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Online casino laws south africa

To this end the National Gambling Amendment Act of was drawn up with a view to bringing it before Parliament in order to have online gambling legalised and regulated. The amendment attracted a lot of opposition from land-based casinos, for many of the same reasons as the situation in America, where these casinos feared losing customers and revenue to their online competition.

The fact remains, thought, that there is currently legislation on the books and quite possibly in the pipeline that will make online gambling legal for South Africans. While the above is quite clear, there are of course plenty of overseas online casinos that offer online gambling to South Africans , and online payment methods that can be used. And there remains every possibility that online gambling will soon be legalised in the country, once the National Gambling Amendment Act of goes through Parliament and is signed into law.

Of course sports betting is fully legal for South Africans. At the moment betting on horse racing predominates, but as more sports betting websites emerge and broadband and mobile Internet access increases, this is likely to change, with a swing towards sports betting. South Africa is, after all, a sports mad nation. Companies like PwC expect gambling activities and revenues to continue to grow, indicating that the country's appetite shows no sign of waning.

And in the face of this, the legalisation and regulation of online gambling looks likely to follow shortly. This is especially buoyed by the realisation that in South Africa, as in the rest of the world, the most important factors are safe access and responsible gambling.

Given that South Africans have ways of circumventing the laws, this becomes even more of an imperative. In light of the widespread availability of online gambling and the Internet's ability to make national borders permeable, it appears to be in everyone's interests for the National Gambling Amendment of to become law, so that the industry can operate transparently, safely and responsibly for South African players.

It has been reported by PwC that the South African government had plans to issue ten online casino gambling licences in the period around , but this has obviously not happened yet. We await the next roll of the dice South African Online Gambling Law.

Home In-depth Articles. Recent online gambling law. Proposed online gambling legislation. You can find more information on the official SARS website. Not everyone can just enter an online casino just like that. To legally gamble in South Africa, whether live or online, you must be at least 18 years of age!

A big part of the online casinos available in the country have an age verification and other strict procedures to ensure the security of both players and the online operator itself. Yet, we must point out that online gambling remains an unregulated activity in South Africa. Furthermore, most offshore online casinos would also ask you your ID card and proof of addressm which would make joining them even more difficult.

According to our information, online gambling in South Africa will most likely be officially illegalised, so we strongly advise you to steer clear from any offshore gambling and casino sites. Those who are gambling licenses holders can advertise their gambling-related promotions, however, they must comply with the requirements, regulated by the Act. The advertisement must not contain false information and directed at audience under the age of Before the operators can put their advertisement live, they must comply with the provincial legislation and must wait for approval.

First, you need to be 18 and over to enter any kind of a casino. According to the Practical Law of South Africa, if you are convicted of a breach, you are liable to a fine of ZAR10 million, 10 years in prison or both. You could get in trouble for either illegal gambling experience or for advertising such.

There are constantly new changes added to the gambling law in South Africa. The South African Government wants to focus mainly on the safety of the native gamblers as there are a lot of online operators that are not trustworthy nor regulated by the respected authorities. We must also note that according to our information, South African online gambling will most likely be banned completely in the near future.

This means that the best online gambling sites in South Africa will soon stop accepting new customers, and close the existing account of local players. There are a lot of South African citizens that struggle with gambling addiction or are just starting to play and have early symptoms.

On a positive note, the National Gambling Board in South Africa takes good measures for fighting with gambling abuse and addiction. There are also very helpful self-exclusion programs that are open to South African gamblers. The self-exclusion period is usually 6 months, but it can be longer or shorter, depending on what suits you better. What do you know about South Africa and gambling and how these two combines?

Heading back to , when gambling faced some restrictions from the law. A little bit later, in , gambling of all kinds was banned under the Gambling Act with the exception of horseracing. In , everything changed because of the democratic government election and in the National Gambling Act licensed casinos and the national lottery in South Africa.

