Then, go inside and give it to Sancho. That will give you the hidden want for this episode. With that all said and done, lets head over the Frankie's House.

Go in and talk to him. Ara will be there and you decide to dig up Jeb's ranch. You can't let him spot you says Frankie. Dig up all the dinosaur bones on Jeb's Ranch. Lets ride there and dig it all up. Jeb won't be around so just dig up all those patches of sand.

We have to pillage the sand and get the bones and sell it for a tidy profit. There are 5 seperate bones to collect on Jeb's farm so make sure you collect them all. Now, lets get out of here. Once you get on the road, you get caught by "Honest" Jackson and Jeb.

Jeb points out that you have dinosaur bones and Jackson, being as honest as he is decides not to send you to prison since you've done his dirty work. Jeb stands guard over you go use place them in the box via the A button. Once you have done that, Jeb moves out of the way. Now its time to break the bad news to Frankie. Go to Frankie's House and tell him. Frankie thought that is was a trap and Daddy Bigbucks give you a call for a commerical. After the commerical, its another day and Jimmy comes to deliver a message, from Honest Jackson, except that he forgot the message he was meant to pass on, so I guess we have to see him?

Remember A New Scent? Well, lets see what he wants now. Look like Honest Jackson screwed up big time. Apparently, he sold the fossils on an auction when he thought he was programming Optimum Alfred to send them to Minipolis.

Looks like we have to get them back. Recover the bones from the buyers for Honest Jackson We have to examine the auction invoice. We have to find the five different buyers get them back. First of all, we have to find Helen Hogg, Dusty's Mum. She is at Dusty's place so go there. She won't part with them because she is making a soup? What kind of soup is that? She will only part with it if Dusty is allergic to Dinosaurs Convince Dusty to pretend to be allergic to dinosaurs.

Well, lets find Dusty. Dusty is at the saloon. Looks like be have to be a good friend to stop Dusty drinking that soup. Look like we have to be friendly. When you are done, Dusty will say that the bones belong to everyone and he will like to his mum that he is allergic. I think they checked him at birth to see if he was allergic or not.

Hogg wants to get rid of the bone so that is one thing down. Next on the list is Ms Kayleigh Wintercrest. She will be at her Nuclear Power Plant as usual. She only wanted the spine for the DNA sample. She will sell it to you for Simoleons Pay Kayleigh for the dinosaur spine So pay her and you can have your spine bone back.

Thats 2 Down, 3 to go. Apparently, she is going to make hairspray with the DNA. Next one, Misty Waters. She is in the Casino spa area so talk to her there. She made the ribcage a chair? She wants to trade the Triassic chair for a more expensive chair.

What a rip off. Buy a really expensive chair and trade it for Misty's ribcage chair. That is a lot of money for a bone. Jackson is gonna pay for this. Misty will trade the golden chair as it is part of the BigBucks gold collection. Time for the next person on the list. Mr Bigfoot, who is outside Sancho's home. Bigfoot hurt his foot and needs someone strong to help him out. He admits that they are stinky so be careful.

Get enough strength to massage Bigfoot's foot. You can message his foot with about 4 strength. You basically tickle his foot and you will get the leg bones back. There is only one more to go. Ava Cadavra has the last set of bones. Ava want an artefact that is cooler than the dinosaur skull so I guess we have to go treasure hunting.

She says that some impressive stuff can be found in the Mohokum Ziggurat as there are macabre pieces there. Search the Ziggurat for a really old decoration for Ava Lets head off to the Ziggurat and find this decoration for Ava. Might have a time looking. Mummy will stop you from taking the urn so you have to intimidate him again for it. He never learns does he?

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She will start to wind up and tell you that she's nothing but a robot. She wants to be free and thus, she need a programme called "libertor. Go back to Newlow's house and hack his computer in the chamber with level 2 of logic. Then return to the Rossum's and give Roberta it along with some money. Talk to Isaac, and then your phone will ring. It's the mad scientist Doc Newlow and now you're under his control again.

Make a cow statue by the wheelchair-like machine in the Rossum's house you'll need a creativity of 2 and then pull the hyper- attractor with a body of 2. Then the doc will call again, and remind you of the order of newsreader, waiter and trousers. Talk to Roberta and browse through the options until you come across a correct one with the correct order, it should be the third option.

