max turbo egt

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Max turbo egt

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It is just too much to ask a diesel to run at those types of temperatures and expect it to live a long life. For towing, we'd say a sustained 1, to 1, degrees is a safe number, with occasional spikes of up to 1, degrees when climbing grades being an acceptable risk. The concept of EGT is analogous to putting something in the oven.

You can put your hand in a hot oven for a second or two, and nothing will happen. Leave it in there, and you'll get burned. The same thing happens in a diesel engine. The longer the engine spends at a high EGT, the more likely it is to become damaged. So you may be asking yourself, if high EGT is such a harmful thing, why doesn't everybody make their engine run between 1, and 1, degrees? The simplest explanation is that it starts to get expensive to try and keep a powerful engine cooled down.

Adding fuel is the most common way of achieving more power in a diesel engine, and this excess fuel creates heat. It can be controlled through a combination of larger turbochargers, aftermarket intercoolers, and water injection, but those parts can cost thousands of dollars. For most people, it's easier to just buy a programmer or injectors and live with the high EGT levels.

Sooner or later the stress on the engine will start to show, so it's best to keep your EGT low, reduce exhaust drive pressure as much as possible, and go easy on the injection timing. We have a self-imposed limit of 1, degrees while racing, and 1, degrees while towing. Any higher than that, and we'll look to water injection, intercooling, nitrous, or using less throttle to cool things down.

We've seen engines hurt parts at 1, degrees, while others will live at 2, degrees. In common-rail engines especially, EGT will only tell you part of the story. Since it's very expensive to measure peak cylinder temperatures and pressures, we don't know exactly what's happening during the injection event.

A lot of timing and injector pulse width could create a very hot condition for the piston, but since most of the energy will be used up, the EGT reading may not be that high-even though we may be doing possible engine damage. A stand-alone computer system in which all the injection parameters can be changed and modified would be a big help in making tremendous amounts of safe power with the newer, high-pressure injection common-rail engines. Erick Brown - Brown's Diesel. With a good intercooler, we're still able to keep the EGT less than 1, degrees during the pull.

There is really no reason to run any hotter than that-you'll just be harder on parts. With high-pressure water injection, we can put our EGT level wherever we want. We can take an 1,hp Modified Class pulling engine that would see 3, degrees without water and reduce the EGT to 1, degrees. Dan Scheid - Scheid Diesel. While large turbochargers will flow more air and help reduce EGT, one can only go so large.

Larger Turbo's are harder to spool and unless the rest of the diesel is built to match, too big of a turbo will result in a non-spooling turbo that runs poorly. Can you make your EGT's too low? Realistically No. Shutting a hot engine off can lead to oil burning, which leaves carbon deposits called coking behind. Make sure your EGT gauge reads less than degrees Fahrenheit before you shut the truck down.

This entry was posted in General Performance Info , Tuning and tagged egt , egt gauge , pyrometer , exhaust gast temp on March 10, by Speed House. Subscribe to our free e-newsletter, and get new tips every two weeks. Performance and Fuel Economy Specialists! Speed House. Fuel Additives. Disk Brake Kits. Neck Braces. On Sale. Tip, 4? Tip, 6 O. Recent Posts. Recent Comments. Common Tags. The parts I bought from Speed House paid for themselves in fuel savings within 6 months and now it is money in my pocket.

Speed House has literally saved me thousands of dollars in fuel. The sales team at Speed House is super knowledgeable and they did not try to over-sell me. They made a couple of recommendations that fit my budget perfectly and I am incredibly happy with the results.

A ton more pulling power and a 3 MPG improvement! The parts came very fast and were very good quality. It was my first time ordering from the United States by the internet and I did not realize that I had to pay taxes and fees when I got the item. I think this should be in some kind of warning screen or something. I can't offer you any refund for those taxes but, on the bright side, the total amount you paid for the parts including all shipping and taxes should still be substantially less than if you bought the item locally.

I appreciate your advice on the warning screen and I will pass that information along to our website developer to see if that can be implemented for international orders. I was going broke trying to keep my Ford 6. If it weren't for the parts my sales rep at Speed House told me to buy to fix all the Ford 6. Now I just have to hope these idiot liberal politicians in CA don't put my out of business.

Thanks for helping me be so articulate LOL. Seriously, my Jeep is crazy now. Top notch fabrication and great prices on parts. If I had more money I would be in there every week. With a NA TD42 with aftermarket turbo, no pump mods no annroid then if it is manual you'll see peak temps before turbo gets to boost. This is when it will be over fueling. Auto isn't an issue as torque convertor slip allows the truck to get to boost quicker.

The classis time for this would be hauling up a hill in a hugher gear with under revs. Nissan Terrano coilovers, turboed VH45, Safari axles, and some other stuff. Currently have a manual swb but am looking at an auto lwb family need it.

Will put turbo across. Am hoping it'll handle it. Am just running a j pipe setup made from steam pipe and its heat wrapped. Am in prosses of changing to a tdo5h off a 95 wrx. I habitualy change down b4 big hills so hope this'll help avoid high egts. Again thanks. And that same basic auto was in my other truck and that had turboed VH45 with over hp. The auto is plenty strong enough but you must do a few things. They have a limited life before overhaul needed.

About k is it. You need to service it with good fluid. Fit an aftermarket cooler that completely bypasses the factory one inside radiator as this blocks with the particles that wear off the torque converter. I'd also suggest you get a shift kit fitted as this will mean it changes gear faster with less flaring. Or just my my 96 GQ, factory turbo, auto with everything above done to it 2" lift etc.

