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The warriors game 2 player

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This mode allows each player to control one of the game's gangs and either fight it out for superiority or try to be the first to accomplish a range of selectable objectives, such as being the first to steal a number of items. Rumble Mode is available immediately, but new characters and arenas can be unlocked for it in the game's other modes of play. The "Armies of the Night" side-scrolling mini-game is the only two-player mode in the game that needs to be unlocked.

This is done by completing the flashback levels. More From Reference. In return for helping these people, the Warriors will learn abilities, such as defeating policemen to receive cuffs to subdue and arrest anybody, cuff-keys that will allow the player to free Warriors with keys instead of breaking cuffs, escape from cuffs themselves with cuff-keys, increase flash capacity, and earn brass knuckles and steel-toed boots to inflict more damage to the enemy.

During The Warriors , there are a collection of levels, referred to as missions, which the player must progress through. Eighteen can be accessed, along with six more bonus missions, known as " Flashbacks ", which show how the Warriors were formed, and how each member of the Warriors came to join the gang, [11] and to unlock an arcade machine that will allow you to play Armies of the Night. Throughout the game, the player travels to other areas of New York City visiting other gangs' territories in the process.

The design and casting of the characters was faithful to what was seen in The Warriors. Luther, the Rogues leader, is based out of his hearse , The Baseball Furies' territory is Riverside Park, The Lizzies' their apartment, with other smaller gangs based around the city.

When starting a mission, the Warriors will occasionally stay at their home turf or travel to another place via train to use as a starting point. Missions and events normally begin at the Coney Island headquarters, which is mostly used as a launching point throughout the game.

The player can travel to places across New York City , including Tremont where the Warriors encounters the Orphans, a low-class gang, and Riverside Park which is run by the Baseball Furies, a well-respected gang. The main players travel from one turf to another across New York, to let the public radio station know there is a new gang in town. The primary protagonist is Cleon, the Warriors leader in the first half of the game until after the meeting.

Cleon's role was to increase the Warriors reputation and rid Coney Island of the Destroyers. Mercy serves as Swan's love interest in the second half of The Warriors. Other areas contain other gangs of New York City, which the player must defeat in a battle.

On one occasion, gang members tend to be scouts that appear in orange dots on the radar in different areas and spaces. However, some of the dealers tend to defraud the player and make a run for it, but the player can chase them down to recover their money. However, if the player chooses to attack the dealers, they will either retaliate or run, though they will respawn. The game follows and expands on that of the film, focusing on the Warriors, a Coney Island -based street gang led by Cleon.

Their reputation increases by humiliating a low-rank gang, the Orphans, killing the Hi-Hats' leader, Chatterbox, spray painting trains, and allying themselves with the Saracens, whom they help set up their rivals, the Jones Street Boys, and a group of corrupt NYPD officers.

At the meeting, Cyrus proposes to the assembled crowd a permanent citywide truce that would allow the gangs to control the city. Everyone opens to Cyrus' idea, but he is suddenly shot by the Rogues' leader, Luther, just as the police raids the meeting. In the ensuing chaos, Luther frames Cleon for the murder, leading the Riffs to seemingly beat him to death.

Swan, the Warriors' "warchief", assumes leadership of the gang as they try to make their way home, unware they have been framed for Cyrus' murder, while the Riffs call a hit on them through a radio DJ. The Turnbull AC fail to kill the Warriors as they board a train en route to Coney Island, only for the train to be stopped by a fire on the tracks at Tremont. While continuing their journey on foot, the Warriors encounter the Orphans, still mad at being humiliated by them.

The Warriors use a molotov cocktail , blowing up Sully's car; impressed, Mercy joins the Warriors. The Warriors arrive on the 96th Street and Broadway in Manhattan , where they are chased by the police and separated. Three of them, Rembrandnt, Vermin, and Cochise, escape via train, while Fox, struggling with a police officer, falls onto the tracks and is run over by an oncoming train, and Mercy escapes on her own.

Afterwards, Ajax notices a lone woman in the park and stays behind to chat her up, but becomes sexually aggressive and is arrested when the woman is revealed to be an undercover cop. Arriving at Union Square , Rembrandt, Vermin, and Cochise are seduced by an all-female gang, the Lizzies, and invited into their warehouse, but escape when it's revealed to be a trap.