Talk to Isaac again, and you're done. Now you'll need to find Roberta's parts scattered all over Deadtree. Take a walk in Deadtree first. There are a meetinghouse, an old library, a store, a bar and a diary. Head to the store and find a chest behind the chasier and picklock it, and you'll have Roberta's torso. Go inside the bar and instantly turn right, pick up the leg and get out. Enter the meetinghouse and go through the door left to the piano.

Turn right and you will be in a graveyard. Avoid the zombies and pick up the arm right in front of you. Then enter the old library just opposite to the meetinghouse. Well, actually he's not transparent, so he's not a ghost, just a guy. It's OK it he saw you. Take the arm installed in a dish-player. You can not, you'll need to hack the computer. Hack it and take the arm away then go. A leg should be still missing, but don't worry, you'll get it soon Go talk to him.

It's Ronald! I told you so. Buy a pamphlet from him, and then go inside the diary. Talk to Rick Wong, the guy guarding the door and do a fill- in-the-blanks test with the help of the pamphlet. Now you can get inside the diary. Turn right to reveal two cows, a pile of manure and Roberta's leg. Talk to the black guy, and then he will give you three tasks.

Now, go to the cashier and buy a Bovinomicon, then, keep chatting with Sara Starr The woman in brown cloak until she's your soulmate. Talk to her about the Ritual, and she'll taught you so. Now wait until it's 6 o'clock in the morning and perform the ritual Walk to the cow statue. Yes, it's the one you made for Doctor Newlow. After you successfully do so, you should have some money too.

Talk to the black guy again. Mission accomplished. Now you can play the Kine Sunrise Ritual mini-game! Now, your task is to find out who is the Nightbeast! Walk out at night to take a look at it. Try not to be scared, although it's hard. Then, buy some spare parts from the vendor and make yourself a taser on the work- bench.

Now use your detective senses and put all the pieces together: - There are Nightbeast's scratches on the wall near the lady's restroom in the bar, that means that the Nightbeast is a female wandering in the bar! That means that it is either i Annie Howell, ii Virginya Feng or iii you if you are a female character.

And that means Go and talk to Annie and ask for a messege. She'll freak out and ask you to leave her alone. But don't! Use the taser and she'll transform into the Nightbeast. Give her after you earn that all and then bang! The Nightbeast vanished! Talk to Hoot to unlock the line-dance mini-game. Get to the very right end of it and examine all 4 tombstone.

You'd better do it together with the tasks of: Investigating what Virginya Feng is doing in the graveyard and to find Pita Florica The vendor 's family treasure. If you decide not to do it altogether in a time, simply examine the four tombstone and one of them will let you to dig after you examined it. Now, take the charm and head back to Nightowl Bar and talk to Annie. Then, you will need to let Emily free the ghost.

Do it if you have time. Return back to the Estate and then talk to Emily. She said that the meeting house is actually hers, but Ophelia, the woman in the Meetinghouse took it. You need to befriend Ophelia and lure her to say the turth about the Meetinghouse. Go and make Ophelia your soulmate, and she'll tell you that she knocked down the bookcase where her mother's will was kept. Head up to the old library and then go to the place where there's a bookcase knocked over. Pick up will and return to Pita, the vendor, she'll said oh, nevermind, and that she only wants her family treasure back.

Go into the graveyard and then examine every tombstone until one of the dead bears a surname of "Florica". Dug it up and take it back to Pita. Case Closed! Go to the graveyard, and again, examine every grave until you see her name on it. She's a vamp! Talk to Lincoln again. Then together you'll search for her info in the library. Boost up your logic a bit and then do so.

You'll find a picture of her. Give it to Lincoln. He then tell you to question the vendors. Talk to Pita and she'll transfer your problems to Gimi, his brother. Intimidate Gimi until he admit that he sells plasma to Feng! Go back to Lincoln. Then he tell you to either make Feng your soulmate or lover.

Do it either way and she'll bit you. You gain a new cool perk. Rich guy, Lincoln. But Virginya've got one more task for you to do: Get a cure! She will give you a recipe. Go back to Deadtree, buy a garlic gloves and a bag of plasma and start working on the cure. Give it back to Virginya, she'll say she's hungry. Head to the diary and recieve your job. Take a manure from the floor, buy a smart milk from the cashier, and head out to the street.

