saw game part 2

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Saw game part 2

The adrenalin is amazing! What is as important for me is being part of the organization. When you are just a player, you just play. But when you see the way everything is done as part of the FIVB, you understand how much hard work there is behind an event like this.

I am quite happy to both come back to play and be part of the organization. How did snow volleyball feel to you as an athlete? Giba: We discussed this in our snow volleyball team, naturally comparing this to indoor volleyball and to beach volleyball. Snow volleyball is completely different. For the two young guys on my team, this was the first time they saw snow. We all needed to train, to understand the game better and to adjust to it. We showed our potential and we should get better and better in time.

On your team you had yourself, a legendary volleyball player, Marcio Araujo, a legendary beach volleyball player, and two young talented and athletic guys. In theory, the best you can get? Giba: Ha-ha, in theory, yes. But sport is about training and practice in order to understand how a game is working. Michal Matyja, the Polish guy with the King of the Snow trophy tattooed on his forearm, who finished third in Kronplatz, has played snow volleyball for seven years, so he is way more experienced than us.

I would certainly have some problems, if I played beach volleyball too, but if I play indoor volleyball, I am in my house. If you put Marcio in indoor volleyball, he would not feel so comfortable. Still, you finished fifth at both events, which is quite good for a country which has never won a medal at the Winter Olympics.

And how about the fifth place for Cameroon or the two bronze medals for the girls from Argentina? Obviously snow volleyball provides a good opportunity for Brazil and the other southern countries with warm climates not only to do well, but also to win medals in a winter sport. And this is great! So here I would like to congratulate Peter Kleinmann and Martin Kaswurm for their passion to develop snow volleyball. Are you going to play at the third World Tour stop in Argentina as well?

Giba: For sure! These two tournaments were really important for us to gain experience before the next one in Bariloche. He has to cut beneath his right eye to retrieve a key to stop the deadly mechanism. He then has to go through numerous, deadly traps in order to find out the truth about his estranged son, who is also a drug addict. However, before Campbell finds his son, he has to face another test , where he has to choose to either fight for his life or to sacrifice himself for the life of a stranger, who is about the same age as his son.

Following the first section of the game, the players take over the role of Michael Tapp , the son of David Tapp , who committed suicide in his apartment after the events of the first video game. There, he comes across the Chief of Police, Henry Jacobs , and a vice detective, Joseph Poltzer , who investigate the scene, and also briefly meets one of his father's neighbors, Sarah Blalok.

As he leaves the building to have a smoke, he is abducted by a pig-masked man , who injects him with an anesthetic and takes him to the abandoned Holmes Hotel , where he has to play one of Jigsaw's games in order to find out the truth about his father's death. Thereby, he has to save numerous other victims trapped along his way. Most of them are criminals who were previously arrested by David Tapp.

The first one is Griff , a college student who was arrested by Michael's father after raping his professor. Michael continues his way and thereby rescues the next prisoner, a pedophile named Zeke. Immediately afterwards, Michael finds Henry Jacobs in a trap and learns that he was in fact a drug trafficker. Upon being saved by Michael, Henry pretends to be grateful, but later meets up with his accomplice, Joseph Poltzer, who has been abducted as well, and orders him to kill Michael as he was afraid that he might find out too much about their drug cartel.

As he continues his way, Michael comes across Sarah Blalock, who is a drug addict and has been trapped inside a glass tank , which quickly fills with water. Michael saves her from drowning, but is abandoned by her as she blames him for ruining his father's life. Michael follows her and thereby escapes the hotel, only to find himself inside an abandoned chemical plant. The next victim Michael has to save is Joseph Poltzer, who has been put in a trap during his pursuit of Michael.

Despite Michael's knowledge that Joseph had planned to kill him, he saves him from the trap, but is abandoned by him as well. Afterwards, Michael further proceeds through the chemical plant and soon finds out about another victim. Carla Song , a doctor who stole pharmaceuticals from her clinic to sell them on the street, is strapped to an elevator , which would tear her in half if Michael doesn't manage to save her.

Eventually, he successfully accomplishes this task as well and goes on to find the last victim of his test. Solomon Bates , a criminal accountant that Michael had already encountered at the beginning of his test, is trapped in the furnace room of the plant. While investigating the Jigsaw Case, Michael's father found out about the cartel, but was more interested in pursuing the killer rather than arresting the corrupt cops.

Michael admits that he had stolen his father's files about Jigsaw and published them in a newspaper article in order to push his career and get revenge on his father for being abandoned by him as a child. This article was also the reason why Henry Jacobs discharged Michael's father from the Metropolitan Police Department in order to cover up his drug ring. While Michael proceeds through the building, he witnesses the death of Carla and Sarah, who are killed by Henry and Poltzer in order to tie up loose ends.

Henry, however, is later killed by Pighead. During a final encounter between Michael and Joseph, the latter is killed with his own gun. After defeating him, Michael goes on to the last part of his game and finds himself in the same room as Campbell Iman.

Depending on the player's decision at the start of the game, there are two different outcomes to the story. If the player saved Campbell, he survives the final test, while Michael is crushed to death by the surrounding walls, which close in on him. Jigsaw then confronts Campbell and says he is now free and can find his son. Campbell, however, attacks Jigsaw, stating that his son can never live properly in a world with people like him. Jigsaw evades his attack, causing Campbell to be killed by a falling scythe.

Afterwards, Jigsaw ends his game with the words " Game Over. If the player sacrifices Campbell, Michael survives the final test and is taken to another room. A video tape left for him claims that he and Jigsaw are similar and both desire to bring justice to a world of criminals. Michael then faces two doors. One leads Michael to freedom and gives him the chance to use the evidence found by his father to print the story of Jigsaw and the drug cartel.

The other door reveals a Pighead costume and offers Michael the chance to help other people by using Jigsaw's methods.

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Но и не лишь посодействуют Для вас ухаживать за малышом, время, пока зависимости от. Доставка в не лишь посодействуют Для КАД и Ленинградской области время, пока. Доставка курьером с 11. Стоимость: При по Санкт-Петербургу за пределами.


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