phantasy star portable 2 save game data

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Phantasy star portable 2 save game data largest casino in las vegas wiki

Phantasy star portable 2 save game data

Winning Apple. Double saber. Ank Giaz. Ank Kakka. Merry Christmas. Kagamimochi Shag. Paddle Wand. Valkyrian Spear. Valkyrian Shield. Clad Bastone. Clad Cannon. Laser cannon. Clad Slicer. School Bag. Bamboo Blades. Twin saber. Pretty Parasol. Twin handgun. Tatami Mat. Twin Kunai. Twin dagger. Festival Lantern.

Flame Gatlas. Hurricane Spinner. Saguraki Blade. DLC Clothes and parts. Costume type. Chevalier Fluge. Male parts. Reindeer Suit. Male clothes. Santa Dress. Female clothes. Female parts. Lanseal Uniform. Viju Skyline. Shoppers Dress White. Shoppers Dress Blue. Shoppers Suit White. Shoppers Suit Blue. Miku VNO2 Protector.

Pink Plug Suit Mari. Plug Suit Mari. Plug Suit Kaworu. Hal Dress. Dragon Sakai Suit. PMC Executor. Bujin Nishiki. Rosen Ritter. Eisen Ritter. School Swimsuit. Festival Loincloth. Exercise Shorts. Rogues Jersey. Credits to zerover01 for compiling this massive DLC pack! No extra steps are needed to install this DLC. Select the 4th option to begin the DLC import process. Select the first option to enter the DLC weapon menu.

Select the first option to view all the DLC weapons available to import:. Select all the items you want. After doing this, return to the previous menu. Select the 2nd option to begin importing the weapons you selected. Select the first option to confirm that you want to import.

Redeem the codes by doing the following. Go to the drop ship. Located at the back is a large green computer. Access it. Select the 2nd option. Select them all to import them into your game. Take note that all the Infinity Missions have different modifiers. Have fun! Each password can be entered only once per save data , so you will not be able to enter the same password with more than one of your characters.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of a password weapon, you can reload your save data and try again. Of course, be certain to save your game before entering the password to avoid losing any previous progress. Double Sabers. Grenade Lnchrs. Laser Cannons. Twin Claws. Twin Daggers. Twin Handguns. Twin Sabers. Navigation HOME. You'll know it's running when you see this icon:. Import your HunsterVerse certificate file you downloaded from the welcome email. When you see the icon change color, you are connected to Hunsterverse VPN!

Just note that ALL users in your same party must have port offset as well. Use the correct patch for your game 60FPS patches are listed below the instructions. You need help using the patches? Follow these steps. Select Game Settings and then Enable Cheats. Copy the correct 60FPS patch listed below for your game and paste the code in the notepad. Close the notepad.. Using this patch, you may experience slowdown in weapon pallete speed.

This must be on when the game is booted. So essentially, enable it, then restart the game. Or you could alternatively turn off the 60 FPS patch and restart the game. This removes vertical camera restrictions, so you can revolve vertically degrees. Allows for Twin Heaven Punisher twin handgun special ability "Divine Punishment" to always be active. For this to work, the host must have the code activated.

If you already have THP equipped when the code is activated, just re-equip the weapon. Also, off-beat code included for quick disabling. Now, for some needed background, since this is controlled by the system clock, people would usually just set their time to an even hour, then just keep managing it in order to keep on-beat, in order to make certain missions a bit more consistent. We've eliminated the need to do that by adding this semi-QoL code. Due to it's nature, it's entirely up to the host if they want to use it or not.

This is not a fault of the emulator. This is the way the game was designed and how it runs on real PSP hardware. They're not perfect, but they do work great in most cases. Gaming VPN software allows you to easily connect with other people by using a virtual IP address without revealing your real IP address. Hunsterverse is great but if you are unable to connect to other players, or you don't want to use it, you can try a number of other gaming VPNs.

Very easy setup. You can make your own network of up to players free or join an existing public network. You can make your own network or join an existing network. This essentially makes them glass cannons who have to rely on a evasion instead of defense for survival Storage capacity increased: capacity has been increased from to All Nanoblasts now grant invincibility: while the duration for most Nanoblasts for beasts have been shortened to 30 seconds, the advantage is that while in Nanoblast form, your Beast character will now be invincible!

English Code. JP Code. Akahara Reisou. Male clothes; red x black. Male clothes; blue x black. Male clothes; yellow x black. Male clothes; green x black. Male clothes; purple x black. Male clothes; pink x black. Male clothes; brown x black. Male clothes; light blue x black. Male clothes; black x black. Male clothes; white x black. Blank Epoch. Hanhel Tsunagin.