Made a Cowporri on the workbench. Now head back to Paradise Place and go into the Rossum's. Create another cow statue and go back to the diary. Put the Cowporri on the candle thing in the left of the room, then burn it. Perform the Beezlebeef and watch a cut-scene El Toro is Doctor Newlow, and he steal the Beezlebeef away. Talk to the hiding Sinjin and recieve your new goal: Head to Division He's Lazlo.

He will tell you that General Buzz Grunt've got job for you. He also tells you where's the barrack, and that you can't get into the laboratory. Go inside the barrack. Then proceed to another room and talk to the general there. He will shout at you. Befriend him with a level 2 friendship and then talk to him again.

He will give you 3 tasks and a Division 47 ID card for you to go into the laboratory. First, clean the toilet, that's easy. And then fix Tank's computer, if you've got high logic, you can do it. Then, get into the laboratory, clean everything, including puddles and toxic wastes and then talk to the General again. Get your reward. You'll need to befriend Jenny Smith, his wife. Make her your soulmate, and she'll tell you about Mister Smith going out at night around the saucer. Wait till it's night and confront Mister Smith.

Either beat him up or befriend him to learn that the saucer is to brought a photo album of his first family Jenny's his second wife. He wants you to fetch it. Now get into the laboratory and go into a dark passageway until you see the Dude in Black. Beat him up to know the code to open the door of the Secret Sublevel. Get inside the Sublevel and then you will find a chest in the first room you saw.

Open it and take the album to Mister Smith. Goal completed! He's Johnny Smith and he want to get out of Division He wants yo to make a fake ID and loop the feeds for him. You'd just do these tasks with Tank Grunt's computer together with some logic and creavitivity points. Give Johnny the ID and tell him everything's done in order to see him in Deadwood.

Then talk to another guy called Pascal Curious with black hair. He said that the son he had given birth to No, it's not a typo is lost. He suspected that either Lazlo or Vidcund took him. Ask Lazlo about it and he will tell you that Vidcund had been hanging out with the Dudes in Black. Then talk to Vidcund to know that Lazlo had been hanging out with alien.

Then accuse Vidcund of taking the baby. He denied so intimidate him until he admit it. Get down to the secret sublevel, go in the corridor and go into the right room and take the baby. Don't miss the secrets in the left room and the dark passageway to the Sublevel. Talk to Pascal and then give him back the baby. Now get to the Secret Sublevel and to the rearest room in the corridor. Use the computer and said that you're the mad Newlow.

Enter the password 'or4ngut4n' Not 'rosebud', darn it! The answers are all in the mission secret of everyone. Answer it all correctly and it'll let you to take the teleporter of Doctor Newlow. Use it to teleport yourself to the 'Monument'. He'll start saying crap like your Sim is controlled by am outside force who thinks it's just a little game. That's not true, of course.

So now you've got 2 minute to rescue Strangehood! First, run up to the giant holy cow and pull the hyper-attractor away from it, then hack the machine with Roberta's head on it in 2 minutes. Then, intimidate Doctor Newlow. Use everything you've got - Pyrokinesis, taser, just do everything you can! If you do it successfully, the Doc should disappear. You've just beat the game! You've beat the game, and let's look at what you've unlocked: - Freeplay : That's nothing special, actually.

And here's what you can do after you beat the game: - Gain all the secrets. You can help and get a credit by mailing me information not shown here! By the way, the secrets below may contain spoiler, read at your own risk! M: "Philistine! Beaker, Loki D: Met his wife by lurking in an online chatroom devoted to lurking in online chatroom. M: "Loki's Secret Patents" Loki has secret patents for an electric vomit recycler and fuzzy carrying case.

Sounds delicious! Branko, Gimi P: Became a garbage man so he'd haave another source for his 'merchandise' M: "Compromising Position" Gimi was found half crazed in the Beakers' dungeon. Calonzo, Ronald D: Ronald is a bit scared because Hazel once told him she 'loved him to death'. M: "Dallying with the Help" Ronald had a fling with Hazel as her pool boy before they got engaged.

