the game of triumphs book 2

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The game of triumphs book 2

Fifteen-year-old Cat is well acquainted with London's seamy underside--one perk of living across from a casino and on the same block as a strip joint. The tawdry Soho neighborhood doesn't bother her. She's used to blending into the background and being invisible. Neighborhoods don't change that. But a mysterious game played out on the streets of London and in a strange world called the Arcanum can change everything.

A chance encounter on the Tube draws Cat in the dangerous but alluring world of the Game of Triumphs where players use Tarot cards imbued with powers to compete for the ultimate triumph--fame, fortune, justice or something else entirely--it can all be yours with the turn of a card.

Cat doesn't play games and she doesn't believe in any of the Game's magic nonsense. But as Cat learns more about the Game she realizes this isn't the first time she encountered the Game. The Game of Triumphs draws heavily from Tarot cards for the symbolism behind the Game's cards and the nuances of their play within the Game.

As someone with a passing interest Tarot and card games, I was immediately drawn to this book the intriguing cover didn't hurt either. Unfortunately, the book did not live up to my expectations. Cat is a surly heroine, determined to go it alone even if that might be to her own detriment.

Her reluctance to accept help or any kind of support got old very fast. Similarly her dismissive tones about Tarot and role playing games were irritating--particularly as her attitude persisted even as she drew deeper into the game. While Powell went to great pains to explain Cat's past and her motivations, none of it ever felt truly authentic.

Her companions in the novel felt similarly one dimensional, partly because they were introduced so late in the story and partly because I never connected with any of them. Worse, the characters never seemed to connect with each other instead merely falling in together for lack of better options. The world Powell has created as well as the Game itself are very complex and well-realized. While readers will start the book as confused about things as Cat Powell quickly explains everything readers need to know.

Sadly, with so much setup for the background of the story, the actual plot felt rushed with most of the action being packed into the last hundred pages of the novel. On one hand, that makes The Game of Triumphs a book that moves rather slowly with an abrupt ending. Only time will tell.

Since the first book was picked up for US publication by Knopf it stands to reason that the sequel will eventually make its way here as well. The young adult book is based on a fantasy-type adventure relating to tarot cards. Now, I really love tarot cards, old mystic symbolism, etc. Not that I am any expert or devotee, but love learning new things about it and exploring it. I don't think I would base my life on any fortune-teller or anything, and actually have only had it done once, but look at it more as "fun" Anyway, the protagonist is a girl who experienced a tragedy when she was young and the adventure through the cards is a way for her to possibly right the wrongs of the past.

Other characters also have their own reasons to play the game. The "game" is a fantasy-type of other dimension where people compete for "triumphs. In the deck there are regular numbered suit cards like a typical deck of playing cards, including kings and queens, etc.

Those are called the "minor arcana" in the occult vernacular. But there are other cards in a standard tarot deck. These are the "major arcana" cards. I think when the deck of cards was invented, it was actually for a game, and those cards were permanent "trump" cards. People apparently do still use these cards for that game, but I don't know it. I only know the tarot deck as a fortune-telling thing.

The book is very interesting in that the reader learns about some of the ideas of the deck, and the concepts of luck, fortune, desiring something, etc. I do wish the other characters were more fleshed-out. So much of it had to be explanation of "the game" I admit, I really didn't understand the rules very well myself and I am not a young adult! This was also evident with the ending, which seemed rushed and incomplete. I did enjoy the ideas and the author was very good at concocting and explaining a complicated "game.

Perhaps if one has a solid working knowledge of Tarot cards, this book may be more interesting, and frankly, easier to follow. For me, a large amount of my energy was spent trying to make sense of the Tarot "suits", hierarchy, and its similarities to a regular deck of playing cards.

In this book, the author does provide a brief comparison, but by the time it appears in the book, it was it was too little, too late. Teenage Cat's parents are dead and she lives with her Aunt Bell. One day, while walking in Piccadilly Circus Tube Station, she encounters an odd middle-aged man. She then later sees him on the street and he desperately tells her that people are out to get him.

Cat tells him to contact the police, but the man informs her that to do so would be against the "game's rules". Writing him off as just another weirdo one may run into in a crowded public place, she notices three people looking around intently as if looking for someone. She then approaches them, she points out his direction; thus, becoming a "Chancer" in the Game of Triumphs.

Up to that point, the book made sense to me. Afterwards is where I tended to be in a constant state of bewilderment. I like books that go outside the box, but I had so many unanswered questions as I read this book. Toby, someone Cat meets at her first lottery, has some knowledge about how the game works, and offers what he knows to Cat, but it still didn't go far enough to have it make sense.

