leapfrog leapster 2 free games download

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Leapfrog leapster 2 free games download

Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. LeapFrog Academy is an educational app designed by educators and built by the leading brand in kids learning to assist 3, 4, 5, and 6-year-olds in their development and independent education. Our subscription platform is one of the best learning apps for kids to learn traditional school subjects like reading, writing, and math, blended with life skills like problem solving and critical thinking.

Subscription Details: Upon downloading the app, choose your subscription plan and activate a day free trial. Cancel any time from your Google Play account and enjoy the app until your subscription plan ends. Track progress within My Learning Lab, earn rewards, and unlock new interactive lessons as you complete an activity. It also lets you see how your child is progressing, view your account, manage each profile, and more.

Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. My 5 yr old daughter got one of these last year for Christmas and since then it has received much, much use. Here's my thought on it. Pros: My kids love it. Yes, even my 9 yr old son picks it up and plays it when his sister lets him.

It is durable. I can't tell you how many times it has dropped out of the van onto the asphalt to barely leave a mark. My girl has even taken an ink pen to the screen and the damage was minimal. The volume control is button press so you dont have to worry about them bumping it and hurting their ears. Also you can download some free content to it online.

Battery life is pretty good for the amount of time it is on. I can't say exactly how long, but we usually get a few days of fairly continuous use out of each new set. We use rayovac batteries. The buttons are also well made and durable. Cons: This thing is pretty pricey.

For the games kids are going to want to play, you are looking at an easy each one new. That is right on par with a Nintendo ds cart and they don't have nearly the same amount of content or longevity and since the educational value is minimum, is something to consider.

This think is pretty heavy for small hands and not too forgiving on uncovered toes if it is dropped. Bottom line: We like the leapster 2! In fact we just bought one for our niece because she couldn't put ours down during a summer visit. For kids under 8, I would say get this over a ds because it is so durable and kids who play video games will use it.

It is a good way to see if your kids can handle a more delicate piece of hardware like a ds or psp before breaking the bank. For kids over 8, if they are fairly responsible with there items than a ds would be the better choice because they are nearing the age where the leapster looks too "little kid" for them to play with and a lot of there friends will have a ds already letting them play together. My family has a lot of appointments to go to, and with four kids that means waiting for the siblings sometimes an hour at a time.

This is only used when we go someplace so it doesn't lose it's appeal. It works perfect! The only thing I would suggest and haven't tried myself is headphones. If you have more then one kid, it is hard to follow directions of the game when you have three others giving different directions. Also if in a dr. Headphones would solve this problem easily. I have most of the games now, so I really don't look anymore, but they were easy to find online and they may be in some stores, but I think only walmart.

One person found this helpful. Our first Leapster was a Godsend! After having it through 2 toddlers over nearly 6 years! We have LOVED that machine - so when our younger daughter requested a replacement for the old one - Santa was happy to oblige - however The first one lasted 4 weeks before it would no longer power up, read cartridges or function - so we Very easily returned and exchanged it through Amazon.

The second one that we received just 2 days later - won't even power up. We've now tried 3 sets of 4 NEW double A - non-rechargeable batteries and it still won't work. At best, it will power up and then flash the battery warning. When I contacted Leapster directly - all I got was a copy and paste from their FAQ's on the website - as if I hadn't thought to look there first prior to contacting them. I'm most upset that my poor daughter's Santa gift is junk - but I'm more sad that we know have a ton of cartridges - and most of them new - that won't work on anything.

We used to RAVE to people about the durability of our first one. This one's not even worth the postage to ship it to you. What a stinky situation. I'm really disappointed in Leapster for not being willing to stand by their product. I bought the Leaspter2 because my youngest daughter is always wanting to play on her older sibling's Nintendo DS systems. She is thrilled to have it! Her favorite part is the coloring pages where she can choose the background, paint, stamp characters, change the weather, etc.

She was able to figure most of it out on her own because the game talks her through each aspect, step-by-step. This is a really good alternative to something like a DS, the games are much more age appropriate for a younger child. I would recommend getting at least one game to go with it, we purchased the Pet Pals game, it is a very good starter game. It seems durable, I will add to this review after she has had it for awhile. So far, two thumbs up! I got this for my daughter as a back up for her Leapster Explorer.

Boy was it a downgrade. The display is terrible. The screen looks a lot like the first Nintendo hand held; Very lined and horrible color. Also, it took me 3 hours to finally get the downloaded game to sync to the unit.

It kept saying it had synced but then when I would log into it, it would say there was a problem with the downloads and it needed to be hooked up to the computer again. That made me quite mad. Luckily none of that affected my daughter's view of it, which is the main thing. She likes it, and seems to understand the buttons on this better than the explorer although they are pretty much the same. Good thing her view of it is better than mine or this would have gotten a much lower rating.

Gilpin on June 14, Images in this review. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. I was a bit wary about the reviews but felt my son aged 4 wasn't quite ready for a DS and also as I live abroad I wanted something more educational for the both of them to keep their English up.

Also I had to get something that would suit both children, if I bought the eldest a DS the youngest would also want one and she is not old or careful enough. I plugged both Leapsters into my PC and had no problems whatsoever setting them up, though I know this has been an issue with some people.

You don't have to install the software twice, just plug in the second Leapster after setting up the first and it treats it as a totally separate console. The screen resolution is poor to be honest, but they are only young and don't really notice For me this is a 'fill in' to stop them begging to play on my iphone.

These Leapsters are very sturdy and will withstand being dropped. I don't think my eldest will be entertained by it for more than a year, but for the price that's fine. Amazon as usual gave great delivery and no issues being abroad. I bought my 4 year old one of these for xmas, as her 6 year old sister was getting a DS. She is very happy with it and in fact they both play the games together sometimes. We needed an internet connection to download a starter game before she could even use it for the first time, but I have since bought a Tinkerbell game too.

The Tinkerbell games help with numeracy - ie number matching, recognition and sequencing. One great thing is that the stylus is attached to the console with thick string, so it cannot get lost unlike the ds! The only downside is it seems to get through batteries fairly quickly and it takes 4xAA a time. I bought this for my daughter's 6th birthday and have found it great, we haven't had any problems with it.

She loves the colouring game which is already on it and there is also a flying dragon game. We also got an sd memory card and downloaded 2 other free games for her. She has also got the Princess game which is a bit basic, but does give the choice of different levels and the Mr pencil game which has got loads on it and would recommend.

The Leapster 2 is very robust it has been droped a few times and has not been affected, it is very easy for small children to use and even her 3 year old sister has had a go on it. The batteries don't last long if played with a lot but we have bought an adapter which works well if she is sat in one place.

Think this is much better for children under 10 than a ds. Great games for the kids!


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APPS & GAMING; Browse All Apps · Browse All Cartridge Games Connect your Magic Adventures Globe to download new Adventure Packs! LeapPad® 2 Connect Leapster Explorer handhelds to get your included learning download! We have a Leap Pad 1, Leap Pad 2 and Leap Pad Ultra. LeapPads: Free Codes, Discount Codes, Apps, Games. Keep your eyes on Amazon. Amazon always has​. Download free leapfrog 2 games on Tuvles. View and Download LeapFrog Leapster 2 quick manual online. Learning Game System. Leapster 2 game.