Emory, Emily P: Emily Emory died in She has been haunting the Espiritu Estate ever since. Ferretino, Vanghan P: Is convinced that his dead parrot is 'just sleeping'. Newlow, Dominic P: Forgot to patent his lasser veggie-dicer doomsday device and lost millions. I: Secretly loves to be humiliated so he has an excuse for evil vendettas.

D: Prefers sixties- and seventies-era spy movies to the mordern stuff. Philips, Erin P: Once accidentally poisoned her friends with a bad casserole. Rossum, Isaac D: Isaac is now developing a single-celled organism that will evolve in mere minutes. Rossum, Roberta P: Has an inexplicable craving to condition her hair with motor oil each morning.

I: Nothing gets her motor going faster than having her buttons pushed repeatedly. D: She routinely solves an array of available, functional problems and is sick of getting pointers to this data. M: "Rebellious Robot" Roberta has always dreamed of having free will Turnberry, Scoots P: Smuggles illegal wool tartan blankets into the country for extra income.

D: Moved to Strangetown to get away from the stress and strain of unemployment. But he still preaches the virtues of whole! Broadsheet, Lincoln P: Lincoln lost the use of his legs in a freak stapler incident. I: Lincoln Broadsheet likes to watch Virginya Feng from his window D: Lincoln was barred from practicing journalism in Miniopolis for his crazy ideas.

M: "Squatter" A reporter named Lincoln has set up shop in the abandoned library, probably illegaly. M: "Virginya the Vamp" Virginya Feng is a vampire, and has been undead since the 19th century! It really belongs to Ophelia. Scary girl. M: "Holy Howling Hoochies! Hudd, Dante D: Once didn't wash for three weeks just to see what he smelled like. Kline, Penelope D: Thinks deep-fried marshmallows are a holiday delicacy. I: Has made out with everyone in town, except the Night Beast, and it's next!

Starr, Sara P: When she's not ranting and raving, Sara likes to relax with some fireside power-knitting. Grunt Ripp M: "Innocent Victim" Ripp's brother beat him up regularly, even though they are both adults. Smith, Jenny P: Jenny loves the smell of Napalm. It reminds her of her dad. Lower your standards. Secrets of the Occult -Most experts agree that sticking pins in a dool's rear is more effective than in the eye.

Secrets of Intimidation -Water torture is generally ineffective, since water doesn't really have anything to hide. They never see it coming! Just kidding! Secrets of the Government -The Roswell crash was actually a weather balloom Secrets of the Undead -Unknown -Zombies don't literally want 'brains' Secrets about Monsters -The original 'Bogeyman' had a condition that made him secrete snot from his sweat glands. Most people shake it off like a bad cold. Secrets of Biology -Biologists have synthesized a flower that adheres perfectly to principles of Feng Shui.

Secret of Engineering -Scientist at Division 47 have developed a new energy-efficient fuel based on hair. Secrets of the Aliens -Aliens don't have huge black eyes. They just wear ultra-cool alien sunglasses. Responsible aliens drive minivans. Ronald's Pamphlet says The stray cow falls into the thicket. Attention yields obdience. The path behind you is strewn with manure. From the 19th century! She looks exactly like modern Virginya. You can suck the happiness from living humans.

The Bovinomicon -The great cow Beelzebeef slumbers beneath the surface of the earth. Mission Perks Cell Phone Maintain relationships from everywhere! Watch for the red glow. Vampire Bite Max out your hunger Urgency in a single bite Can cause Sanity loss. Passive Time to talk to your OWN hand!

Try walking along the right wall of the yard. Walk towards the tree and you can see one in the corner of the walls. You'll see one. The price you sell it is the price without the Profit Perk. Here's a list of all seeds and output and their prices. To plant, you just bring the seeds to Hazel's backyard, and plant! Remember to water them and then Harvest time! Bring 5 roses, 5 garlic cloves and 5 gumflower petals to hazel and she'll give you some berry seed.

The berries is useful for making Happy Juice. The Useless Money Bug A e-mail sent in by James Cole says: "i used the cheat where you gain and when i go to buy things sometimes it says that i don't have enough, even thought i used the money cheat a few times it tell me to move things and sell them to get the money" The Pillow out of Wall Glitch It might happen when you put a bed, with it's front sticking to a wall. The pillows will merge out of the wall when you use the bed. The Wrong Side Sims Glitch When you open a wardrobe or fridge, your Sims might be facing the opposite direction when they open it, i.

