actionscript 2 flash games tutorial

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Actionscript 2 flash games tutorial little big adventure 2 full game download

Actionscript 2 flash games tutorial

Hi everyone. Thanks for sticking with the site and forum , despite my lack of activity. Needless to say, the transition to college is a big one, and my free time has dwindled. By creating an open, shared, easily-navigable discussion board, I am hoping that you will all have an easier time finding answers to your questions.

Maybe you will find that someone has had a similar problem to your own, and found a solution. Or perhaps you can help another reader with a problem of their own. This is also a great place to hear the latest news about the site, and to leave me a suggestion about future tutorials you would like to see written on AS3GameTuts. Please join the AS3GameTuts community on this discussion board , and let me know what you think!

Welcome back to the side scrolling tutorial series. In this session, we will be adding very basic enemies to the game, which you can shoot and destroy with the bullets we created previously. This will create a lot of possibilities for what you can do with your game. In later tutorials we will add a scoring system and more advanced A. Creating the Enemy class is very similar to creating the Bullet class. If you just read Part 10 and Part 11 , most of this step will look the same as when we made the Bullet class and symbol.

First, we need art. We need to create a Movie Clip object to represent the enemy on the stage. Feel free to decorate your enemy however you choose — it could be a random, inanimate object, a crazy monster, or anywhere in between. Although we did get some functional bullets last time by using the Bullet class, we still need to make some major improvements.

Finally, they are never actually removed from the stage, so we waste precious memory that slows down the game. Imagine that we fired 1,, bullets. The game would still be keeping track of all of them, constantly updating their positions, even if they are no longer on the stage. Rate this:. Was this helpful? Like this: Like Loading Step 1: KeyObject. Stage; import flash. KeyboardEvent; import flash. Keyboard; import flash. Proxy; import flash. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire feature great tile-based top-down maps.

I think you deserve a bit of an explanation about my recent disappearance. Cheers, Ben Rate this:. Anyways, thanks for all your support, and welcome to the forum! Level: This is a beginner lesson, but I will assume that the reader is familiar with the basic use of the Flash software including stage, timeline, drawing tools, property window, etc.

In the first part of our game tutorial , we created the movement for the paddle and the ball. In the second part of the Flash tutorial , we set up the bricks and applied the script for the collisions of the ball with the bricks. In this part of our Flash game tutorial, we will set up the game score using dynamic text.

The reason you may want to do this is it might make it easier to review each part of the Flash tutorial later. In our last tutorial , we added the bricks for us to try and direct the ball into. What now should happen is when the ball hits a brick, that brick will disappear, and the ball will reverse angle and direction. Now, what we want to happen is in addition to the brick disappearing, we want it to add points to our game score. Since we will be adding our game scores to the bottom of the stage, the first thing we will do is move our paddle up about 25 pixels from the bottom of the stage.

There are multiple ways to input and display Dynamic Text fields including importing from an XML file and even formatting as HTML , however that is way beyond the scope of this tutorial, but I thought a quick explanation of the difference would be appropriate.

Also, you can add text to a dynamic text box, and what you type will display in Flash when you publish the Flash movie until we add code to change it…. Now that we have our dynamic score box, we will need to add the code to change our score when we hit the brick. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As always, the source files with comments can be found below. In order for this one to make sense, you will need to go through Part 1 and Part 2 first. Also, the source file is for Flash 8 and above, and the tutorial script should work for Flash MX and above, and the.

Lastly, if you tell me the type of errors you are getting, hopefully I can help trouble shoot where you are having problems. Hi thanks for your tutorial, i have a problem with the score. Hello, I noticed that your tutorial has a common glitch. When the ball hits the paddle from the side, it goes through the side bouncing up and down. Yes, you are correct… the reason is when the ball hits the side, it reverses the angle and direction, but it still reverses it into the paddle, thus basically making it go in a circle.

While there are ways to correct this, this was a simple beginner tutorial whose main purpose was to get users thinking and planning about game design. In future tutorials, I hope to get into more complex gaming and different ways to handle hitTest and movement. Flash Tutorial: Breakout Game Part 3 Tags how to build custom computer computer tutorial pc computer own computer photoshop tutorial […].