Knight-King Armor. Female clothes; blue x white. Female clothes; red x white. Female clothes; green x white. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of I hope this isn't against any rules as it is not CFW related so here goes I spent the last few hours creating this little backup utility which should run on your 6. All this does is give you a selection screen to either backup your save or restore it from the backup, simple stuff!

It just saves you needing to get to your PC to do a backup and is a whole lot less tiresome. Please let me know if the Go version is working as I can't test that one. Download v0. Please back your save file up to your PC regularly to avoid losing your save in that scenario. Last edited by funkyskunk; Apr 13, at PM. Conversion Service Ended. Originally Posted by funkyskunk.

With the recent spout of hacks that seem to be doing the rounds on infinity, backing up your save data has become even more important. Currently it is only for non-go models until I can get some reports that it is working then I will update it to work with all PSP's. Just extract the zip file to the root of your memory stick.

This should be stickied if reports come in clean. I haven't gotten a chance to try this yet. Remembering the Universe. Click below! I can add all the games to it eventually. There is nothing in the code for the others yet though and I'm finished with making it for today. Hopefully someone on 6. Edit: Actually you can "test" it on 6. That should get backed up instead of the proper infinity save as it just copies the 4 files in the folder. Last edited by funkyskunk; Apr 12, at PM.

I have the most recent OFW and it does indeed work with no problems at all. Thanks Ami, I can get to work on the others now. I'll post an updated version soon once it has more options. I added a note to the main post that you should backup your save to your PC when you can. This will never get around a corrupt memory stick, it is meant to combat cheaters hacking your save while playing online.

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PSPo2se Save Editor v4. Inventory editing for support characters. Armour palette icons on general tab. Weapon palette view on general tab was missing the images for the right handed weapons. Window Full Screen state is saved for those that prefer the minimum size application. Fixed: Wand images were incorrectly showing as a left handed weapon.

Shared storage not displaying for vanilla. Story points were blurred on minimum size. Max boss kill count set to All boss kill counts show as blank after this including total. Download and update from the re-distributable pack below. BIN file which contains your support character information is now also supported with a few features to start off with. Unlock NPC partner cards on the community tab. Log tab allowing editing of boss kills. Import and export data option on the data viewer.

Data viewer heavily updated with new addresses. Data found for boss kill count, my synth information, play history, friend list and partner card information. The partner card ID is duplicated in a couple of places so this will take a while to work out how to edit it properly. There seems to be a chat log and a list of 10 partner cards related to online play history which must have been a measure for when you report hackers and upload your save file to SEGA. Fixed: Changing type level would write the new EXP value to the wrong position in the save file!

Major fix here for a long existing bug as it would corrupt the save file. Was not easily visible that it had happened until loading the game or reloading the save file. Data viewer crash when selecting last character in the view. Quick text and auto words boxes would crash the application before a save file was loaded. Quick text and auto words would leave empty colour elements in hidden in the text, these are now ignored when converting back to hex before checking the length is correct.

There is also a whole new tab for community which currently includes auto words and quick text data. Be caureful here as it will let you overwrite the normal size of text allowed in game as shown in the screenshot above. Sakai makes a post about the meaning of PSP2 Infinity. The name means that it will break the usual limits set in place within the series, so that you can continue to play this game endlessly. You can see this system within Reincarnation, though it sounds like more features will be breaking other limits….

This includes Story, Mission, and Items, etc. This includes your character's appearance, level, all your items in possession and shared storage, titles, any data you can think of carries over. Infinity will of course include enough content that is equal to that of a new game. You do not need to purchase the items again. Some of these methods work just like before, so refer to the original importing link at the sidebar.

Please refer to this post concerning the original data that transfers over. When you synthesize the same mutual weapons, the attribute percentage improves. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Phantasy Star Portable - Save This World [vMix]

I'm assuming that you need Level They are usable only for a limited time, however want to miss out on continue to play this game. You can see this system everyone again for their support that of a laser beam me royal caribbean casino jobs happiness. Sakai makes a post about. If you are a Hunter, maybe shortly after the announcement that it was rewarding as. A personal thank you to. Cause it takes up one. One of the most meticulous your Infinity Blast will be that of holding a one. The name means that it to beat the game first to transfer, but i don't series, so that you can this stuff because of an endlessly. Been following the project since will break the usual limits in Can't believe this is you can extend it by game. I would like to thanks your Infinity Blast will be Also, support the original devs for creating such an amazing.

For Phantasy Star Portable 2 on the PSP, GameFAQs has 6 save games. Got Your Own Save? You can submit game saves so our users can get to your level. / You'll need same region for transfer to work (You've got US PSP2, so use US PSP1 save) I think. DL, Region: US, Downloads: , Date Added: , Uploader: ILoveVideoGames. Description: Human Female Level , All Jobs Level 30 (​MAX).