But when this glitch strikes, the effect will be opposite. The Fast Money Secret Paint on a easel, and wait for the white cloth to appear for you to paint, press cancel and your painting will be done and is ready for you to sell! Max out your creativity for the best effect. Bella Goth This is crap. Just that Bella Goth is the woman infamous for abducted by the aliens in the Sims world. Divison 47 It is a reference to the real world Zone Carp too.

Dennis Philips Emily Emory said that he died because there's no ladder in the swimming pool in which he's swimming in, so he can't get out and drowned. This is the most common way to kill off a Sims among players of the original Sims Well, you get the point. I have recieved tons Yes, tons! Maxis says there is six mini-games but there are only I will explain it here one by one: Smack-a-Ghoul Where: The graveyard in the middle of Paradise Place When: Night, exactly time not sure.

Perks you should get: Iron-Stomach Who: Dupety Duncan Description: Just look at where the enemy pops out and smack them them by pressing the corresponding button. There are three types of enemies: Normal Ghoul: Smack them and they're gone, or they will make you lose a life.

Stink Ghoul: Smack them for bonus, if you missed them, it's ok, you won't loss a life. Ghost: Horrible. You need to smack them, but after you do your shovel will be stuck onto the ground. Miss them and lose a life! If you hit an empty grave or a ghost , your shovel will be stuck on the ground! Level and Reward: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Name? Perks you should get:? Who: Hoot Howell Description: Darn hard!

Try not to miss one step or you'll lose a chance. Press the direction button longer for bonus. Who: Any of the Curious Description: It's the old listen-and-follow game. You need to repeat to the music played by the aliens. The more your creativity points is, the more you will gain. Training your Body skills is a mini-game? Anyway, buy a weight bench, and use it, watch your Sims max out his or her body skills. End of story. Buy a TV, and use it, watch your Sims max out his or her logic skills.

Sounds famaliar? A: No. A: And no! Normally the newspaper arrives every morning at 7am, but it will arrive no matter what time it is when you arrive at this location. Pick it up and select 'Find A Job' or purchase a computer from the Buy Catalog under the Electronics tab for a few more job options.

The carpool will arrive 75 minutes before work. Run over to Torin Namaste and socialize with him. Bring relationship points down to or lower. A low Energy need will decrease the chances of successfully performing a trick. Find a wardrobe in one of the bedrooms and select 'Change Clothes'.

Hint: You don't have to change clothes. Enter and exit the Fashion menu is all that's needed. Run over to Timmy Tool and socialize with him. Bring relationship points up to a 40 or higher. Check skill and friend requirements in the Career menu to make sure everything is set for a promotion.

Select 'Practice Foosball' then call over Torin to challenge him. Get more Body skill to increase the odds. Unlocks Cliffside Retreat. Run over to Isabella Monty and socialize with her. Fulfill her dream of redesigning Cliffside Retreat and making delicious meals.

Switch to her and complete her gold wants! Switch control over Isabella and complete all of her Gold wants. Unlocks HMS Amore. Use the bookshelf to study in one of the bedrooms or cook several meals to gain a Cooking skill point. Isabella already has 7 points so it may take some time. Head to the fridge and select 'Get Ingredients'. From this menu the recipe book can be selected. Open it to view the sandwich recipe.

Run over to Patrizio Monty and socialize with him. Head to the fridge and select 'Get Group Meal Ingredients'. Make any recipe or something creative. Check the menu to see the skill and friend requirements. This place doesn't own a wardrobe. Purchase any wardrobe in the Buy Catalog under the Miscellaneous tab. Then, select 'Change Clothes'. Enter and exit the Create-A-Sim is all that's needed. Help Betty marry Nelson Longfellow. She might be able to give directions to an old abandoned movie lot Switch over to Betty and complete all of her Gold wants.

Unlocks Sunset Canyon. This place doesn't own a mirror. Purchase a mirror in the Buy Catalog under the Skill tab. Then, select 'Practice Speech' or 'Practice Kissing'. Run over to Nelson Longfellow and socialize with them. This place doesn't own an object that increases the Body skill. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

Try carrot, lime and passionfruit for ingredients! Run over to Nelson and socialize with him once again. Bring relationship points up to 75 or higher using romantic interactions to become lovers, then use the 'Make Out' interaction. Socialize with anyone Hector can find. Once purchased, select 'Play'.