My Scoreboard Wont Change Help. The fix is beyond the scope of this set of tutorials. These were meant for users to start thinking about Flash and game development, and some of the skills needed for game development in Flash i. When I have time I hope to expand on these and attempt to resolve this quirk, but have been too busy lately, sorry.

Sorry you are having problems with your scoreboard. I would be happy to help, but I would need more information. Are you getting any kind of errors? Also, you can try downloading the source file at the end of this tutorial, and try to compare your to mine to see if you can find the error. If you are still having problems, you can send me the file to contact spitshine-design.

Maybe another reader out there can answer that question? Hi there, I wondered if you could give a solution to stop the ball going through the sides of the paddle? I have followed a different tutorial for my breakout based game but still have the same problem. I have tried inserting a movie clip at each end of the paddle reversing the X and Y values but this creates an unusual bounce.

So, essentially the ball would have to hit the very top of the paddle only in order to bounce back. Everything seems to work it is just when I start the game the score starts at and not 0. When I hit the bricks they disappear and add another 10 to the score.


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Flash is a very versatile and mature technology used in a number of ways including game development.

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Hollywood park casino inglewood ca united states 535 casino gambling gambling online Although we did get some functional bullets last time by using the Bullet class, we still need to make some major improvements. Hey, your tutorial are amazing bro, im new into Flash scriptingand i use Flash CS5 scripting 3. In this tutorial, you will learn to make a physics-based platform game in the quickest way possible with the World Construction Kit. July 6, at pm. The example project creates a magnifying glass effect.

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This will show you to some extent some of the differences between AS1 and AS2 but also the power of this new language. Once you start learning AS2 as I do currently I am also a beginner in AS2 you will have a lot of fun and create libraries of. The example I present here is a real world example, which sometimes I am missing when I read other tutorials, where the final result is only a trace-action.

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I'll give this one away gratis, but feel free to check out my free loops and potential upcoming license-mandated ones over in the respective part of Flashkit. Advertiser Disclosure. A Flash Developer Resource Site. First time here? Developer Channel FlashKit. Tutorials Home. What's New. Top Rated.

Search tutorials. Code-Sharing - Inheritance Pt. A Star is Born Pt. A Star is Born - Further Study The Call Stack Introduction Building Class Hierarchies The PersistentShape Class Pt. Reusing Base Class Behaviors with Super Overloading Not Allowed Guidelines for Class Derivation Dynamic Classes Pt. Interfaces Static Members Stick Together Information Hiding.

Introduction Pt. Creating Read-Only Properties Pt. Do It Once Prototype Members Pt. Identifying a Local Property Identifying an Object Prototype Prototype Members for Built-in Classes Assigning Class In The Library. Classpath Revisited Assigning Class with the Linkage Pt. Debugging Techniques Pt. Assigning Class with Component Definition AsBroadcaster Pt.

Debugging with Codeless FLAs EventDispatcher Pt. Storing Component Class Files Library Naming Conflicts CreateClassObject Pt. When to Use Mix-Ins Using include Instead of Mix-Ins The MovieClip. Bonus Sample Application. Nasty Pt.

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A programming language is an. Log in Social login does not work in incognito and. Determining an Object's Class Creating. If you both knew French, 12, This article has been private browsers. Every dollar contributed enables us ActionScript 3 is too complex marked as historical. We use cookies to make with a contribution to wikiHow. Please consider supporting our work ground rules, we can begin. A Star is Born - Further Study The Call Stack is out and gives us thrive for over a decade. We've been helping billions of people around the world continue to learn, adapt, grow, and new challenges. PARAGRAPHFirst time here.

Let's first begin with the basic setup of our game. I'm going to make the background black and the frame rate 24 fps (like in previous tutorials). The first. Alright, I've decided to make a tutorial for you guys on how to create a brick breaker game in ActionScript It'll be very similar to my one for AS3, except. In this tutorial, you'll create a simple AS2 snake game. Step 1: Setting up the File. Start Flash, and click Create New: Flash File (Actionscript.