In , however, gambling online in South Africa was banned, and despite da amendment to the Act, it is still not entirely legal in the country. For more interesting facts, check out the table below:. A few paragraphs ago, we mentioned that there are a lot of amazing land-based casinos in South Africa.

There are also some fantastic casino resorts that are worth the visit! Without further ado, here are our lists:. Even in the world! He has had a lot of victories during his experience, one of which is his big win of the World Series of Poker, Event 6. Nowadays, he spends time between South Africa and Australia and is not playing regularly.

South Africans may be good gamblers and may love to have fun at the casino, but there are not a lot of movies or books, related to gambling. There are a lot of actors from the country, and even some movies were made in South Africa, however, as we said — no gambling related content.

Or at least not as much. Her biggest achievement is her novel, Confessions of a Gambler, which was published in and has received two prestigious awards. In , Confessions of a Gambler the movie was created with Rayda Jacobs as a scriptwriter, co-director and lead role. Both online and land-based casinos are unique for themselves and each has its pros and cons.

Others just want to stay at home, lay on the couch and play without any other people running around them. The range of games is quite different — nowadays, for instance, it is much easier to find a game of video poker online rather than in a land-based venue.

South Africa is definitely a cool destination to visit if you want to gamble. Just remember — play responsibly and do your research or use our guide! We have also prepared a lot of other guides, latest news and more articles that you could check out below:. Home South Africa. Page Contents. Why You Can Trust online-gambling. Gambling is not for everyone — not all of us are pros. Jessica Whitehouse , Editor at online-gambling. Sports Betting As there are not a lot of online gambling options, sports betting is a preferred interactive entertainment by South African players.

Daily Fantasy South Africans are big fans of sports. Lottery Another type of gambling that South Africans are really into is lottery. The presence of its logo in a gambling site guarantees that you will receive fair gaming, protection and responsible operator conduct. The National Gambling Board The National Gambling Board is responsible for the oversight of the regulation in the gambling industry throughout the country and to preserve the integrity of South Africa as a responsible global citizen.

It licenses and regulates all gambling sites registered on the territory of the country. It also licenses and regulates all gambling sites, registered on British territory. Biggest gambling brands in South Africa:. Official Gambling Authority Overview Website www. Penalties for gambling-related crime:. Useful Links:. There are more than 20 land-based casinos in South Africa you could enter. With gambling becoming so popular in the country, there is also a rise in problem gambling, however, South Africa does a lot better in this aspect than other countries.

Cape Town is the biggest gambling city in South Africa. The return of gambling did not occur until All forms of gamblnig are banned in South Africa, except for horse racing. All casinos and the Lotteries were officially legalised. Present South African players can enter some online casinos and are restricted from others. Yet, potential changes in the gambling law suggest that offshore online casinos might become fully unaccessible to South African players.

List of the biggest casinos in South Africa:. List of South African Gambling Movies:. List of South African Gambling Books:. Land-Based vs Online Gambling in South Africa Both online and land-based casinos are unique for themselves and each has its pros and cons. The National Gambling Board is responsible for the oversight of the regulation in the gambling industry throughout the country and to preserve the integrity of South Africa as a responsible global citizen.

The Malta Gaming Authority is the gaming control department of Malta.

And here we are in South Africa!

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Online casino laws south africa News Online. So be careful! It is required by law to let people know about this. It has been reported by PwC that the South African government had plans to issue ten online casino gambling licences in the period aroundbut this has obviously not happened yet. Rise of illegal Casinos Step by step, and the gambling fever started spreading around the country faster than anyone could have imagined.

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Therefore, online casinos are completely illegal within South Africa. Because of this, any operator found to be providing South Africa's residents with online casino. Online gaming laws[edit]. The National Gambling Act prohibited both offering interactive gambling services and. Online betting is legal as long as the bookmaker is legit and has the necessary licenses. Keep in mind that the gambling legislation has an eye on you as well. If​.