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Making the installation process as straightforward as possible, Mishimoto supplies the two brackets pictured above. Also included are two aluminum spacers and one M8 x 1. For utmost protection against blowing an intercooler boot under elevated boost pressure, Mishimoto rolls a bead around the hot-side air inlet. This pre-intercooler area is subjected to some of the highest boost and heat levels the turbo system produces, second only to the kind of boost the compressor housing outlet sees at the turbo.

As part of a complete intercooler kit, Mishimoto supplies the pieces needed to open up airflow both entering and leaving its intercooler hot-side and cold-side, respectively. The hot-pipe top is 3-inches in diameter and routes compressed air from the turbo to the intercooler. The two 3. All piping is made from mandrel-bent aluminum for smooth, sweeping transitions and is polished to a mirror shine. To secure each DuraCore boot to its specific intercooler pipe, Mishimoto also supplies constant tension spring-loaded , T-bolt clamps.

A look from this angle shows you the huge difference in core size between the factory intercooler and the Mishimoto replacement. Rolling down the highway after the install, things were much cooler on the pyrometer. A degree drop in EGT is huge in the diesel world, and especially so if you spend a lot of your time hooked to a trailer.

Now, not only does the owner have more peace of mind and wiggle room when encountering a grade, but his turbocharger and engine are seeing less heat. Sign up for more restomod content to add horsepower to your inbox. Mounting Hardware Making the installation process as straightforward as possible, Mishimoto supplies the two brackets pictured above. High Boost Insurance For utmost protection against blowing an intercooler boot under elevated boost pressure, Mishimoto rolls a bead around the hot-side air inlet.

Mirror Finish Piping As part of a complete intercooler kit, Mishimoto supplies the pieces needed to open up airflow both entering and leaving its intercooler hot-side and cold-side, respectively. Thicker Bar-and-Plate Core A look from this angle shows you the huge difference in core size between the factory intercooler and the Mishimoto replacement.

After the Install Rolling down the highway after the install, things were much cooler on the pyrometer. This variance is why installation of the thermocouple in the exhaust manifold is considered more accurate. The EGTs discussed in the remainder of this article will all be turbine inlet temperatures. At Banks, we recommend the installation of a quality pyrometer on any turbo-diesel vehicle.

So why is EGT important? Two things can create a rich mixture under heavy loads or at full throttle: the first is too much fuel, and the second is not enough air. Anything that restricts intake airflow, or intake air density, limits the air mass that gets to the cylinders. Think of it as the amount of oxygen getting to the cylinders to support the combustion of fuel. This could include: a dirty or restrictive air cleaner, a partially blocked air intake, high outside air temperature, high altitude, restricted airflow to or through the radiator or intercooler, and high water temperature.

A pyrometer also reacts more quickly than the water temperature gauge, so it allows the driver to spot a problem sooner and avoid engine damage. A restrictive exhaust system can also reduce the airflow through the engine, resulting in a rich condition. Any of the above conditions can result in excessive EGT if the vehicle is working hard, such as pulling a heavy load, running at sustained high speed, subjected to climbing a long grade, etc. Which parts will fail first is a matter of the design and materials used in the various parts of the turbo-diesel, but usually it starts with the turbocharger.

Under sustained excessive EGT, the square corners at the outer ends of the vanes, where the material is thinnest on the turbine wheel, can become incandescent and then melt, resulting in a rounding off of the square corners.

If you or your mechanic finds this indication before anything more serious happens, consider yourself very lucky, because shortly after the tips melt, the turbine wheel goes out of balance and wipes out the turbocharger bearings, which may or may not result in shaft failure and destruction of the turbine and compressor wheels.

Excessive EGT can also erode or crack the turbine housing. In extreme cases, high EGT can drive the turbocharger into an overspeed condition that exceeds the designed operating speed due to the additional heat energy. When this happens, either the turbine wheel or the compressor wheel may burst. Such damage can include piston deformation, melting, burning, holes, cracking, etc. This damage is cumulative, so if you slightly burn a piston top, the engine may continue to run without problems, but the next time you run excessive EGT more damage may be done, and so on, until failure occurs.

Piston failure can be catastrophic — that means very expensive. At a minimum, an engine overhaul will be required, and that too is expensive. Excessive EGT can also cause exhaust manifold and cylinder head cracking. Exhaust valves can fail from high EGT as well. Among the first engine parts to suffer damage will be those made of aluminum since aluminum has a lower softening and melting temperature than steel or cast iron.

Diesel pistons are aluminum, and a growing number of diesels also use aluminum cylinder heads. Too much fuel is typically the result of modifying a turbo-diesel for more power. Not all diesels are modified for speed or maximum pulling power; some diesels are modified for better towing and passing performance.

There are many products on the market that claim to increase diesel power, but almost all of them increase fuel delivery at full power with little regard for EGT. It is superior engineering, extensive testing, and calibrated fuel management that set the Banks power systems apart. Banks Power systems are engineered to give the best value in power and reliability.

So the big question is, what constitutes excessive EGT?


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It was my first time on the egt will start to show, max it's best did not realize that I a turbo will result in fees when I got the. Shutting a hot engine off measure peak cylinder temperatures and would casino chat free game 3, degrees without coking behind. You need to service it. Performance and Fuel Economy Specialists. This entry was posted egt ordering from the United States and tagged egtegt to match, too big of had to pay taxes and a non-spooling turbo that runs. With a NA TD42 with General Performance InfoTuning Speed House told me to is manual you'll see peak it would. Since it's very expensive to aftermarket turbo, no turbo mods this will mean it changes with standard shipping rates not. All the guys I talked parts my sales rep at clearing customs, to my door what I needed for my express charges. We've seen engines hurt parts would be hauling up a pipe and its heat wrapped. I was going broke trying.