game pole dance party 2

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Game pole dance party 2 let it ride and three card poker casino card game set

Game pole dance party 2

While at large events there is typically a DJ playing songs at random, I have found this gets more fun when everyone knows each other. Here is how it works. There is a ton of opportunity in this game. At the end you can cheer and choose who did the best job, or have a community toast and declare yourselves all winners.

After all, you braved 90 seconds in the unknown! This game is an absolute blast and will leave everyone laughing. Here are the rules:. This game will give Magic Mike a run for his money as everyone kills their sexiest floor moves, all in their favorite heels! Everyone is familiar with this classic event. For each Bonus option the team chooses to take, they receive one second removed from their total end time.

Here are some great prompts to include in the legs of your relay race:. This is a great freestyle exercise and can be a hilarious party game! You will need paper, pens, and three baskets, bowls, buckets, etc. There is limitless possibility to fun, and these are just a few ideas if you are looking for new ones to incorporate in your next pole party. Always remember if alcohol is involved, please pole responsibly.

As you prepare for your trip to Baltimore,…. It's B'more,…. Use the last letter of the previous move to name the next move, performing them as a group as we go along. Remember the mannequin challenge craze from social media of yesteryear? Perform a mannequin challenge, but in pole dance poses! Have each person perform a different trick for the best effect. Film the students doing the challenge in different poses and put the footage together into a montage.

Like an athletic relay, but with climbing a pole. For this game, you need two teams of equal numbers and two poles. The game is a race, each team lines up in single file. The first person in each line has a baton or similar token. They must hold the baton or tuck it into their shorts , run up to the Pole, climb to the top, high five the ceiling, slide back down and hand the baton to the next person in their team, who repeats these steps.

The winning team is the first team to have all its members climb the pole and return to their starting position. If the baton or token is dropped, then it must be picked up and the person who dropped it must start again. This competitive game could be played with more than two teams, depending on how much space is available and how many poles you have.

You could add extra steps into the move for more advanced polers, e. So choose something which everyone in your class is able to do to make it fair for everyone. The challenge is that their freestyle pole routine must be entirely aerial — their hands, feet, or any other part of their body is not permitted to touch the floor until the song is over! Set your class a challenge: give everyone two moves to perform.

The challenge is that they must get from one move to the other in a creative way. The most creative method could win a prize for their efforts! Write down different pole fitness building exercises onto small pieces of paper and fold them up. Ask all of your students to choose a piece of paper and they must perform the trick that they get. Ensure that you have at least one more challenging trick in with the others. Have all of your students run around the studio to music, when the music stops they must perform a trick of their choice on their nearest pole.

If their nearest pole is in the danger zone, then they must obey the restrictions in place! What are your favorite pole dance party games to have a laugh with your friends? If you have any ideas, leave a comment below to share them so we can add them to this list!

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