Meanwhile, Swan returns to 96th Street station and finds Mercy. The pair travel to Union Square on foot while developing feelings for each other and being stalked by the Punks, whom they eventually defeat upon reuniting with the other Warriors. Meanwhile, a gang member informs the Riffs that Luther shot Cyrus. The Warriors finally arrive at Coney Island, where the Rogues are waiting for them.

Luther admits to murdering Cyrus for no apparent reason, and challenges Swan to a one-on-one fight, before pulling out a gun. He is disarmed by Swan, who throws a knife at his arm, just as the Riffs arrive to deal with the Rogues. Rockstar Games began working on The Warriors in Promotion of the game was aided by its appearance at E3 A spokesperson had said "We have worked closely with Rockstar Toronto to maintain the extremely high standards they've set for this game," said Gordon Hall, President of Rockstar Leeds.

The look and presentation are definitely familiar, despite coming from different production houses, each developer shares their toolsets and proprietary technologies with each other on a consistent basis [29] A combination of the company's biggest hits like State of Emergency and Manhunt , The Warriors successfully mixed multi-character co-op brawling with stealth action. All nine playable fighters, while similar, have their own unique selection of moves and strengths and offer slightly different takes on the same concept.

During the review, a spokesman had stated "the audio, on the other hand, is on the other side of the scale". Michael Beck , James Remar , and Dorsey Wright once again were praised in their excellent performances despite sounding quite a bit older than the something characters they play , and the remaining voice cast delivers, too.

As the spokesperson further explained he said: "To begin with the voice acting for all characters in the game is very, very good. From all the main characters to plain NPCs, each and everyone is done amazingly. On the subject of sound effects in the game it's also very good. Every little thing makes a sound and does it well. The Warriors features voice actors for both the film and the game versions.

Waites as Fox, and David Harris as Cochise. Upon its release, The Warriors received critical acclaim from critics. Many praised the game for its deep combat and control, stating that the game helped breathe life into the brawler genre. The game was also praised for its unique seedy underbelly style, along with its story and music. Critics praised the audio as it "really shines above all else", with a replicated soundtrack and absolutely superb voice acting by many of the original actors who starred in the film.

Yet as a complete package, it's somewhat inconsistent. But with bonus missions, multiplayer rumbles, and a very fun 2-player co-op mode Game Informer praised the feel and style of the game, stating: " The Warriors immerses you in a world that feels at once authentic and highly stylized, and it might just be the best game adaptation of a film ever in terms of capturing the mood of the original movie.

Fans will notice that all of the iconic scenes of the film are recreated almost shot for shot. In addition, Rockstar Toronto has gone to the trouble of creating a completely new storyline that shows players how the Warriors came together, and the events leading up to the start of the film. Unlike most of the genre, where you walk down single-path alleyways, The Warriors , taking cues from other popular Rockstar titles, creates the illusion that you're in a real, living city. They've also tried to expand the gameplay to incorporate more than just fisticuffs.

You can engage in all sorts of petty crime, including muggings, stealing car stereos, lockpicking, and tagging graffiti. Throw in a little more variety in the form of some cool chase and stealth sequences, and you've got something more than a typical brawler.

As Game Informer further explained, they stated: "The fighting engine itself is fairly deep, allowing you to pull off some very brutal moves with a modicum of button presses including some cool co-op maneuvers. However, I found the feel of the combat to be sluggish and chaotic at times, especially when fighting large numbers of enemies. A spiritual sequel was planned by Rockstar, which was to be unrelated to The Warriors.

The game was to be titled We Are The Mods and was to be set in s England during the mods and rockers brawls. Following that was a four issue mini series entitled The Warriors: Jail Break , which takes place several months after the film's events.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. The specific problem is: almost the entire section is a wall of quotations from a single Game Informer review. Please help improve this section if you can. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Rockstar Games. Retrieved Archived from the original on Retrieved on 24 December The Warriors ".

Let's Play Archive. The Next Level. The Warriors Retrieved on 24 December Come Out And Pla-aaaaaay!!! PlayStation 2. The Warriors Instruction Booklet. Published on October 17, Retrieved on December 24, We're going to war tonight! I want all the Destroyers stomped out. Now they know we're coming and Virgil's gonna be holed up in the hangout. If we bop right in there, we're gonna get wasted. I'll kill 'em all! We gotta use our heads! We gonna have to draw them out! Take 'em down bit by bit!

Everyone split up into warparties. Divide and conquer!