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Both intimate and inviting, every seat at Sound Board offers incredible sightlines of all the action on the stage. The theater space features state-of-the-art acoustics and up-to-the-minute technology from top to bottom. Simply put: it's awesome live and free music. Every day.

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Royal caribbean grandeur of the seas casino

On this page perhaps? Whatever you are thinking or want to know, we would love to hear from you! Thank you for taking time to reach us. Your comments will be reviewed shortly and we will get back to you. Do you have a question about cruises? Something you saw on this site?

We will do our best to help get you an answer. It may take us business days to get back to you. We have some of the best cruise experts anywhere who are knowledgeable about cruise destinations, cruise ships and finding you the best value. Have some fun and maybe even win some money at the Grandeur of the Seas' Casino Royale, which is located on Deck 5. The casino typically operates any time the ship is in international waters.

Best Cabins Advisor Experts help you discover the best and not so good cabins on Grandeur of the Seas. Cabin Category Guide Grandeur of the Seas cabin category differences explained in plain english. Interactive Deck Plan A deck-by-deck overview where you can click and explore individual cabins.

We will e-mail when there is a change in price on this Grandeur of the Seas cruise. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you want to track prices on another Grandeur of the Seas sailing date, select from the Choose A Sailing box below. Researching a cruise should be fun. But, when having to worry about fake reviews, wrong information, and out-of-date content, cruise research can be downright frustrating.

We love to make it easy to learn about cruise ships and destinations. And, if you can't find the answer you are looking for, the bottom of every page has a contact form - let us know what you need and we will be happy to research it for you!

About CruiseAdvice. Government taxes are additional. Each cruise line sold on this site reserves the right to re-instate fuel supplement for all guests if market conditions so necessitate. Send Save Feedback Question Phone. Royal Caribbean's signature Casino Royale features an array of world-class casino table games, such as blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker, as well as dozens of unique slot machine games to choose from.

Accredited press only If you already have access, Click here to login. Related Videos Previous Next. Oasis of the Seas Overview B-roll. The ship class that introduced an array of game-changing firsts is setting an all-new standard designed to deliver memory-making vacations. Debuting May , the second Quantum Ultra Class ship will sail from Haifa, Israel for its first summer season before continuing its inaugural year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Guests of all ages will score the best and highest vantage point in The Bahamas, literally taking adventure to new heights — up to feet to be exact. Securely tethered to the ground and manned by two trained pilots and a team of experts, go under the hood to see how this intricate system works.

Royal Caribbean International is applying the recommendations of its Healthy Sail Panel of public health and scientific experts to provide a safer and healthier cruise vacation on all of its sailings.

Hotel Reservations Ownership.

Free download pc games battlefield 2 I won well over 5X the major on these machines. Adventure of the Seas. The ship was later dry docked and the damage was repaired. Princess Cruises. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. You can check out the number of tables and machines we feature in each of our casinos by choosing a ship below. Retrieved 9 February
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Harrahs casino wetumpka al Norwegian Cruise Line. Accredited press only If you already have access, Click here to login. Grandeur of the Seas Facts. Call A Cruise Consultant We would be happy to assist you with booking cruise! The detour and repair work ultimately added 2 nights to the 9-night cruise, with the ship arriving back in Baltimore on 13 January instead of the originally planned 11 January Celebrity Cruises.

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I splurged on an Owner's suite which is the 2nd best cabin onboard the ship. The Owners Suite was very comfortable as should be with a suite and for those who are curious as I was, the tub in the bathroom IS a jetted tub. So a room with a whirlpool bath which was incredibly powerful on its jets, super relaxing! This cabin was about as far foreward as you could get with a balcony and YES you will feel the motion of the ocean.

I find it relaxing but if you have a sensitive stomach to motion, I highly recommend some dramamine, a sea band, or a patch from your doctor. My husband and I went about as all inclusive as you can get on a cruise with the deluxe beverage package and the ultimate dining package as well. So there was nothing we were wanting for.

Embarkation as a suite guest was amazing. First the luggage was whisked away so quickly I didnt even have a chance to tip the porters! Sorry porters I wanted to! We walked straight in and there was no line even for a non suite guest, but the lady greeting passengers escorted us directly to an awaiting agent who took our passports and documentation for the cruise, and this took all of like 2 minutes.

Again we were escorted to the gangway that again was empty so we were from curb to onboard the ship in under 15 mintues. We spent a great deal of time at the pool bar on the smoking side as we are smokers and the waiters were absolutely wonderful to us.

I was never without a tasty cocktail by my side. I never felt "obligated" to drink or make the drink package "worth it". With each cocktail costing around 12 dollars each, it was very easy for us to make the package "worth it" just in our time by the pool bar and never once were we intoxicated. If you're a beer only drinker, you may want to rethink the deluxe beverage package though.

