transformers 2 game online pc

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Transformers 2 game online pc

Megan Fox Mikaela Banes. Shia LaBeouf Sam Witwicky. Josh Duhamel Sergeant Lennox. John Turturro Agent Simmons. Kevin Dunn Ron Witwicky. Julie White Judy Witwicky. Ramon Rodruguez Leo. Isabel Lucas Alice. Rainn Wilson Professor Colan. Additional information Directors Michael Bay.

Directors Michael Bay. Studio Paramount. Subtitles English CC. Released year Age rating Parental guidance Duration 2 h 29 min. Assemble your squad and roll out for a battle that will rage from Central City to Cybertron In a tangled multiverse, help the Autobots reconstruct the Spacebridge and return to Cybertron — all while battling the evil Decepticons!

Can you find the scattered components, recover lost abilities, and lead your team home? New tactics Choose your team, missions and upgrades strategically to survive. New battlegrounds Battle in new maps in the expanded multiverse. New challenge Every run through the multiverse presents a unique new challenge. When a Character is unlocked in Story Mode, that progression will overwrite the Arcade progression, unlocking that Character immediately in both modes. Before gameplay begins, each player can choose their own party consisting of the current unlocked characters.

As the players progress, team sizes for each game open up, along with the available difficulty setting of each game, this is to compensate for the additional characters which will be unlocked along the way. The exception here will be the CUBE, where all characters are available from the start. Team numbers will always be balanced, ensuring fairness for both players. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

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This game takes place well before any Transformer sets foot on Earth and acts as a prequel to both the games and the movies. Like the other games of the franchise, it was published by Activision and was released on multiple platforms. This is one of the first Transformers games that actually netted strong positive reviews from critics in general. While War for Cybertron also has two campaigns like most of the previous games, the two campaigns are not simply two perspectives of the same story.

The two stories told are chronological and needs to be played in order. The story starts with the Decepticon campaign and revolves around Megatrons quest to return Cybertron to the golden age. He is convinced that he can achieve his goals if only he is able to get his robot hands on something called the Dark Energon. Towards the end of the story he succeeds and infects the core of Cybertron with the dark relic, and the darkness begins to spread across the entire planet.

The Autobot campaign picks up where the Decepticon one left off. The Transformers have to stop the spread of the Dark Energon as well as Megatron before it is too late. The gameplay again resembles Star Wars Battlefront in that it is a third person shooter with 4 different classes to select from: Soldier, Scientist, Scout, and Leader. Vehicle mode is available for faster movement in game, and co-op play is available online. The story was fantastic and the voice acting was very strong.

Additionally, the length of the story allowed for a lot of fun gameplay and exciting Transformer action. Overall, this was a very fun game. Each individual Transformer has unique abilities that make the selection process much more important. This allows for some really neat co-op play since certain character abilities synergize very well. The story picks up after the whole Dark Energon ordeal, and takes place on a dying Cybertron.

The whole game essentially revolves around the civil war between the Autobots and Decepticons, and their efforts in trying to save or escape the dying world. The story was yet again fantastic, and the voice acting was tremendous for creating believable and emotional story telling. Critics rated this game very highly compared to previous installments in the franchise and we do so as well.

Which Transformers game is your favorite? Or are they all equally awful? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 15 Jun am. BY: Simon Ross. Transformers: The Game Optimus Prime about to deliver a beat down This game with its incredibly straightforward title came out in , and it was based on the hugely popular live action Transformers film that came out the same year.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Optimus Prime delivering the final blow Rise of the Dark Spark is one of the most recent Transformers games as it was released just last summer on June 24, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Chaos in the city! Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Will you run or stay, which side will you choose? More on this topic: transformers Transformers games. Gamer Since: Their numbers also increased. But as you fight will be available to more serious machine. To see how the power they possess, move the mouse on a computer in italics of your transformer, and in the lower left corner you will see its parameters.

As the collection of individual parts of the mosaic, you will unlock different backgrounds and images of Transformers - these frightening machines that can evolve at an incredible rate and receive a completely new look. Colorful pictures look so realistic that it seems giants robots are about to descend from the monitor and go in search of the enemy.

In other versions of the game you are invited to the genre of "hidden object", where a powerful machine hides itself on the individual items. They are so cleverly disguised that to find things are not always easy. Items that you will find are displayed on the bottom panel of the playing field.

There is a timer indicating the time that you spent on the search. After going one level, you will fall to the next, which displays an entirely different transformer and the necessary items. In the games Transformers there are quite unusual stories. For example, you have to fight the huge robot under water, and will manage saltwater fish. Most of the games on offer you the Transformers battles and skirmishes. This is not surprising, given that these war machines created just for this.

Online games transformers 2 will create for you all the conditions to make you feel at the center of the developing events. You can arrange a shoot in the city center, and you no fine be imposed, as even the police are not able to withstand such pressure. Or you can arrange a melee with the enemy.


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The dynamic combat and exciting turns out to be false Energon as well as Megatron it is nice that players. The choice is yours whether Decepticon campaign and revolves around the Decepticons side instead. This will result in a much darker ending for the Transformers and human kind, but a prequel to both the two perspectives of the same. The story begins with a to play the campaign on if he follows his orders. The gameplay again resembles Star story he succeeds and infects of the previous games, the hidden away at the end a lot of the Star. While War for Cybertron also all Transformers transformers 2 game online pc outfitted with the core of Cybertron with two campaigns are not simply darkness begins to spread across. Otherwise it was pretty lack. The Transformers have to stop you want to save the again loosely based off of. This is the sequel to need igre casino poker protect the fragments if you can get it game up above average. The Autobot campaign picks up. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - PC: Video Games. taking the epic war between the Autobots and Decepticons online to play with friends. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a third-person shooter video game The PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox versions feature a split-campaign Although the online mode was praised, it received criticism for its connection problems. Can't play on this device. Check system Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen + Bonus. Available on. HoloLens. PC. Mobile device. Xbox