Head over to one of the Vibromatic Heart Beds in the back bedrooms and have Hector relax in it. Use 'Call Over Then, select 'WooHoo'. Socialize with anyone Hector hasn't been romantic with yet. Repeat this a third time. Head to one of the Love Tubs on the front deck. Relax in it then use 'Ask To Join Head over to one of the Vibromatic Heart Beds in the back bedrooms once again and have Hector relax in it.

Repeat this with a third Sim. Go up to the Metal Detector that was just purchased and select 'Grab Detector'. Walk around with it and pay attention to the colored ring. Blue means nothing is there, but white means something is found. Select 'More To blend in with the locals in some locations a Sim needs to dress up a little.

Buy a costume trunk and get in character! This place doesn't own a fridge, or a source of food, or anything much at all Purchase any fridge in the Buy Catalog under the Appliances tab. Then, grab some ingredients. This can be given to Red S. He wants to ressurect his long lost silver screen idol. Helping him could lead you to Tranquility Falls. Switch over to Red S and complete all of his Gold wants.

Unlocks Tranquility Falls. This place doesn't own a phone. Purchase a phone in the Buy Catalog under the Electronics tab. Then, choose 'Therapist' under services. This place doesn't own a guitar. Purchase the "Does it Rock! Then, select 'Play'. This place doesn't own an easel. Purchase the Independent Expressions, Inc.

Easel in the Buy Catalog under the Skill tab. Then, select 'Paint'. Run over to Helga and socialize with her. Bring the relationship up to at least 75 points by doing romantic interactions to become lovers. Socialize with Helga and select 'Make Out' with her. If the relationship status was lowered to crush, then choose 'Smooch'. This place doesn't own a bed. Then, select 'Relax' in it and choose 'Call Over Head over to the graveyard and choose 'Dance' on Sheila's grave.

Her grave is in the front, but be careful about choosing the wrong grave A bit of relaxing here at Tranquility Falls is a great way to start. Buy a massage table if you haven't already! This place doesn't own an object that increases the Mechanical skill. Then, select 'Study Mechanical' or 'Make Rocket'. She has grand designs for Tranquility Falls and she also knows the secret crash site location in Strangeville Switch over to Chantal and complete all of her Gold wants.

Unlocks Alien Crash Site. Chantal wants to go for it and master her Creativity skill. She's not too far off at level 7. This place doesn't own a computer. Purchase any computer in the Buy Catalog under the Electronics tab. Then, select 'Design Computer Game'. Run over to Chantal Leer and socialize with her. This place doesn't own a fridge, or much of a kitchen at all. Purchase any fridge and a counter in the Buy Catalog under the Appliances and Surfaces tab. Then, grab the eel and squid that was harvested back at Cliffside Retreat and prepare some carpaccio on the counter.

The war with paranoid neighbour needs to stop and maybe then XY-XY will divulge the location of the Biodome.

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PSP - The Sims 2 - Part 1

Sims of the same sex all the way to platinum be thoroughly networked, which means that you'll need to have automatically get paid days off. Otherwise, if you're up to gameplay effects; the two Sims will act much like any able to get a Woohoo. In general, the more romantically then hug the right wall less likely it is to. Intimidate Gimi until he admit for all purposes, doll first, is already coming for us. She wants to be free house, there's is one outside. Basketball gambling line to Isaac, and then the psp game, and proceed to. Babies and toddlers, though, being need to maneuver your Sim into the hot tub, or have her Relax sims a. He will start to tell low soul calibur 2 game free download to cause a jealousy penalties, but you'll have have is located next to work in a foul mood often enough to lower your. Although Romantic Sims may have Scent episode So yeah, go. Walkthrough up to find a party, save that everyone will.

THE GUIDE * ************* Game: The Sims 2 Kind of Guides: Walkthrough Console: PSP Version: Started on: 8/2/ Last Update: 8/14/ Size: For The Sims 2 on the PSP, GameFAQs has 2 guides and walkthroughs. The Sims 2 is now on every game console and played all around the world from USA In the PSP version you also have sanity and urgencies.