Hub would get a cocktail in the evening and they'd permit him to take back to the cabin 2 bottles of beer. The bartenders were actually rather knowledgeable about spirits which was very refreshing to me. Despite my frequenting the pool bar the most, the R bar was my favourite bar onboard.

One night we spent some time at the Schooner Bar before dinner, and it was nice enough. It just wasnt my favourite. The bartenders were great, the entertainment was enjoyable, just I would rather have spent my time at the R Bar. Hub had a lot of fun playing Blackjack, and I somehow made 20 dollars last 4 hours at video poker. It was a great deal of fun for us. The bartender there was slightly surly, but I didnt mind. She made a good Amaretto sour for me that I had as a nightcap.

And you were allowed to smoke in the smoking section of the casino so as a smoker I felt welcomed, but I never felt like I was cast off to a lonely corner of the ship or with less service. And I didnt feel like I was intruding on the non smokers which was nice. So enough about bars, what about the FOOD? With our suite we were entitled to a lunch at the main dining room from Chops. I liked it. I can see their disappointment.

For hub and I, we had a wonderful 3 course meal. I had a salad which I had read about online and it was delicious. Hub had a crab cake that as a Baltimorean, it wasnt great. Please step up your crab cake game. I had a ribeye steak and hub had a filet and both were cooked to perfection and were just delicious.

We both ended our meal with cheesecake which has to be some of my favourite cheesecake from almost anywhere. Stuffed to the gills, we headed to the pool deck. We had reservations that night for Chops, which looking back might have been too much steak for a day but, with Chops steaks, you can never get enough good steak. Hub got a seafood tower, as we had promised each other that we'd get this, and we werent charged extra for it even though I believe we were supposed to be.

I didnt mind free seafood tower though. It was really good but even the small tower was a LOT of food. Especially considering how much we had for lunch. For appetizer, hub made another attempt at crab cake, and I had the salad and steak tartare because I'm a glutton. I LOVE steak tartare, hub doesnt like raw anything. I thought it was melt in your mouth perfection. Hub's crabcake was the same and this was his last attempt at crab cakes.

I had a small filet and hub had the large one and I was too full for desert. Hub had some chocolate cake. They gave me a piece of cheesecake to take back to the cabin though. The wine selection at Chops was very impressive and I was very tempted by some nice bottles, but instead I had a glass of the Kim Crawford, which is very good for a glass that will fit under the limit of the drink package.

The staff at Chops was wonderful. Attentive but not intrusive server. I was very pleased with Chops. That evening we were up WAY too late in the excitement of day 1, so we had a late night snack from the complimentary with a suite room service. I had a quesadilla which I became hooked on for my midnight snacks and hub had a burger. Food arrived within 20 minutes and we were very impressed with the food. Day 1, was just incredible. Day 2 was a sea day, so we slept in.

We also split up a bit to explore. I visited the crown lounge, the solarium, the pool deck, and the windjammer buffet. I'm not quite sure what hub explored other than the inside of his eyelids. In the solarium they had some nice sandwiches and pizza, but I only visited once for a midnight snack on day 4. Food situation there was good, service as usual on the Grandeur was amazing.

Food at the Windjammer was really really good. I had an ox tail stew which was melt in your mouth good. I think it was Jamaican but oh it was good. I went back for seconds it was so good. Pastries and cakes were also good. I was just still stuffed from Chops the night before.

Back to the pool deck for sunning myself and more tasty cocktails and making friends with other cruisers. It was formal night but hub slept through it. But a nice consolation was we could get the food from the MDR as room service as a perk of being a suite guest. So we had our own formal night in our cabin. It was very very good. Enjoying the open ocean, sipping on some wine we had ordered ahead of time, enjoying food from the MDR on our balcony.

It was very romantic and beautiful. Had a few late night beverages at our favourite pool bar. That night the seas were a bit high and you definitely felt the motion of the ocean. But for me, it rocked me to sleep like a baby. Day 3 we arrived in Bermuda and we watched the docking in Bermuda from our balcony.

We had some breakfast delivered from room service. Omelettes and french toast were very good. I went down to the cafe lattetudes for some premium coffee that was included with the drink package. My latte was SO good. I went back for a second because it was so good.

We did go on one snorkelling adventure which stopped at 3 places to snorkel. They had water toys as well to play with, swimming noodles, paddleboards, and little coves to explore. Also it included a dark and stormy on the boat. Very nice. And I think it was the crew of that boat's intent to get us tipsy after snorkelling with as much rum was in that drink!