I don't use the word "sense" to mean "plausible", but how everything connects together to create a big overall picture that is the Game of Triumphs. The overall writing style of the author is satisfactory; it's straightforward, non-lyrical, and attempts to have a teenage voice. It doesn't quite achieve the teenage voice because I had to keep reminding myself that Cat, Toby, and Flora, were teenagers. Perhaps due to the absence of a strong, level-headed adult presence, there was no way to make a reasonable contrast.

Taken as a whole, I can't recommend this book and I give it three stars. I didn't dislike it. In fact, I wanted to like it, but to read it, one needs to have a working knowledge of Tarot cards. I don't have anything against Tarot; since it is the foundation of the entire plot, more realistic information about Tarot should have been seamlessly woven throughout the plot. That way, those of us that are Tarot-challenged aren't required to do research to understand this book.

Een iemand vond dit nuttig. I enjoyed this book quite a lot! I had read some reviews suggesting it was slow moving once you get past the first third or so I didn't have that experience at all. The first part is a bit confusing but it's appropriate Once the game is introduced and becomes a bit more familiar it's a variation on Tarot , the book moves along pretty well and held quite a few interesting parts for me.

I did find the book a fast read and do suspect a younger audience would do well with it. That said, I will say parents should be aware there's some darkness in theme. It's set in England However, most kids could deal with it just fine. I liked the game The characters were interesting The fourth group of knaves thugs isn't really delved in much, but I'm okay with that. Setting and writing was also well done and writing was good on the whole.

Good book The Game of Triumphs takes card games to a whole new level. In the dark and often dreary streets of London, a new card game has emerged. Here players complete with Tarot cards for the ultimate prize. Be it fame, fortune, or something else, players put it all on the line. I have never really been a fan of card games. Sure, I played them when I was younger. But it has a competive sport has never really hit a spot with me.

But The Game of Triumphs changed all of that. The Game was exciting. Filled with mystery and a hint of danger. Powell takes her time crafting the book. Plenty of setup. Making sure readers understand the ins and out. What is at stake. While all the setup was a little dry, I was fascinated with the world. Although, I was a little put off that there was not too much of the London flavor. Very few instances where the MC's vocabulary gave away that she was British.

This can be said of most of the supporting characters as well. For all the build up, The Game of Triumphs ends almost abruptly. One moment, we are still in set up mode, the next it seems like everything is trying to find a resolution. I would have liked it a little more evenly paced compared to slow then super speed. The Game of Triumphs is something completely different. And I loved it for that.

But it is not without its flaws. YA adventure with some action, some magic, lots of puzzling, no romance. Young orphan Cat accidently becomes part of The Game of Triumphs - this weird club where people get together, party, then pick cards and spin a wheel.

The cards resemble tarot cards, and people call themselves knights and knaves. At first, she dismisses it as rich geeks playing strange games. Each player receives a hand of 12 cards with an additional six cards being dealt to the kitty.

You bid to become the declarer by stating how few cards you wish to exchange with the kitty. Sparrow is a point trick game. Each card is worth a point value indicated by the number of stars. Instead of trying to win the greater number of tricks, the declarer's side tries to win the majority of card points taken in tricks. Sparrow is designed for three to six players playing in two teams.

Instead of two fixed teams playing each other, the two alliances vary each deal. In the options for three and five players, the declarer plays alone against the other players. The options for four and six players allow the declarer to choose a hidden partner.

Three times Timman was a Candidate for the World Championship and his peak in the world rankings was second place, in

Zoo tycoon 2 saved games download The "game" is a fantasy-type of other dimension where people compete for "triumphs. YA adventure with some action, some magic, lots of puzzling, no romance. After revealing casino decorations amazon secret about Cat's parents, Powell doesn't mention it at all, unless you count Cat saying that she was going to get justice for them. But as Cat learns more about the Game she realizes this isn't the first time she encountered the Game. Cat ends up diving headfirst into the Game, and discovers the new world of the Arcanum. Institutional Login. Failure can be deadly.
Casino contstruction information lawrenceburg indiana Cat meets a great cast of characters on her journey, and I thought Powell added them in really well. This book. Cat's aunt, Bel, is very similar to a type of character I've encountered in several books: older female relative in charge of caring for the main character, bounces from man to man, has a carefree it-will-all-work-out-in-the-end personality, and is drunk in a few scenes. She is not a fleshed out character. Average rating 3.
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