borderlands 2 how to load saved game ps3

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Borderlands 2 how to load saved game ps3 pattern games for grade 2

Borderlands 2 how to load saved game ps3

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I guess there could also be a problem if the save had been done with the character in a DLC that you don't own, like one of the Headhunter packs. If that still doesn't work, then there may just be a problem with the save file it's for a character that you don't own, or it's corrupted, or it's for a different platform.

This might be a daft question, but are they deffinately PC saves? Even so, I would try and open them up in Gibbed editor and re-save them All you do is go to the mygames folder in Windows and copy the Borderlands 2 file to a jump drive.

Then just go to the mygames folder on whatever computer you want and delete the Borderlands 2 file from there and replace it with the one from the jump drive. Start up steam and you should have whatever was saved in that file. All characters, weapons, etc should all be there. You don't have to go to the willowgames file, just do the whole thing. And it can be from anybody's save file. The only issue would be that it sometimes can bypass achievements. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 12 May, am.

Posts: 5. User Info: macmimi. User Info: ddulmage Sorry i didn't say clear enough. Is that possible? User Info: Nodonn3. Oh dear, you are gunna kick yourself. It's that easy lol. Thank you so much. Just making sure not to screw this up. It worked beautifully. User Info: TimePS2. I'll tell you its so nice to run around as a Gunzerker and weild duel wield 2 Legendary wepons of the same level.

You should not ask Questions that you don't want the answers to-??? More topics from this board How many legendaries are in the game? How do I make it switch to night? Side Quest 2 Answers What is a ferovore projectile? Side Quest 4 Answers How do I beat bloodwing? Side Quest 6 Answers. Ask A Question. Browse More Questions. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? User Info: macmimi macmimi 7 years ago 1 I saved the character file and profile file on USB and how to load this file?