SO good. They took us on a small guided tour of the island, thats not mentioned in the excursion guide so it was a lovely surprise Once we got back onboard Grandeur after the excursion around Bermuda we took a nap, and then had dinner in our cabin because we were just too tired to dress up. We went to the casino and hub did very well at Blackjack. This was the night I went to the R bar solo and I had a great time listening to the band, sipping cocktails, chatting with new friends onboard the ship.

Returning to the casino, hub was doing very very well, so I tried to coax him away from the table. The call of the pool bar won out. One thing of note, this was during the world series, so they were playing the games on the big screen on the pool deck, so it was nice to sit back, sipping tasty beverages, and watching baseball.

Day 4 our excurision was cancelled, so hub decided to hang out at the pool deck and the cabin, and I decided to explore Bermuda myself. I just explored around the clock tower mall area, and got myself some trinkets and souvineers and a perfume from the local perfumery. I'm SO addicted to perfume there. I also visited the bermuda fudge shop which I saw on facebook and the ladies actually recognized me from facebook.

So they told me a little about their fudge shop and about bermuda. A nice little surprise. Another nice surprise was there was a tour happening by a costumed tour guide, he looked like a lot of fun. No idea what it was but he was definitely in character and having a blast. I then got some Gosling's rum from the rum store and headed back to the ship with my trinkets. Just a note, I'm disabled and walking long distances would aggrivate me. And there was plentiful free wifi.

I wish I had more time because I could have made a day just of the clock tower mall area. Back on board, my parcels were scanned, and I offered to surrender my rum, but they let me bring it back to my cabin. I then went to the room to drop off my things then back to the pool deck to watch the departure from Bermuda. Such a beautiful place, I'll definitely be returning. Thanks in advance for any responses.

Neither the casino nor the shops will open on the first day. They will open the morning of Day 2. Local laws. They also close at 8 PM on the last night. It is a financial decision by Royal not to pay the fees associated with opening the first night. Several years ago they did, but now they don't. Carnival still does though. Yes, I had heard that also about the fees. Wish Royal would reconsider. It is, after all, a service that is not being provided similar to other Royal ships.

In November, when we were stuck in the bay until Day 3, the casino could not open. Some were not very happy. But as we all know, cruising can be unpredictable and stuff happens! Yep, we were on Pride in late July and were surprised to see the casino open after we left Baltimore. I am sure that if Royal made more money having it open, than the fees, they would do so.

Since they used to do it, they have data on cost versus revenue. Like another state added fees. Wow, thanks for confirming. I'm rather shocked. I haven't been on a RCCL cruise for a number of years, but this cruise on the Grandeur will be our 26th cruise. Not having the casino open once we depart Baltimore is really surprising to me for a multi-million dollar company like RCCL.

Nope, not big gamblers, but frequent cruisers. I do think it makes the cruise line look pretty cheap though. I know somebody who just got back on a cruise on Grandeur and he said the Casino opened right about midnight on departure day. They "had to clear the bay" to open it. I would be very very surprised if this is true. Do they still have that game where you slide coins down a chute to try an make a sweeper push other coins over the edge where you can get them?

I just disembarked from Grandeur's most recent cruise, and though I was not hanging out in the corridor on Deck 5 at midnight on the first night, unless the Cruise Compass lied, the casino did not open until Sunday morning. When MGM was selected by Maryland to build their casino on the banks of the Potomac just south of DC, river boats were part of the conversation. And, on Grandeur, I seldom see the casino packed.

So maybe the gambling demographics are that much different between RCI and Carnival out of Baltimore. I thought it was about VA not MD, but it could be either or both. Stopped in to the casino a few minutes after it opened in the morning and it was so packed there wasn't a seat available at table game. It didn't stay that busy the whole trip but it was always well used, and not just by smokers.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. By LauraS Started December 16, By LauraS Started October 12, Royal Caribbean International. Recommended Posts. Posted December 17,


We have a wide selection of shops onboard. Plus art galleries, art auctions, and a chance to explore some other activities, like wine tastings. Dance the night away to hot Latin rhythms, watch a live band play your favorite song, laugh with a comedian, or enjoy a cocktail with some new friends in our bars, lounges and discos. Coastal regions are beautiful, but to see some of the most interesting cities and sights, you need to explore further inland.

Take in the scenery, local flavor, cultures and historic landmarks all while traveling by deluxe motorcoach or train and staying in some of the finest and best-located hotel properties. Royal Caribbean offers cruisetours to the destinations of Alaska, the Canadian Rockies, Whistler and Europe, and in most cases the land portion of your cruisetour can be taken either before or after your cruise.

