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Igt cheats

The code of ethics within the IGT company prohibits employees from taking part in any games operated by the company. So to avoid this issue, the employees used their relatives to complete the scheme. Relatives went to the locations and purchased lottery tickets.

They kept purchasing the tickets until they hit the jackpot. The arrested individuals now face several charges including aggravated fraud, self-laundering of illicit capital, receiving stolen goods and having unauthorized access to computer systems. IGT was not happy that its employees were part of a scam.

In a statement on the matter, the company said they take the incident very seriously and have since the investigation into the matter began. They have cooperated with the Judicial Authority to help move the investigation along and want to ensure that the games provided are protected as well as the interests of customers. The four employees were suspended as soon as IGT found out the investigation was taking place.

The company not only worked with the Judicial Authority but also conducted an internal investigation to evaluate the situation. The odds of hitting the 7-million-euro jackpot are nearly 16 million-to-1, while the odds of obtaining the winning 5-million-euro ticket are more than 9 million-to The 12 suspects are charged with aggravated fraud, unauthorized access to computer systems, receiving stolen goods, and self-laundering of illicit capital.

As a precautionary measure, the company suspended the four employees as soon as it was aware of the investigation. IGT has also taken prompt measures to thoroughly review its internal systems and processes designed to prevent criminal and fraudulent activities and further its protections. Free trial subscription available when you use your company email address.


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