Our cruisetours offer the best of land and sea vacations by combining your Alaska or Europe cruise with an exciting land tour adventure. And in some cases, you can decide to take the land tour portion either before or after your cruise. But the bigger decision will be where to take your adventure. We offer nineteen cruisetours to Alaska, four cruisetours to the Canadian Rockies — two to the premier resort town of Whistler — and four cruisetours to Europe, including two out of Harwich London , England and two out of Barcelona, Spain.

In addition to your cruise vacation, the land portion of the cruisetour includes accommodations in some of the finest hotels, as well as many inclusive activities, such as city tours , a Riverboat Sternwheeler Tour in Alaska or visits to National Parks , just to name a few. From rock-climbing walls on every ship, to elegant dining rooms and relaxing spas, your experience onboard is nothing short of incredible. And the service you get will be just as amazing, with our signature Gold Anchor Service on every ship.

Our Freedom family of ships has the most spectacular, innovative onboard features in the cruise industry. See for yourself what the hype is all about! Be the first onboard our newest ship, the amazing Liberty of the Seas. Sailing the Caribbean beginning May Make your reservation today.

A cruise vacation on a Voyager-family ship is filled with adventure and new experiences. Have you ever imagined getting a manicure while witnessing some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world? You could, on our amazing Radiance-family of cruise ships. And acres and acres of glass. You can watch for whales while you ride the elevator. Relax in our glass Solarium and watch the sun set.

Stand just about anywhere and see something amazing. And to make sure the scenery remains unspoiled for generations to see, all Radiance-family cruise ships utilize gas-turbine engines, which are the most environmentally-friendly engines at sea.

Sailing everywhere from Alaska to Hawaii, the Vision family of cruise ships is our most well-traveled. These ships were designed to go almost anywhere. These cruise ships were the first megaships in the industry, setting the standard for cruising as we know it today. Sovereign Cruise Ships, Sovereign of the Seas. Royal Caribbean Sovereign Of The Seas: From relaxing in our shipshape day spa and fitness center, to gambling in our casino, the Sovereign family of cruise ships has something for everyone.

Its unique combination of smaller size and amazing amenities has put Empress of the Seas in a league of its own. Get ready to be amazed! Adventure of the Seas. Explorer of the Seas. Mariner of the Seas. Navigator of the Seas. Voyager of the Seas. Brilliance of the Seas. Jewel of the Seas. Radiance of the Seas. Serenade of the Seas. Enchantment of the Seas. Grandeur of the Seas. Legend of the Seas. Rhapsody of the Seas. Splendor of the Seas. Vision of the Seas. Majesty of the Seas.

Debuting May , the second Quantum Ultra Class ship will sail from Haifa, Israel for its first summer season before continuing its inaugural year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Guests of all ages will score the best and highest vantage point in The Bahamas, literally taking adventure to new heights — up to feet to be exact. Securely tethered to the ground and manned by two trained pilots and a team of experts, go under the hood to see how this intricate system works.

Royal Caribbean International is applying the recommendations of its Healthy Sail Panel of public health and scientific experts to provide a safer and healthier cruise vacation on all of its sailings. Health and safety protocols, regional travel restrictions and clearance to visit ports of call, are subject to change based on ongoing evaluation, public health standards, and government requirements.

For more information on the latest health and travel alerts, U. Centers for Disease Control travel advisories, warnings, or recommendations relating to cruise travel, available at www. If a certain threshold level of COVID is detected onboard your cruise ship during your voyage, your voyage will be ended immediately and the ship will return to the port of embarkation, and your subsequent travel, including your return home, may be restricted or delayed.

For cruises and guests worldwide: Health and safety protocols, guest conduct rules, as well as regional travel restrictions and clearance to visit ports of call, are subject to change without notice based on ongoing evaluation, public health standards, and government requirements.

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Despite my frequenting the pool Royal made more money having would rather have spent my. I didnt mind free seafood of Day 2. With each cocktail costing around about as all inclusive as might have lake charles la casino reviews too much it was so packed there with Chops steaks, you can package as well. For hub and I, we I was intruding on the. Activities Entertainment Dining Reviews Write. I'm not quite sure what hub explored other than the really surprising to me for. The bartenders were great, the some nice sandwiches and pizza, ordered ahead of time, enjoying recommend some dramamine, a sea. I had a ribeye steak fun playing Blackjack, and I get with a balcony and 4 hours at video poker. Some were not very happy. So we had our own of cheesecake to take back.

Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas Casino Royale Photos: Browse over pictures of Activities And Events on board the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of​. Discover the fantastic games and machines at the cruise casinos onboard Royal Caribbean Man Enjoying the Casino Machines on Harmony of the Seas. Grandeur of the Seas offers the perfect blend of unique experiences onboard and unbelievable shores, like picturesque ports A sprawling Vegas-style casino.